Lunch Quickie

An image of a workstation with a keyboard and two computer screens.

They were both at work, and as usual, sending each other one-liner emails that had been a trademark of their relationship from the beginning. It was like chatting online, but then slower.

Today, their conversation had an underlying sexual tone. It frequently had, but today was different. Despite the distance from each other, the sexual tension was palpable, and they both had trouble concentrating on the tasks they had to complete.

To a degree, they coded their emails, knowing their companies’ spam filters would catch onto any sexual words. They used one or two letters of a word to express their feelings, such as ‘h’ for horny, ‘f’ for fuck, ‘p’ for pussy and ‘d’ for dick. Any person would easily catch on to the meaning of the messages, but spam filters just weren’t that clever!

He: I’m h.

She: Me too.

He: Can’t hold till tonight. Want your p.

She: Can’t hold either. What can we do about it? Want to feel your d.

He: Go somewhere and f?

She: Where?

It was quiet for quite some time from his side and she gathered something must have come up that needed his attention. After all, they were in the office and work should be their top priority.

He: Your lunch hour starts in half an hour, right? Meet me at Restaurant X on the highway. No questions, just do it!

She: See you there.

There was no answer from him, and she knew why. It will take him close to the full half an hour to get to the restaurant. It was only a five-minute drive for her.

She immediately spotted his car when she pulled into the parking area. He sat inside. She got out, locked her car and walked to his, getting in on the passenger side. They kissed, and without a word, he drove off. They reached their destination only minutes later when he drove into a rural area and parked on the river bank, under the trees. They couldn’t see the river, and the fact the small parking lot was empty didn’t mean there were no fishers down at the river.

He grabbed her hand when they got out of the car and pulled her behind him onto a footpath leading to a small beach. Halfway there, he deviated from the footpath, and out of sight of it, he turned around and kissed her.

They had still not spoken.

He grabbed and squeezed her breasts, an urgency in his touch. Both hands dropping to her buttocks, he grabbed her skirt and ruffled the material in his hand until he reached her panties. In one smooth movement, he swung her around and jerked down her panties. She turned her head to speak, but he covered her mouth with one hand, pushed her against a tree trunk, and pinned her there with his elbow.

His cock was hard and ready when he undid his pants. Her skirt had slipped back into place, but lifting one hand to spread her wide, he slammed his cock deep into her pussy, feeling how ready she was for him. He fucked her hard, pushing the full length of his dick inside. He had long removed his hand from her mouth, and her mewling spurred him on to fuck her harder, something he knew she enjoyed.

The harder she panted, the closer he knew her orgasm was. His own moment of glory wasn’t far away either. He wanted her to climax before him and knew just how to make it happen. She gasped when he spread her buttocks and pressed his thumb against her rosebud.

That pressure, her wanting him to push in, the relentless hammering of his cock in her pussy — it sent her over the edge. The contractions of her pussy as she climaxed milked him and he spurted his semen deep inside.

Back in the parking lot at the restaurant, his semen leaking into her panties, he kissed her and said: “That was foreplay for tonight. See you at home, sweet wife of mine!”

Note: I wrote this story in January 2011, which makes this one of the first stories on my site. It was high time to edit it!

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Image by Picography from Pixabay

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    1. Thank you, Posy. Master T and I are known for the one-line-mails, but we never did a lunch quickie. Our jobs are 90km apart, so this would never have worked, but a girl can dream 😉

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