A Dozen Plus One

The past two weeks have been hectic, with two hospital visits for Master T, and I have returned to the physiotherapist, as I am waking up with pain in my hips again. Add to that going to the office once a week again – something I have to get used to – and I feel overwhelmed to keep up with reading and writing on both WordPress and Medium.

Those are my feelings, but it turns out I have written quite a lot of new stuff this month, of which thirteen appeared on Medium since my last sharing post.

Read all my Medium sharing posts here.

Hiking Hotness

Image of a man standing on a rock overlooking a valley. In the distance you see part of a mountain, and not far from the man a big tree.

In the first two years of this website, I shared a true story about a hot hiking trip – hot in more ways than one. I have used what happened back then for this piece of fiction.

Read Hiking Hotness

Beast Discovers Beauty

An image of a man in a chair, slumped forward, his elbows resting on his knees, his posture expressing sadness

Last month, I shared the first two stories in this series, which was written for the prompts of Microcosm, a Medium magazine. This is the third story.

Read Beast Discovers Beauty

Housing & Compromises

An image of terraced houses, some with black facades, others brown.

I also wrote this article for a prompt, but for a Medium magazine called Know Thyself, Heal Thyself. It deals with our current housing situation, and the changes I would like to make. However, we need to agree on those changes.

Medium distributed this article.

Read Housing & Compromises

An Exciting Writing Challenge

A black and white image where you see part of a typewriter, and a white paper in it with the word ‘writing’ typed on it in large letters.

I wrote this article to invite several writers on Medium to enter the Blogable Fiction Marathon 2022, and am happy to say that half of the writers for this year are from Medium, thanks to this post and another by May.

Read An Exciting Writing Challenge


An image with a black bowl and leek standing upright in it. White background, white surface.

Many years ago I got this recipe from a colleague, and it’s still a favorite in our family, and very easy to make, or use this as a base for your own variation.

Read Throw-Together-Dish

Beauty Challenges Beast

A black and white image of a grave with an angel on the left, and a woman leaning on the tombstone on the right.

This is the last in my Beauty and Beast series, and I have to say I really enjoyed writing these, trying to write four standalone stories which together make one big story.

Read Beauty Challenges Beast

Devil Woman, Devil Man

Overly dark image with greyish-black smoke and a face of a woman with devil hors behind the smoke.

The March theme for Microcosm was music, and in this story, I used the song ‘Devil Woman’ as inspiration. Sadly, some of this story comes from true events.

Read Devil Woman, Devil Man

Daily Reflections

Another prompt-based article, this time for the Medium magazine Snapshots. Here I share several images of water reflections from my daily walks.

Medium distributed this article.

Read Daily Reflections

Voice Of Victory

A blurry image of a woman in the background, her hand stretched out and in focus, signing the letter ‘v’ for victory.

Another story written with music as inspiration, and this time I used a piece of classical music called ‘Victory’ and performed by Bond. There were no words to use as inspiration, so I used the title, and love the story that flowed from my fingers.

Read Voice Of Victory

When Memories Hurt

I have shared several book reviews on Medium already, all books I have listened to during my daily walks. This book held my attention from beginning to end.

Medium distributed this article.

Read When Memories Hurt

Statistics: The Second Baker’s Dozen

Image showing different kinds of graphs for statistics.

During March, thirteen months after I started posting on Medium, I reached 200 posts. In this article, I highlight thirteen favorites of which some are favorites of my readers, and others my own.

Read Statistics: The Second Baker’s Dozen

Life’s Balancing Acts

Another article written in response to a Know Thyself, Heal Thyself prompt. It’s all about time and money, work and relaxation, and how I balance all of those in my life.

Read Life’s Balancing Acts

A Night In New York

You can read this story as a sequel to one of my earlier stories, or as a standalone. I wrote it for the third Microcosm prompt of March and gave my story the same title as the big-band song I used as inspiration.

Read A Night In New York

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5 thoughts on “A Dozen Plus One

  1. I’m sorry it’s been such a rough month for you, Marie. Medicus Interruptus — that’s what I call it when all those health issues get in the way. I hope everyone is feeling better and your routine settles a bit in April.

    1. Medicus Interruptus… indeed, that is what I am suffering from now. Let’s see what April brings. I am back in treatment for my hips, so hopefully will see some improvement there too. Thanks for your comment, Feve 🙂 xox

  2. It sounds like life has been overwhelming, Marie! Same here. I am finding myself struggling to keep up with my daily reading of my favorite blogs, a routine I’ve had for about five years. I promise to check these out as I can. Just wanted to leave you this little note here that you are by far, one of my favorite bloggers. Take good care, my friend <3 XOXO

    1. Aww thank you, Nora, and don’t stretch yourself too much. You need your strength to support not only your husband, but also yourself in this difficult time. Which is the advice I am taking too, as I do feel too overwhelmed and I need to do something to ‘lighten my load’ so to speak. Take care, my friend xox

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