Beauty Gets Beast

The story below works as a standalone, but is also the second in a series. This is the first: Beast Meets Beauty.

“You can lower the stupid gun,” Vera said as she got up from the porch. “You won’t use it anyway.”

While she spoke, she kept his eyes captive with hers. She didn’t wait for him to lower the gun or step out of the way. Vera just pushed him aside and walked into the dark cabin. She followed the crackling fire and sat down on the couch facing it.

Behind her, she heard Bruce’s tentative steps.

“What do you want?” he barked.

“I told you, my car broke down. I took a shortcu…”

“I don’t believe you,” Bruce interrupted her.

“I can’t help that you don’t believe me, but since the sun is setting, and it’s damn cold out there, I’m staying here and will try to find help in the morning.”

“You can’t…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you want to say,” Vera now interrupted Bruce’s objection. “I can’t stay here. If you haven’t been so bloody rude and just helped me, I wouldn’t be here. So, now you’re stuck with me until the morning.”

When after a few minutes, Bruce was still quiet, Vera turned around to look at him.

He wasn’t there.

From the window at the front of the cabin, she saw Bruce’s back just as he disappeared between the trees, walking towards the road. Vera shrugged. With the day drawing towards an end, she felt around for light switches on the walls, but soon determined there were none.

In the tiny kitchen, she found oil lamps, which she lit and put in various places to get some light in the cabin. Then she rummaged around in the kitchen for pots and pans and food. She was hungry, and something told her the man of the cabin can do with a proper meal, although she couldn’t find meat anywhere.

A thump on the porch startled her, and even more so when the front door swung open. His frame filled the opening. Vera almost laughed at the disbelief on his face when he looked at the burning lamps until his eyes rested on her.

He swung around and moments later, he walked inside the cabin again, holding a dead rabbit by its ears.

Not a word was spoken between them as Bruce cleaned the rabbits, then cooked them, and Vera fried some eggs, buttered bread and cut tomatoes in slices.

They both ate in silence, and while they did, Vera studied Bruce’s face. She clenched her fists at the yearning to run her fingers over the scars on his face. Not only that. She almost gasped at the intensity of her desire for him.

What has gotten into you, woman! she scolded herself as she looked down at her plate.

“Seen enough?”

She looked at him, and once more saw the pain in his eyes, just like she had out there on the porch when he had pointed the gun at her.

“What happened?” she asked in return.

“None of your business!” he snarled, pushed his plate away and stood up.

“Even though you try, you’re not a beast. You don’t have it in you. You’re as much a beast as I’m a beauty.”

He stopped in his tracks, and it took seconds before he turned around to face her. Vera had expected anger to distort his face, but his face was calm. He almost looked… sorry.

“Can we start over?” he asked after long moments of silence, staring at each other.

“Start over?” Vera parroted.

He walked towards her, stretched out his hand and said: “I’m Bruce and I’m not a beast. I believe you need help?”

Vera stood up to shake his hand, suppressing a shiver of excitement running down her back.

“I’m Vera. Can I stay here tonight?”

Hours later, she still lay tossing and turning on the couch.

They had talked little between dinner and going to bed, but enough for Bruce to warm to Vera. Several times she had noticed him running his eyes from her face to her rich curves. It fed the butterflies inside her and kept the sphere between them warm… charged.

Giving up, she tossed the blanket from her and softly walked to the bedroom, following the sounds of his gentle snoring. She crawled into bed with him, snuggling against his back. In his sleep, Bruce hugged her arm, gently resting on his broad chest.

A sly smile played around her lips.

Tomorrow he’ll be mine, was the mantra to which she finally drifted off to sleep.

Note: This story first appeared on Medium, written for a prompt.

© Rebel’s Notes
Photo by Bjarne Postma on Unsplash

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  1. Oooo I like this. There is a lot of back story here. Will we get to hear it?
    He is obviously recovering we got some of that in part 1.
    What is she running from?
    I live the animal magnetism between the two.

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