From Quiz To Change

Week 8 of 2022 is done and dusted, and turned out to be a week of endings and new beginnings, of understanding more of what I need, of self-growth without realizing I am applying things I have discovered during those coaching sessions.

It was also a week of quizzes, which led to a bit of a rant, so be warned.

Click for my previous posts here, and for Brigit’s daily prompts, but for now it’s on to my reflection of the past week.

Day 52 – 21 February: Take the Sex Values quiz and reflect.

Attraction: Neutral (50% Masculine / 50% Feminine)
Sex Drive: High (84.4% Hyper)
Dominance Axis: 100% Submissive
Deviance Axis: Kinky (84.4% Deviant / 15.6% Pure)
Affection Axis: Open (37.5% Affection / 62.5% Hedonism)

I guess with that first result, my bisexuality is quite clear. No discussion there. The same with the result of being submissive or kinky.

I frowned at the result of my sex drive. If that number came out below 10%, it would’ve been reflecting my true feelings at this moment, because my sex drive is non-existent. The only time I think about sex is when I write erotic fiction!

Day 53 – 22 February: Take the Love Language quiz and reflect.

Quality time: 40%
Physical touch: 30%
Words of Affirmation: 17%
Acts of Service: 13%
Receiving Gifts: 0%

Quality time and physical touch definitely is the way to go for me. Words of affirmation and receiving gifts both make me feel uncomfortable, even though there are moments I can enjoy it. Acts of service? Currently, with Master T’s health, I am doing more of those, but I never really view them as such. Those are just the things I do now he needs the help.

Day 54 – 23 February: What is your Erotic Blueprint? (Maybe set aside some time to watch “Sex, Love, and Goop“.)

Honestly, when I did this quiz, I started losing my patience with the quizzes. Main reason? Because I couldn’t just see my result on the screen, but have to give my email address to get it. Consequently, I was sent three (!!!) mails with the results, and to stop receiving emails, I had to unsubscribe. Honestly, I have better things to do with my time.

Okay, end of rant.

My result was that I am the sensual type, living in a world of the five senses, that I have an aesthetic for beauty and apparently I can orgasm from eating, smelling or touching something amazing.

The shadow side of the sensual type is having a hard time to get out of your head and into your body, and that sounds might easily throw you off, smells and messy environments. If the quality of touch you receive is off, it can turn you off completely.

What I found interesting in these results is that can find myself more in the shadow side than what came before.

Day 55 – 24 February: What is your sexual orientation?

Your sexual orientation is 82.1% heterosexual, 57.1% homosexual, which places you in the bisexual quadrant.

Yep, this confirms the results of an earlier quiz.

Day 56 – 25 February: What’s your sex personality?

I didn’t do this quiz. Let’s just say I was ‘quiz tired’.

This day I celebrated my birthday, a day I reached the age where I can apply for a senior pass to get a discount at several venues, such as holiday resorts, family parks, etc.


Age is but a number, they say, and that’s the motto I live by. Some days I still feel like a spring chicken, other days I feel ancient. But most days, age is not something I think about.

I took the day off from work, slept in, went for my daily walk, colored in my bullet journal, wrote and read some, and in the evening went out for dinner with my daughter.

A most enjoyable day!

Day 57 – 26 February: Reflect on the week.

I only worked two days in the past week, as I didn’t take only the 25th off, but also the 24th. Since Wednesday is my regular day off, I had a very short work week.

My to-do list was quite long, as I thought I would get a lot done, but I overestimated myself. Or rather, I paid more attention to relaxing than getting through my to-do list. Much of my list will carry over to next week, but I am content with what I have achieved.

It was a good week, and good to have some downtime, but also good to get out of the house and away from caring mode, if only for a couple of hours.

Day 58 – 27 February: Plan for the coming week.

Opposed to only working two days last week, this coming week I have to work five, because of the month end. I don’t mind that, as they add the extra hours to my holiday hours.

For the coming week, I don’t have any spectacular plans. Working and walking, continuing decluttering the attic, spending Wednesday afternoon with my daughter, drawing in our journals, and in between all of this, finding some quiet time for myself.

In the past week, I went to bed later than Master T on two different nights. He goes to bed quite early, because of not sleeping well and always being tired, and normally I go upstairs with him, watching series on my tablet.

However, on those two nights, I suddenly got a lot of writing and reading done, and even coloring. I know it’s because when he goes to bed, I switch off caring mode and enter Marie-mode. I need to carve out time for myself, so going to bed later than him is something I will do more frequently in the future.

Our life has changed much in the past year (maybe longer), and I need to make a couple of changes for myself to keep going. I need time to ‘switch off’, and the only way to do that is when I can focus only on myself.

Other changes have happened too… or rather, have been confirmed… more about that tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “From Quiz To Change

  1. As a fellow fighter-against-relaxing, I’m so pleased to see you rested along with doing some of your to do list. And we’ll doen foe doing all those quizzes. I did a love language quiz a while back and didn’t agree with the results, which triggered a rant from me. Perhaps I’ll try this one and see how I give and receive love. N xx

    1. Ah, maybe that’s what triggered my rant, but really, I’m not one for quizzes. Did them on different days and maybe my mindset was just not as positive when I reached those 😉 xox

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