Remote Jobs That Will Help You Travel The World

Remote jobs will allow you to work whenever you want, wherever you want, and however, you want. No more tight pencil skirts, boring ties, and uncomfy stilettos that make your feet throb. The following jobs will allow you to work from the comfort of your home, in your comfy clothes and slippers, while you’re drinking your morning coffee. Not to mention that remote jobs tend to be flexible, so you can always take a break. Carry on reading to learn more!

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Remote Jobs That Will Help You Travel The World

Social Media Influencer

Social media became very popular, and Facebook has over 3 billion users, and half of them are active on the platform. Not to mention Twitter, Instagram, and lately TikTok and OnlyFans. Contrary to the belief that you need to be young, wild, and free to use OnlyFans, the truth is- that anyone can set up a profile. You can become a popular model, share experiences or have an account completely free of charge where you get to interact with fans. You can always check out the top OnlyFans models to get some ideas on what type of content they offer and how they make money out of their popularity on Only Fans. 

The key to becoming popular on social media is to be active most of the time, interact with people, and know different strategies. Knowing what is the best time to post, and how to reach your target audience is a must, especially if you’re aiming among the stars. After a while, you’ll be able to get in touch with people who share the same interest as you do, and you’ll cooperate to make your accounts more popular.

Web And App Developer

You scroll through Instagram, like posts, interact with people, and then you go online and read articles such as this one. Web and app developers are guilty of the charge for your sweet addiction at the moment. Not to mention that they get big paychecks for that. The best place to find a job is via social media or platforms such as UpWork and Fiverr. Web and app developers share some similar skills, but in reality, they are different. The paycheck on the other hand can easily reach somewhere around 7.000$ per big project. 

Web developers have the main goal to provide a functional, high-quality website for people to see. They need to have advanced knowledge in programming languages, and they should always explore the market for new ideas. App developers, on the other hand, provide you with interesting and functioning apps that you can download through app stores. No matter if they are games, filters, or something similar, apps should always be catchy and unique. 

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What better way to learn about a new app or website than through ads? That’s where copywriting comes in handy. Every ad that you see on social media, every product description, and every article that tries to sell you something falls under copywriting. Copywriters are specialists whose main goal is to attract you to a certain product.  To become skillful in this job, you need to read a lot of books, and you can easily find some of them online, just for starters. If you’re more of a classic person, feel free to print them out and highlight any important parts. 

However, copywriters must be super creative and think out of the box at all times. The market changes overnight, and people quickly lose interest in things, so you need to find a way to gain that interest back. The longer you have their attention, the bigger the chances of closing the deal are. There are lots of courses online, both free and paid, that will help you if you decide to make a career out of copywriting.  Bonus if you manage to get a certificate since they are highly valued amongst clients!

Content editor 

Content writers have the main goal to write engaging and informing articles, where readers will find useful information. After they finish their work, content editors are stealing the spotlight. Now for the hard part! Content editors should optimize the articles so that search engines can acknowledge them better. This includes keywords, alternative texts on images, any grammatical errors, and of course improving the vocabulary whenever possible. 

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization is a complicated process that involves different strategies that over time update themselves and get better. So, both content writers and content editors should follow the latest changes, in order to write content that people will be able to see. After that, Social Media managers can share those articles with the public, in order to make them visible and known. It’s teamwork, and the best of all is that every member can work completely remotely, without the job suffering any consequences.

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