Pouring Rituals

Sepia image of three rolled up towals next to a tiny tub and a wooden spoon resting on top of it, all on the wooden bench inside a sauna.

Gill and Faye both love their spa days, but neither of them could endure the heat in a sauna for long. Nevertheless, every time they were at the spa, they go into different saunas, searching for that healing feeling everyone talks about.

Today their eyes fell on the sign outside a Finnish sauna. It wasn’t the Finnish sauna part that drew their attention, but the glass of Amarula, their favorite South African drink, for each one taking part in the pouring ritual inside. They checked the schedule and agreed the Finnish sauna would be their last stop for the day.

After dinner, and before they headed home.

At dinner both of them had two glasses of wine, and by the time they went to stand in line for the pouring ritual, their towels wrapped around their naked bodies, both Gill and Faye were full of smiles… and horny!

Unlike them, they now engaged in conversation with other women standing in line. They joked and laughed, and by the time they entered the sauna, the conversation had a sexual innuendo.

When Gill and Faye sat down in the middle of the top bench, the ladies they had been talking to sat down on either side of them. Seven of them now sat on their towels on the top bench. Gill noticed one of the woman sitting on the other side of Faye kept glancing at the tattoo on her leg.

Every time they had been at the spa, they wondered if anyone would recognize the symbol on Gill’s leg. The way the woman looked at it, showed she knew the symbol. She turned to her friends sitting on her other side, whispered something and then those two friends looked at Gill’s tattoo too.

Gill felt self-conscious as she smiled at them, then turned away, talked to the woman on her other side and then leaned towards Faye.

“The ladies on your side have recognized my tattoo,” she whispered.
“I know,” Faye said, “they wanted to know whether you are dominant or submissive. I told them.”

At that moment, the sauna master drew their attention to the starting of the pouring ritual. Water, mixed with Amarula, was poured on the hot coal in the open stove. Steam billowed up and the sauna master, waved it towards them with a large cloth, and later a palm leave.

Gill’s body heated up, and where normally she would want to go outside to cool off, she now enjoyed it. She could also smell the Amarula in the air and when she licked her lips, she tasted it. Her horny feelings were more intense now, but she would take care of that when she got home to her husband.

Halfway through the ritual everyone went outside to splash water over themselves and cool down some. Two of the women who had admired her tattoo earlier, stood on either side of Gill. They ran their hands over her back, down to her buttocks, and squeezed. Gill looked from one to the other, then to her friend, who only smiled and mouthed “enjoy”.

A little shocked, but more curious and incredibly horny, Gill surrendered to the touch, even though the rules of the spa explicitly discouraged it.

During the second half of the pouring ritual, things got even hotter, and not only because of the steam filling the space they were in. The two women, who touched Gill outside, now stayed close to her, and their hands never stopped touching her.

Gill had difficulty keeping her panting to a minimum when they all went outside later for that glass of Amarula. The moment they each had a glass, Gill was led right back into the sauna. Outside other women laughed and talked and enjoyed their free drink, oblivious of what happened inside, where one of the woman took the lead and asked Gill to lie down on her towel.

She gladly submitted, lying back on the towel and resting one foot on the level below. Gill watched as one woman poured Amarula, and the other used it as lubrication to massage her body. They pinched her nipples; pinched her pussy lips – roughly enough to almost make Gill climax.

Gill gasped when more Amarula dripped onto her pussy lips. Looking to her right, she noticed one of the two women rubbing Amarula over her pussy lips too. Then she swung a leg over Gill’s body and lowered herself onto her face.

Gill smelled the Amarula before she tasted it. Her nose pressed against the crack between the woman’s ass cheeks. She stuck her tongue out, touching the woman’s slit. Even with the Amarula on her tongue, she tasted the wetness of the woman. Gill pushed her tongue in deep and used her hands to guide the tastiness closer to her mouth.

A moan escaped Gill when her tongue touched the hard clitoris between the Amarula folds. Simultaneously, warm lips closed over Gill’s labia. She spread her legs wider, in desperate need of stimulation.

And stimulated she was.

The woman between her legs lightly bit her clitoris and pulled and stretched her labia. Above her, the woman bent forward and pinched Gill’s nipples, making her arch her back and moan against the pussy above her. The pinching and pulling of her flesh hurt even more because of the slipperiness caused by the Amarula.

They slapped her breasts, making Gill’s nipples harden even more, and her pussy to leak its wetness on the towel below her. Above her the women poured more Amarula on her body, making it drip into Gill’s mouth, but also making her suck harder to get all of it. The woman groaned. Gill fucked the pussy with her tongue, then ran her tongue backwards to the woman’s darker hole. She had never done something like that before, but the wine, the Amarula, the naked women, her horniness…

Gill couldn’t take it anymore.

She wanted to taste it all!

And she did.

The woman shuddered and climaxed, and the taste of her juices replaced the taste of Amarula. She slumped forward, grabbed Gill’s thighs and lifted her up in the air, spreading her wide for the woman already between Gill’s legs.

While sucking her, the woman also slapped her now accessible bottom. The harder she sucked, the harder she slapped, and the more Gill squirmed as her buttocks burned red.

Gill was on the brink of an orgasm. Her eyes closed, her head roll from side to side. It was when she opened her eyes and saw Faye that she could barely hold back her orgasm.

Faye sat on the bottom bench, her legs spread wide, her hand between her legs. She watched the scene above her, breathing heavily. Gill arched her back and locked eyes with Faye. The friends saw their horniness reflected in each other’s eyes. Simultaneously, they climaxed — one brought to orgasm by her own hand, the other by the soft mouth of a total stranger.

Gill and Faye smiled at each other in total understanding.

Note: This story was first written in September 2011 and back then I wrote it as a fantasy, and the main character was ‘Rebel’, which was the way I referred to myself in those first years of my blog.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image by KSchlott from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Pouring Rituals

  1. When I worked in the liquor store of the supermarket, I had people come in and ask if we sold ‘Ammehoela’ 😂 (Small joke for those who speak Dutch ;)) And no, we didn’t sell it.

    Hot story 🙂

  2. OMG Marie … I know that sauna’s get hot and steamy … but this has left me burning. AND … tingling !!!
    A thrilling read to start my Saturday !!!
    Xxx – K

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