Seven, A Magical Number

Why is seven a magical number?

We have seven days in the week, and it’s said on the seventh day God stopped. Did you know in Hebrew the word for ‘completeness’ or ‘wholeness’ has the same consonants as the number seven? It won’t come as a surprise that there is a strong connection between the number seven and many religions around the world.

In spirituality, the angel number 7 represents the bridge between the human world and the heavens. It’s a symbol of faith, spiritual awareness, awakening, acceptance, and enlightenment.

Seven was also one of my mom’s lucky numbers, a fact I found ironic because she passed away in the seventh month of 2017.

Seven is also the number of posts I have written only for Medium, since the last time I shared., and you will find those below.

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Satisfying The Hunger

A monochrome image with a face on the right half of the image, showing one intense eye and part of the nose, the rest of the image black.

I wrote this story for a prompt on the Microcosm magazine on Medium, where the theme for the month was ‘April Fool’. The prompt for the week was ‘fool the world’, which is why this story misleads you from the beginning. This is a story I’m very proud of!

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In Death, We Find Redemption

An image of a colorful cross.

Also for Microcosm, I wrote this story for the weekly prompt ‘Fool yourself’. This was a hard one to write, as it’s based on true events, even if it’s only my perception of what had happened.

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Live The Life You Want

With the sunset in the background, there’s a large cross edged back against it and the silhouette of a woman sitting on a stone under it.

My dear friend, May, came up with a great idea: to promote our articles on Medium which haven’t received as much attention as we hoped. She, Posy and I work together on this, and in this article I promoted some of our articles dealing with life. There’s a story for you on the intro!

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Poking Until It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore

An image of a silhouette of a man standing with his arms spread, and in the background you see the sunset.

Have you ever had a bruise that you kept on touching, to see if it still hurts? The more you poke it, the less it hurts, and it works the same in life. When you are constantly dealing with curveballs, you seem to get used to that. This article deals with that, with things that happened in my life.

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Dinner With Caren

An image with a candlelit hue, showing a whisky glass with a straw in the front and a candle in the back.

Being a business executive who travels from city to city, and never having enough time to meet a life partner, Harold needs to find different ways to enjoy the company of a woman.

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The Sun Sets On Ten Years

It’s been ages since I last shared some of my photography, simply because I had no edited photos lined up. I spent a weekend selecting images, and will now frequently share my work again. This one shows the beauty of a sunset, back when we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

Read The Sun Sets On Ten Years

Be Happy With What You Have

Image of several sunflowers photographed from a lower point against a light blue sky with some clouds.

While going through boxes with my mom’s stuff, words she had once directed at herself came to mind. It was like she spoke to me from her grave, telling me to re-assess my current situation; to take another look at things that make me happy or not.

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