A Perfect Ten!

Another month has passed, and yet again I have done quite some writing on Medium. I am really enjoying the journey there. Not for the money, because that’s definitely not coming to me in bucket loads, but I enjoy the different magazines, the prompts, and the community.

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Struggling For Breath

This is a book I have listened to on my daily walk. A great detective, with many twists and turns, and a fabulous narrator to listen to.

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The Annual April Fool

An image of a bouquet of 10 red roses resting on a grey surface and a white background behind it.

The monthly theme for April on Microcosm has all to do with April fools. This story I wrote for their first week prompt: A Prankster Among Us. I incorporated some of the pranks played on me over the years into this story.

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How Do You Put Yourself First?

Image of a dirty white wall with a face painted on it and the words ‘what now?’ next to it.

During my coaching sessions, the coach said: you have to put yourself first. I have heard this many times, but just how do you do it? I wrote this post because I really needed an answer to that question.

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Milk Tart, Traditionally South African

I have already shared my bobotie recipe, and wanted to share more from my country of birth. This is one of my sweet favorites, and there’s more to come!

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Why Do People Lie?

The moment I started listening to this book, I was hooked. The story unfolds, and the characters make you angry or make you love them, but you throughout the book you just don’t see the end coming!

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A Man Visits His Doctor

An image of a person with long hair, wearing a nurse’s uniform and a stethoscope hanging around her neck.

I wrote this story for the second prompt for the April Fool month on the Microcosm magazine, where the prompt was: A Case Of Mistaken Identity.
I had to laugh when I wrote the ending!

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I Need Silence And Structure

Following the post shared above ‘How Do You Put Yourself First?’, and a comment I received on it, I had some more insight into myself, and could formulate some things I need.

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Do You Have A Little Black Book?

Up to when I listened to this book by James Patterson, all books I have listened to were by authors unknown to me. YouTube recommended this book to me after I listened to ‘Her Final Breath’ (shared above). This book is a great detective, and another where the unfolding of the story takes you by surprise.

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Trains And Yellow Shirts

Image of a small suburban station and platform seen from the air, the train tracks on the left and the station building on the right.

The third prompt for the April Fool theme of the Microcosm magazine was: Catfishing the Internet. I started writing this story, and there was going to be sex in it, but it ended up being something sad.

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Codependent? Me? Never!

A monochrome image of train tracks leading from the bottom of the image toward the middle with the silhouette of a person in the middle of the tracks, fading into the tracks.

This article follows the one about silence and structure above. I am looking into codependency, after the coach mentioned this word in one of our sessions. It turns out some puzzle pieces are starting to make sense.

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