Watching Me, Watching You

An image of hairy legs pointing skywards and resting in a hammock to go with my story Watching Me, Watching You

Something outside caught her attention while she folded the laundry. She glanced out of the window, but it took her a second or two before she noticed the neighbor in the hammock in his garden. Cora’s eyes scanned the rest of the garden, but his wife was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes returned to the man, and she ran them over his lithe body — a body that needed to age at least twenty-five more years to get where she was.

Something stirred inside. This young couple reminded her of her younger years, when love was uncomplicated, and her entire life still waited for her.

Her eyes followed the lines of his broad shoulders, his firm abdomen, his narrow hips, his long, athletic legs. Moments longer than necessary, her eyes rested on his pants, imagining his cock and what it looked like. Cora slipped her hand under her shirt and cupped a sagging breast. The nipple was hard. She glanced down at her braless nipples straining against the shirt, as if begging her to be released.

Looking at her neighbor again, she confirmed he was in a deep sleep, his head turned away. She pulled her shirt off over her head, and quickly dropped her shorts and knickers to the floor too.

Naked she stood by the window, running her hands over her body, while watching the motionless man, imagining the things she wanted him to do to her. She pretended her hands to be his, thought of him pinching and sucking her nipples and then going down on his knees to lick her. There was an urgency in her movements, a deep need for an orgasm.

Cora couldn’t remember when she had last been this horny. Menopause seemed to have stolen her libido and she was thankful for moments like these, when she felt a glimpse of the sexual beast she had once been.

She flattened her belly — marked with stretch marks, just like her legs and bottom — with one hand and watched as she pushed a finger deep into her cunt. She pulled out to spread the wetness to her clit and glanced outside again. Almost shrieking, her heart missing a beat, she jumped away from the window. The neighbor had turned his head and seemed to be watching her. Out of sight, she breathed hard and waited a moment for her heart to calm down.

Carefully she took a step back to the window. She tried to stay out of sight, sort of looking around a corner, to see whether he was still there. He was. Asleep. His face was still turned towards her, but his eyes were closed.

Cora stepped closer to the window again. Now she could see his face, she was even more in need of an orgasm than before. She edged closer to the window, while she watched for movement from his side. There was none. Her hands roamed her middle-aged body again. Her finger moved from her pussy to her mouth. She sucked her juices from her finger and imagined it to be his cock. Once more she dipped her finger inside herself, wanting to taste more. Her thoughts switched from him fucking her, to her sucking him.

With one breast cupped in her free hand and her fingers rolling her nipple between them, she pushed her finger into her cunt again, before moving it back to her clitoris. Her need for an orgasm was too intense to stop now. She rubbed harder and harder, keeping images in her mind of him fucking and sucking and licking her. Her eyes moved from his form in the hammock to her fingers pleasing her. Cora loved looking at herself. There was something carnal in feeling what her fingers did to her body, while watching them move.

She looked back at the man outside, and this time she didn’t jump away. She had come to a point where she didn’t care anymore. His eyes wide open, he watched her. His hard cock strained against his pants. One hand rested close to his rigid member. Their eyes locked and a slight, encouraging smile played around his lips as he lazily ran his thumb over his cock.

Cora took a step closer to the window. Even though he couldn’t see her cunt, her tits were clearly visible and the movement of her arm made it clear what she was doing. His stroking thumb mesmerized Cora. She pushed her hips forward and moved her fingers faster. Her mouth opened, and she threw her head back. Her orgasm rushed through her body, leaving her legs trembling; her face red.

Cora stepped back from the window, her hands covering her old tits. She looked back at the neighbor and was surprised to see him standing next to the hammock. His hard cock strained against his pants. He looked up at her and mouthed ‘‘’thank you’, before disappearing out of sight.

Note: I first wrote this story in July 2018 with the title Young & Old, then edited it for Medium in 2021 and updated the name to what it is now.

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Image by jordan3600 from Pixabay

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  1. Marie,
    I’m so glad that our (my?) sagging breasts can still be stimulated into inducing hard nipples. Whew! lol I, too, loved the sweet and Clever ending. In addition to that, this line made my breath hitch a bit …..”She had come to a point where she didn’t care anymore.” That is a very sexy place for a gal to be. Loved it! Hugs, Windy

    1. Good to hear you could relate to this story, Windy. It was fun to write from the perspective of an older woman. There are too little stories like this xox

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