Women Empowerment and the Rise of Gentlemen Escorts

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Women empowerment and the escort industry go hand in hand.


Because the progress of both relies on the same foundations of solidarity and freedom.

Today, we’re going to explore just what a male escort is. And more importantly, we’re going to discuss how escorts relate to women’s empowerment in our society.

Are male escorts a new thing or not? Why do women hire them? Read on as we explore these relationships and their future!

Our Male Escorts A New Profession?

Although male escorts in the contemporary sense might be a new phenomenon, paying to have your needs satisfied isn’t.

Male prostitution has been commonplace since ancient Greek and Roman societies. Even the Middle-Eastern pagan tribes weren’t strangers to sacred sexual practices. We’re talking about basic human needs, after all. Right?

What’s happened with the escorting industry over the past few decades is essentially a change of perception. More specifically, there’s been a shift in what an escort can – or should – be.

Today’s escorts offer a variety of services. Yes, many of them still involve sexual activities – but the men we’re talking about today specialize in something else.

As our society and culture change, so do our needs and desires. It just so happens that humans of the 21st century are starving for more than just sex.

The not-so-subtle change in power dynamics between genders and sexes has also led to some new emotional needs – and we have to talk about that.

Gentlemen for hire – or companionship-only male escorts – have developed as a direct answer to such emotional needs. We’re essentially talking about straight men whose clientele consists of well-educated, strong, and empowered women who seek companionship – nothing more.

Why Do Women Hire Male Companions?

An excellent question. If you’ve never considered taking an escort out on a date, here are a few things you should know:

For starters, we’re not talking about “average men” here. You won’t find these gentlemen on any dating apps.

We’re talking about charismatic, educated lads who take what they do seriously.

The next thing to note is the variety of their services.

Think of any social gathering, holiday, party, or concert you’d like to attend. What would an ideal partner be? Someone, whose primary goal is for you to have a good time, right?

Look, we’ve all been there:

You get invited to a wedding, and you need someone to accompany you. Maybe your friend has organized the party – and you don’t want to go alone. Or hey, what if you simply want to spend a lovely, quiet evening with a hunk – with no strings attached?

All of these are common scenarios – and there’s a simple answer to all of them.

A woman will hire an escort because she’s the one in control.

She controls communication, activities – everything – with no strings attached whatsoever. She sets the boundaries, and her companion responds accordingly.

Make no mistake about it; these gentlemen are professionals in every sense. They can hold a conversation on any topic you can think of; they’re attentive, respectful, and fully present – and available to you.

The Rise Of Empowered Women

Today’s empowered women are truly admirable. It takes courage – and work – to take complete control of your life after decades of marginalization.

It’s no secret that the last few centuries have been very repressive towards women, in terms of what they should be, how they should behave, who they should work for – we could go on.

Traditionalist values have stunted the growth of countless women over the years. So retaliation – in the form of complete control of one’s life, body, and success – is more than welcome.

It’s encouraged.

Let’s not forget the repressive chokehold that society had on feminine sexuality. Women were subject to societal expectations rather than their individual goals. They were discouraged from – and outright punished for – exploring and demonstrating their feminine nature.

Their freedom, sexuality, and everything else were under someone else’s control.

But we’re living in an age where it’s finally coming around. Women in our society can enjoy many rights that have been taken away from previous generations.

Empowered women are taking positions as heads of companies, artists, and world leaders. And it’s beautiful to see it happen – even if there’s a lot more work to be done.

Fighting Together For Emancipation

We’ve indeed come a long way during the last century or so. And we’re not just talking about women’s empowerment and the escort industry here. 

Society seems to be noticing more marginalized groups – and recognizing their problems.

We’ve begun to see that working together is the only way forward. Women don’t have to fight for their freedom and rights alone – and men shouldn’t let them.

Why? Because freedom is a universal right that we all need to unite for.

There’s still a long way to go in creating a society where everyone is valued for who they are – or who they choose to be – and what they stand for.

And we can only progress through mutual appreciation and cooperation.


The male escort industry has, in many ways, brought men and women to entirely new levels of mutual understanding. And this mutual understanding has led to insane amounts of respect we have for each other.

Many men in the industry have genuinely begun appreciating female power. On the other hand, women are finally free to exercise control whenever and wherever they like.

And the best part is – that this status quo isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

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  1. This article was so interesting. I’ve always thought there was a place for male escorts but the points put forward enforced my viewpoint tenfold. Powerful stuff!

  2. I really do believe the male escorts take it seriously – after all they can make a lot of money and enjoy their job!

  3. Excellent read, I had thought to start amale escort service in the town I love in. It’s one where the college is at the center of power and money.

      1. Hey Marie,
        Agreed. I’m feeling out of sorts these days, just kind of down and that’s not like me. I guess everyone is entitled to be funky or in funk moods.

        1. We are all entitled to our moods, and to feel out of sorts at times. Thankfully most times it’s temporary. Hope by now you are feeling better 🙂

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