Yellow Cab Service

The instant Hailey shut the door behind her and saw the cab driver, he reminded her of her need to get home. Her nipples pressed hard against the smooth, creme-colored fabric of her Marilyn Monroe dress. Piercing blue eyes looked deep into her soul.

“Where to, Miss?”

His words were more than just a question. It was a caress. As he spoke, his eyes touched her body from top to toe. Why it made her feel safe instead of irritated, Hailey didn’t know and didn’t care to explain to herself. She gave him her address.

He turned his head and looked out the front window, then turned back to her.

“I guess you should get comfortable then,” he said and winked, “it’s only a couple of blocks, but in this weather…”

The blizzard of the century.

That’s what the news channels called the snowstorm, but Hailey seemed to remember the one couple of years back had been as bad as this. However, one thing was true for both storms: with so much snow, even driving several blocks can feel like a trip around the world.

His words hung between them while his eyes moved down her body, stopping at the imprints of her hard nipples and then moving down to her crotch and her feet. A slight smile played around Hailey’s mouth when their eyes met again.

“Take your time,” she said, and spread her legs just enough for him to notice the movement.

He looked at her once more, seemingly stopping himself from saying something, and then turned to face forward. The cab driver moved the rear-view mirror up and down and Hailey read his thoughts: Carry on, I’ll be watching.

Moving to the middle of the backseat, Hailey pulled her dress up over her thighs, just not high enough to show her wet knickers. Her high-heeled feet rested behind each of the front seats. Hailey waited for the driver to adjust the mirror again. She slipped her hands into her dress, pushed the fabric down, and cupped her naked breasts. Her nipples pressed into the palms of her hands, inviting her to roll them between her fingers.

Damn, she had been on edge ever since she closed the deal this afternoon.

On edge?

She’d been downright horny after she had outplayed all the men in that boardroom this afternoon and ran off with ‘the prize’.

Hailey moaned as she pinched her nipples. She groaned her nails dug into her inner thighs. The rear-view mirror focused on her cunt. The cab driver briefly glanced backwards and in those seconds, their eyes met again. He returned his attention to the road, but mostly to the mirror. There were almost no other cars on the road, but even so, with the heavy snowfall, the going was slow.

This suited them.

He watched.

Hailey performed.

Her fingers expertly moved the silk. Fingers teased the petals of her intimate flower, finding the wetness and spreading it to the hard, waiting nub. Some fingers entered; others danced.

Together they played a symphony of lust, building up to a crescendo, which possessed Hailey for moments before the orchestra start playing again.

In the front seat, the cab driver shifted in his chair. She knew he saw her orgasm, saw how she pleasured herself. His eyes saw more in the mirror than on the road.

Is his cock hard? Do I excite him? Does he want me? I wouldn’t mind…

Her thoughts fueled the fire in her fingers and her loins. Hailey closed her eyes. She saw his face in her mind. Saw how he watched her. The lust in his eyes. Felt his touch on her face. Her nipples. Her cunt.

She pushed two fingers deep inside and pinched a nipple. His beautiful eyes were right there in front of her when she opened her own as her second orgasm took hold of her body.

“You’re home, miss,” he said with a smile.

She rolled her head sideways and, through the white veil of snowflakes, recognized the entrance to her building.

“How long before you come…”

She stopped and blushed and stuttered on: “Uh, I mean, uh, yes, I mean… when does your shift end?”

“Right now, if you want me.”

“I do.”

Note: I first published this story in 2017, and after a good edit, have shared it again for your pleasure.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by emitea from Pixabay

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  1. My husband and I met in a taxi Cab. He was my driver. This story is very relatable 🙂

    1. I remember that story so well – it was such a special read 🙂 xox

  2. This has made me crave a wintery winter and cosy, enclosed spaces. Once they get inside, I hope the cabbie performs as well as Hailey did.x

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