Orgasmic Echo

Image of a high mountain with green grassy slopes and a footpath to go hiking up the mountain.

Even after three weeks of vacation in this beautiful country, the rugged nature still excited both of them. They just couldn’t get enough of it, and both tried not to think of the nearing end of this adventure.

For today, they had planned to hike up a mountain. They are among only a handful of people who dared to do this, as it was a long and steep climb. Mostly people travel up the mountain by cable car, to enjoy the glorious view of the ocean.

On this windless, sunny day, both Sean and Chloe wore shorts and T-shirts, that of Chloe hugging her body tightly. Both of them had awakened in good spirits, teasing each other all morning. The sexual tension between them was palpable, and noticed by those around them.

As they hiked up the mountain, Chloe led the way, and Sean walked directly behind her.

“For safety’s sake,” he had said, but the real reason was he wanted to enjoy the view of her beautiful bottom.

Chloe knew this.

The thought of him watching her made her feel hornier than she already was. Knowing she wasn’t wearing any underwear only made her long for Sean more.

They followed the footpath on the first part of their hike, walking at an easy pace. They had all day to reach the top and even if they didn’t get there, it would be okay. All they wanted was another nice day outside.

When the footpath allowed it, Sean walked next to Chloe. He playfully grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She laughed and smiled seductively at him; gave him a quick kiss. Sometimes she grabbed his bottom in return. They were playful, oblivious of the others walking behind them, and didn’t even notice the steepness of their climb.

Except for the warmth of their lust, the only other thing they noticed was the heat. They were walking in the full sun, and on this beautiful summer’s day with no wind, the sun seemed to be warmer than the days before. Sean and Chloe reached the base of the cliffs much quicker than they had expected when they embarked on this hike.

They turned around to look out over the bay. Even though they were only halfway up the mountain, the view was breathtakingly beautiful.

Chloe suggested they stopped for lunch before they started on the steepest part up the mountain, as that would include some real climbing. Sean agreed. The hikers whom walked behind them continued walking.

Chloe sat down on the grass, leaning against a rock at the base of the cliff. She was in the shadow, but that cooled her off too quickly. She moved back into the sun and lay down on her back. Chloe loved the effect the warm sun had on her. She was hot all over, her nipples tingling and her pussy getting wetter than it already was. The warmth of the sun had only intensified the horniness that was part of her since they had woken that morning.

Sean busied himself with getting the food from the backpacks. Chloe sat up again, looked down the footpath and saw no one approaching.

In one smooth movement, she slid her shirt off. Sean looked at her in surprise when she also took off her shorts. Chloe smiled mysteriously and lay back on the grass again, mumbling something about a tan.

Sean just stood there, taking in the scene in front of him. She still had that smile on her face, but had closed her eyes. Her naked body challenged him to take advantage of what she offered him.

He moved his eyes down to her round breasts. Her hard nipples betrayed her lust, proudly pointing upwards. His cock reacted to the sight. Sean followed the curve from her waist to her hips and her long legs. He forced himself not to look at her sex, but continued following the line of her legs down to her toes, and then back up again.

Sean moved closer to Chloe, dropped to his knees, and softly rested his hand on her mound. It was warm— radiating the heat that the sun has poured onto it.

Chloe moaned and slightly spread her legs. She covered her breasts with her hands, trapping her erect nipples between her fingers. Sean moved the palm of his hand in circular motions, pressing down harder when Chloe spread her legs a bit more.

A finger ran from the top of her slit, between her labia, towards the wetness inside. She sighed when Sean slipped a finger inside her. Yearning for more, she pulled her legs up, opening herself up for him. The scent of her excitement surrounded them. With two fingers inside her, and his thumb on her clitoris, he attempted to bring her to orgasm.

Chloe’s eyes flew open, and she sat up. Sean thought she heard someone approaching, but turning his head to look behind him, that wasn’t the reason for her sudden movement.

She clawed at Sean’s shorts, pulling at them. He didn’t need another invitation. In a flash, his shorts and underpants joined Chloe’s clothes. His proud young stood at the ready.

Chloe pulled him down, pulling hard on his T-shirt. Sean was inside her in one smooth movement. Pushing his hips forward, he fucked her.

Not gently.

Not slow.

He fucked her at the urgent pace that Chloe clawed at his shirt, his back, his bottom. His thrusting was quick and strong. His strokes were long and hard. Chloe met each of his urgent thrusts as lust held her in its grip. She violently pinched her nipples, hurting herself but not noticing.

The sun burning down on them fuelled the fire of their lovemaking until the echo of Chloe’s orgasm bounced off the cliffs of the mountain and rolled down to the ocean.

Note: This story was first published 10 years ago in February 2012, for the discontinued memes Wank Wednesday and Wanton Wednesday. When both those memes stopped, I started Wicked Wednesday to fill the void.

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Image from Pixabay

15 thoughts on “Orgasmic Echo

  1. This story resonated with me. My wife and I live in the Colorado Rockies and often get “wild in the wild” on our hiking trips. Thanks for the story. Time to plan our next hike!

      1. We’ve almost been caught on a couple occasions, but I have to say on those occasions, the possibility of being seen made the sex that much better!

  2. Loved reading this! Reminds me of a time when Daddy and I hiked up above a lake where we were camping. We were so in need of one another, we made love right there on the side of a mountain. Smiles. To be young again! XOXO

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