The Pink Panties

“Do you like these panties?”

Marshall looked up and froze.

Across from him, on the other side of their bed, stood his wife Julia, holding up a piece of pink lace. He instantly recognized it. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t open his mouth to answer her.

“Now come on, do you like them or not?”

Marshall grabbed a shirt from the laundry basket and started folding it.

“It’s nice,” he mumbled.

“Marshall, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“I… I…” his eyes darted to the piece of fabric that was still in her hand. He sighed once and looked into her eyes. There was a smile on her face. No anger. He sighed once more and attempted to smile back.

“It’s… er… nothing,” he quickly said and started folding another shirt.
Julia folded the pink panties and put them on a pile with some similar items.

“For a moment there, I thought you hated them.”

Marshall kept quiet.

After all the clothes were back in the closet and drawers where they belonged, Julia grabbed the basked and said: “I will make us some tea. Are you coming?”

Marshall sat on the side of the bed and nodded.

“I will be there in a moment.”

He listened to her footsteps going down the stairs and then walked over to his closet. Relief flooded through him when he retrieved a lacy piece of pink material from one of the dark corners in his underwear drawer. For a moment there, he had thought Julia knew. Apparently, she had bought herself something similar to the pair he had owned for a couple of months now.

Marshall couldn’t remember when it started. Or even why he started. He didn’t do it frequently, but when the urge struck, he liked to put on the pink lace under his suit. He loved the feeling of the soft material against his cock, loved how the lace seemed to caress his balls. Also, he loved looking at himself in the mirror, seeing the bulge of his cock in the feminine color. One thing he knew without doubt was that Julia should never find out.

“Marshall, tea’s ready. Are you coming?”
“On my way!”
He quickly pushed the pink panties to the back of the drawer and joined his wife for a cup of tea.

Two weeks later, they again followed their set routine of folding the laundry together. This time Julia didn’t hold the panties up in the air, but just folded it and put it on a pile of his underwear. Just like two weeks before, Marshall froze. Julia carried on folding clothes. Marshall folded a towel, added it to a pile on the bed and then moved the pink panties to a pile with Julia’s underwear.

“That’s yours, not mine.”
“You heard me, Marshall. Those aren’t mine.”
“But, I… but last… but…”
“My sweet Marshall, did you really think I didn’t know? These are the panties I showed you two weeks ago. When I saw your reaction, I realized you weren’t ready.”
“Ready for what?”

Marshall’s voice was defensive. He was cornered, but Julia’s reaction was not what he had expected.

“Ready to tell me about your panties, of course.”
“My panties?”
“Oh Marshall, come on! I really, really, really can’t wait any longer to see you in them.”
“See me in them?”
“Yes! I’ve waited so long for you to tell me!”
“Tell you?”

He realized he sounded like a drunken parrot.

It was time for them to sit down and talk.

Marshall pushed the laundry to the side, not worrying that he would have to fold half of it all over again.
“Come sit, Julia,” he said, patting the spot next to him. “I believe I have something to confess.”
“Marshall, there’s nothing to confess. If it’s something you love to do, then do it!”
“You’re not angry?”
“Why should I be angry?”

pink panties
Image courtesy of Kinky and Perky

Marshall had no idea how it happened, but before long he was parading in the room with only the pink panties on. At first it was awkward, but the lust in Julia’s eyes quickly made him forget that.

Once she had run her hands over his bulge, and the tip of his cock showed above the elastic band, there was no turning back. What seemed to be only his kink became a kink of both of them, as Julia bought him panties in several colors, and now encouraged him to wear his lacy panties.

On an evening out, only they knew what hid behind their knowing glances. When Julia touched his bottom, standing in line for the movies, the panties seemed to burn his crotch and he had to concentrate hard not to get an erection.

It was their secret now, not only his.

Note: I first shared this story in November 2018.

© Rebel’s Notes

13 thoughts on “The Pink Panties

    1. I know indeed, and I love that it isn’t. I think pink panties with a cock inside is absolutely delicious. Or red, or blue, or whatever color. Just love it! xox

  1. What an amazing story about an intriguing kink 😉 I love how hot it is for them and how accepting she is. It’s just right in every way 😀

  2. Excellent story Marie and I loved this bit … ‘Once she had run her hands over his bulge, and the tip of his cock showed above the elastic band’ this is one of my favourite things visually about men in panties, super sexy x

  3. I really liked the twist in this and the relationship between the two of them. It is always so easy to underestimate the support of your partner when you worry about something and this really came across. A great story. missy xx

  4. I liked this – very sexy Marie (a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine to appreciate a man in ladies panties!)
    Great that the dressing up in panties stayed as exciting to the guy once his partner found out about it – I am reliably informed that the danger of discovery can be part of the thrill!

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