Hiking Hotness

An image of a high mountain, the slopes beneath it and the green grass, a perfect place for hiking.

The sun blazed down on them from its highest point when the hikers stopped for lunch. Sitting on a big rock, their feet dangling over the side, they looked down on the valley below. Baboons down in the valley playing around and in indigenous bread trees made this spot extra special.

Shadows crept closer to them as the sun’s rays pulled away. Leon and Livia packed their backpacks and continued following the trial.

The sun had left Livia hot and bothered.

When they rounded a corner on the route, she immediately spotted the opening between two giant rocks, and beyond that, a flat rock bathing in the full glory of the sun.

“Come,” she said, grabbed Leon’s hand and pulled him after her, where they squeezed between the two large rocks.

Leon followed her lead, getting his towel from his backpack and spreading it out on the rock. They lay down, side by side. Livia didn’t lie still for long. The sun only helped to increase her wanton feelings, and she rolled over to Leon, running her hand over his body and down to his crotch.

She lightly squeezed his cock through his hiking shorts and smiled as he hardened in her hand. He didn’t move; just kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the moment. Livia kissed his lips, removed her hand from his erection, and quickly undressed.

She lay down on her back again, spreading her legs, wanting the sun to reach every spot of her. The more the sun burned down on her, the hornier she was.

Next to her, Leon moved, and she just knew he was watching her. Him touching her erect nipples confirmed that.

Livia wanted him so badly, she didn’t care if anyone saw them. Just as she had spotted those two large rocks, she knew others might too. The thought of being seen while having sex almost tipped her over the edge when Leon slowly moved his hand down to her sex and cupped her pussy.

He traced the line of her slit, but Livia couldn’t ignore the urgency inside. She wanted Leon to fuck her.
Her hand on his erection conveyed the urgency of her need.

Leon, four years Livia’s junior and always in the mood for sex, didn’t mind her urgency at all. He quickly dropped his shorts to his knees and rolled her over to face away from him. Hooking her leg over his arm, he spread her wide and entered her with force, fucking her from behind.

The sun added to the heat of their bodies. Fucking in nature added to their horny feelings.
Leon fucked her hard, while Livia pushed back and met each of his thrusts as he banged into her, enjoying the rawness of their coupling.

Their sexual release left them panting and relaxed, with just enough energy left to complete the hiking trial.

Note: This story is based on a real life experience.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by Beat Wormstetter from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Hiking Hotness

  1. This is ine of my favorite reasons for hiking. You just never know. You could be alone but there’s a higher chance you are not 🙂

    1. The idea of someone discovering your sexy shenanigans is quite exhilarating.

  2. Oh wow, here in The Netherlands I would never dare to go this far outdoors. It does sound delicious, though 🤔

    1. I don’t think there’s a place in the Netherlands where this would even BE possible. But Africa… now that’s a different story.

  3. Spring is here and it is supposed to be skin temps by Sunday! Hopefully soon we will take hikes in the woods. Oh to fuck in nature again.
    Nice story. The visuals painted by your words were very nice.

    1. I agree… to fuck in nature again. Over here that’s close to impossible. Hope you have more luck 😉

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