Bullet Journal: March & April

One of the past purge pages in my bullet journal.

When I shared my creations for January & February from my bullet journal, I already knew I would frequently share my drawings. I love to share and always hope my sharing will inspire others to be creative too.

A general misconception about bullet journaling is that you have to be good at drawing.

I can draw, but with some of the more complicated images, or those I thought might take me too long to draw, I just stuck my phone under the page, traced the outlines and then drew the rest in afterwards. You don’t have to draw complicated things in your journal. You can also just decorate the pages with simple flower doodles, or stars or hearts or simple colorful lines. Or, instead of drawing, use stickers.

Your journal, your thing!

Past Purge

With all that’s happening in our lives, the thought frequently crossed my mind that I can’t ask my parents anything about my youth anymore. My mom passed away in 2017; my father in 2021. There are still things I want answers for, but will never get, but also memories I can’t ‘check’ with them.

This is where the idea for my ‘Past Purge’ series started.

I want my children to have as many memories as possible — from their younger lives, but also from my life. I started at the obvious point (for me) by listing all the houses I have lived in as a kid, and jotting down memories of those times.

Next up will be the places I lived as an adult, and where my kids lived too.

While recording those memories, some of them slipped my mind, which is why I made the page above, to put those I haven’t written in my journal before.

March in my bullet journal

I chose Winnie The Pooh as my theme for March, and just loved designing the pages. It’s not only choosing an image, but deciding on where to put the diary part of the week, the to-do list and of course the small table for my daily walks.

Month starter for March 2022 in my bullet journal with Winnie the Pooh as theme.
Front page for March

Something else I like about Winnie is the quotes. Some of them spoke right to my heart and lifted me up in down moments.

April in my bullet journal

For April I made the obvious choice (I think) to choose Easter as my theme.

Month starter for April in my bullet journal, with the theme Easter and spring.
Front page for April

I wanted this month to be light and fun, to not only be about Easter but also about spring. We’ve had such lovely sunny weather this month, and it benefitted my creativity too.

Mood trackers March & April

Looking at my completed mood trackers, both these months were okay, with mostly medium or high days. April had more sad days than March, and most of them were because of difficult times with my son, but also the days my back played up and I was in much pain.

Every day before we go to bed, I sit down with my journal, think about the day and then color the designated space. It gives me a moment to reflect, which I think is important, as it is a point of rest in my day.

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