From Romance To Love

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It’s been a long time since I thought about romance, but the questions for this week took my thoughts there. I have never been big on romance. I am not a flower and chocolate kind of girl. In fact, I don’t even like to be given flowers! Nor do I need candlelight dinners. Writing what I did below, it turns out I do like a bit of romance – it just looks a bit different.

Day 73 – 14 March: What are the sexiest qualities you admire in a mate?

There was a time when I was much, much younger that physical qualities attracted me to other people, but as I grew older, I have noticed that I find someone’s mind the sexiest. It’s sexy when you can have an intelligent conversation with someone, but also laugh with the same person, and be silly with them. I love a quick wit, just like Master T has!

Day 74 – 15 March: Recount the best sexual, intimate, and/or romantic experience you ever had with your partner. Or, focus on the most memorable experience in general. Why was it so good?

Oh gosh, we’ve had so many, that it’s difficult to single one out. Running it through my memory from the moment we met, I think of that time on the bench in the middle of a city, of us in his car somewhere in a secluded spot, our sexual encounters night after night when we just lived together, and then the dates we had with others, whether all BDSM or the sexy massage date. Why all of this was so good? Because it’s something we shared.

Day 75 – 16 March: What feels good, sexually, for you?

It’s interesting to have a think about this. My mind isn’t busy with sex at all, but of course, it wasn’t always like that. When we were still active, I liked to just let it happen, to subject myself to whatever Master T had in mind. Even though the sequence of events wasn’t exactly the same, he always had me climaxing before him. Over and over again. All focus was on my pleasure until all focus was on his. I liked that, being able to experience pleasure without distractions and then enjoying his reactions to whatever I did with my mouth or hand.

Day 76 – 17 March: When you think romantic love, you think (fill in the blank).

I think of a weekend away, somewhere in a hotel, just the two of us enjoying each other’s company, a couple of drinks and good food. It’s the being and doing things together that do it for me.

Day 77 – 18 March: What does romance mean to you?

Following the scenario I just described, romance to me is having undivided attention for each other.

Day 78 – 19 March: What turns you on the most about your partner?

Most definitely his mind!

Day 79 – 20 March: What is your favorite time of day or night to make love? Why?

My favorite most definitely is at night, when we go to bed.

But… yes, there is a but.

It depends on when we go to bed. If I am too tired when we go to bed, all I want to do is sleep, no matter how horny I might have been earlier.

While we were in D/s, it was always up to Master T to decide whether he would let me go to sleep, or attend to his needs. Quite early in our D/s he once said: tiredness is not an excuse.

To get back to the question: I prefer to make love at night, although we had done it during daytime a handful of times… and that was damn nice too!

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