Bullet Journal: January & February

An image from my bullet journal where I jot down ideas of things I want to remember.

When my daughter mentioned bullet journalling in December 2021, I told her it wasn’t for me. Upon asking why, I said because I’m not the diary-keeping kind. What I had always thought is that a bullet journal simply is a book in which you jot down things about your day using bullets.

Ha! How wrong I was.

My daughter sent me a video explaining bullet journalling, and I was sold! This taps into my creative side.

Preparing the journal

I bought a Purpuz Love Journal, which has a pre-printed index page, and pre-printed page numbers. This was not the reason I bought it, though. I researched different journals, and the combination of the weight of the paper and the lightness of the printed bullets moved me to buy this one.

Once I had the journal, I prepared the index, birthday, and key pages. Even though the index page was pre-printed, I wanted to make it mine, so to speak.

When this was done, it was time to get my journal ready for 2022.

My approach to the journal

From the moment I looked at that video about bullet journalling, I knew what approach I would take for my journal. In the current week, I want to draw the next week, and have it ready no later than the Sunday. At first Sundays were going to be the day I do this, but nowadays I go to my daughter every Wednesday. We have lunch together and then sit drawing together all afternoon. If I need to do more for the next week, I complete that on Sundays and write in all appointments and birthdays for the next week.

This approach means I can ‘interrupt’ a month with other ideas, and I have done so several times, such as when I wanted to keep track of the audio books I listen to during my walks, ideas I have for monthly themes in the journal or writing, and moments I wanted to remember (header image above).

Mood trackers

When I create a month, the first is a cover page (on the right-hand side) with an image that fits the theme for the month. On the left page, I write a quote, preferably something that fits the theme.

I dedicate the next double page to the mood tracker for the month. I love the idea of looking back at the end of the month to see if it was a good month or not.


From the mood trackers, you might already have guessed the theme for January: snowmen! We didn’t have snow this past winter, so we couldn’t build any snowmen, but this didn’t withhold me from drawing them.

The way I approach my weeks is to only draw the days that actually fall in the month, and not concentrate on drawing them from Monday to Friday. So, like January this year, the 31st was a Monday, but I added that to the week before, drawing slots for 8 days.

My weekly spread always has the same elements: the days of the week, my to-do list and keeping track of the kilometers from my daily walks.


There was no doubt in my mind that February — the month of love and my birthday month — would be all about hearts! This month I used fewer quotes than I did in January, something I only noticed when the month was done. This quote made it into this month, though:

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.

Ideas and sharing

Even before I held my journal in my hand, I looked for ideas on Pinterest. There are millions! I started saving pins, organizing them onto different boards. Ideas for monthly starters, for weekly spreads, mood trackers, doodles, and much more!

Because I want to give back, I am also sharing my own designs on Pinterest, hoping to spark ideas in others the way they have done for me.

That’s not the only way I share. I have also spread the love for bullet journalling, getting my friend
Posy Churchgate on board, and she has already shared some of her creations.

Do you have a bullet journal and create your own stuff? I would love to see your designs!

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7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: January & February

  1. I love how u and Posy have incorporated journaling into your lives – i wish i had started – and i know u say i can now, but i feel i have to press “GO” at the beginning of the year lol – so maybe 2023 when i can learn from u and Posy doing it a whole year
    May xx

    1. Then we are just going to keep on sharing with you so you don’t forget to hop on in 2023 😉 xox

  2. I used to have paper planners/calendars and I liked how they gave me a tangible thing to write stuff down in. They never quite suited, I always had to tweak, but I liked them. The ‘not quite’ became ‘does not fit my needs AT ALL’ eventually though, and I just don’t have the energy to create everything from scratch. So no bullet journaling for me.

    What would be ideal would be something in-between, A partially-ready diary that could be added to. The pre-set part would have to fit my needs though, and THAT seems to be my biggest challenge with the whole thing.

    1. That was it for me, the pre-printed ones didn’t fit my needs either. I found one in October last year which came close, and then in December my daughter came with the bullet journal idea and I was sold… and still am. It’s a great way to combine my creativity with mindfulness AND have a planner that perfectly fits my needs.

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