This Time I Share Eight

My writing journey on Medium continues, and so does my sharing of what I posted on the platform in the past month. Some of these posts might eventually make it to my blog, but for now you will have to read them on Medium.

Since my last sharing post, I have written eight original pieces for Medium.

Captured And Sent To Auschwitz — A True Story

A black and white image of the entrance to concentration camp Auschwitz, with the words ‘Arbeid Mach Frei’ above the gate.

This is another book I listened to on my daily walks, and this one literally made me cried during those walks.

It’s the heartbreakingly true story of Lale and Gita, prisoners during WWII, and told from the perspective of Lale. The author of this book is Heather Morris, and it’s a must read!

Read Captured And Sent To Auschwitz — A True Story

Autism & Schizophrenia

An image of a big black spider on a white background, and it has two big black eyes and green fangs.

After a conversation with someone on Medium, who wanted more information on autism, I thought about my son and his mental health. I worked on this article for weeks, in which I share personal experiences with autism and schizophrenia.

Read Autism & Schizophrenia

No Trace Of Mother And Child

Another book review, and this was actually the first book where I added some negative comments to my review. The story is good, but some of the writing could have been better.

And yes, it feels strange to say this about a bestselling author!

Read my review, and then maybe read the book and decide for yourself whether my comments are valid.

Read No Trace Of Mother And Child

The Carer Needs Care

An image of an open book with glasses on the right side, and Scrabble letters spelling ‘love’ on the left.

The basis for this article was a blog post with the same name. Many of my posts make it to Medium, but I always edit them in the process. Editing this post to my current circumstances changed much of the original, which is why I share it here now.

Read The Carer Needs Care

Beast Meets Beauty

A moody image of a cabin in the woos, only partially seen between the brush and trees.

The Medium magazine Microcosm gives out a monthly theme, and inside the theme they give weekly prompts. Back in October 2021, I participated for the first time, and wanted to in the months following that, but only now found inspiration for it. The theme is Love/Hate and the first prompt was ‘Beast’.

Read Beast Meets Beauty

Ba-bo-tea… No, It’s Not Tea!

Image of bobotie in a pan, seen from the top and to the side yellow rice with raisins, and chutney, both in bowls.

If we can’t share food in person, at least we can share the recipes of the food we like, right?!

I have several of my favorite original South African recipes I want to share, and the first of those is this delicious dish: bobotie!

Read Ba-bo-tea… No, It’s Not Tea!

Beauty Gets Beast

Darkish image of a burning fireplace in the middle of the image, and a chair to the left with a white blanket over it.

The second weekly prompt of the Medium magazine Microcosm was ‘Beauty’, and this is the story I wrote for it. You can read it as a standalone, but the four stories of this month will form a series.

Read Beauty Gets Beast

One Year Medium & Key Things I’ve Learned

A black and white image of an open book with glasses and a key on it, and next to it a cloth and a cup of coffee.

I’ve had a Medium account for years, but posted my first story there only one year ago. The platform is different from WordPress, and it took a while to get the hang of it. In this article I share what I have learned in the past year.

Read One Year Medium & Key Things I’ve Learned

Note: If you can’t read all the posts I linked above, consider membership on Medium, as there’s a lot of brilliant content to read. Who knows, you might even want to post there yourself, and earn a bit of money too. Membership is only $5 a month, and you get two months free if you sign up for a full year!

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  1. I have read them all and can vouch they are fab stories/posts and people can click and read at least three of them for free – even if they are not a member – if they are signed in to their google or twitter
    May xx

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