Private Performance

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“I want the back door locked now!”

The door to the dressing room swung open. He filled the opening, but before she got a good look at him, he turned around to listen to the voice in the hallway. Her heart beat in her chest, hammering against her ribs. Adrenaline rushed through her body and she had to push her knuckles into her mouth to keep the squeals of excitement inside.

“I don’t care how you do it, but if that door isn’t locked, I’m not getting onto the stage!”

With those words, Beau Bandit slammed the door to his dressing room behind him and entered the adjoining bathroom.

Kim pushed herself deeper into the darkness under the ridiculously large dressing table. Now, with Beau in the same room, she doubted the wisdom of her impulsive decision to sneak in here. She just couldn’t resist when she found that back door unlocked. Kim had been a fan of Beau Bandit for too long. Not only of his music, but also because of his looks.

He wasn’t a beautiful man, like most of the other pop artists. No, he had scars on his face because of severe acne in his youth, mouse brown hair and a normal posture. What drew her towards him was his beautiful blue eyes, in combination with his rugged voice. The man had touched her heart with every song since the first day she heard him sing.

Her eyes grew wide when Beau walked from the bathroom. Just in time, Kim stopped the gasp of surprise escaping from her mouth.

Beau was stark naked.

He walked to the door of the dressing room and locked it. Kim held her hand tight over her mouth when he sat down on the chair at the dressing table. He was so close she could feel the heat radiating from his body. He had his legs spread; his cock hanging at the same height as her face. Had she stretched her arm, she would just not have been able to touch his knee. Behind her hand, Kim slowly drew her breath in when Beau’s hand appeared under the table, taking his cock in his hand.

Mesmerized, she watched as he started stroking himself. He used his entire hand — palms and fingers — to move the skin up and down. He pulled the foreskin back entirely and the head of his cock glistened with wetness. It disappeared again when he moved his hand to the top.

Kim watched as his penis grew harder.

This was so much different from singing along to his songs.

Her nipples tingled, and her crotch was wet. She didn’t move, afraid of being discovered.

Why the hell did you come in here anyway, she scolded herself. What have you expected to accomplish? Talk to him as if you had every right to be here?

A grunt coming from somewhere out of her line of sight brought her attention back to what was happening right in front of her eyes. He now held his cock with only his fingertips. There was an urgency in his movements. His fingers moved fast. Fast enough to blur the image in front of her.

He moaned and grunted.

Spread his legs wider.

Moaned and grunted some more.


Then his movements slowed down.

Kim wished she could take his cock in her mouth. She wanted to taste him; wanted to suck him. But she dared not move.

Deliberately he moved his fingers back, pulling the skin tight, then forward and rubbing the skin over the head of his penis. It almost looked like he twisted his cock between his fingers. His legs shook a bit every time he covered the tip of his cock.

Kim heard his loud breathing and realized she was breathing just as hard. Her crotch was soaked. She wanted to touch herself, but didn’t dare move, afraid he might hear her and stop this hot private performance.

A soft moan escaped him again, but this time the sound lasted longer. Kim watched as he pulled the skin of his cock back one more time. White semen spurted out and up and landed on his leg. Another trail of semen shot from his cock. This time, it landed on his stomach. The third time, it landed on the floor between his feet. For as long as his climax lasted, Beau grunted and moaned. He was silent afterwards; his hand still holding his now half-hard penis.

Several minutes later, he got up and walked back to the bathroom. He returned holding a paper towel in his hand. He had put on a dressing gown, that hung open and still exposed his naked body. There was no more semen on his leg and tummy, and clearly he wanted to clear the floor.

Oh god!

Kim pushed herself backwards into the corner of the wall and solid side of the dressing table, but she knew it was of no use. She was about to be discovered.

Just as he stopped at the dressing table, there was a knock at the door. For seconds, nothing happened. Then the chair moved forward, trapping Kim and concealing the semen on the floor from whoever was at the door.

“I lost track of the time,” Beau said, “two minutes!”

Two minutes later, he was gone.

Kim waited until she heard the crowd going wild when Beau walked onto the stage before she left her hiding place. She carefully opened the door and sneaked out through the same door where she came in; the same door Beau wanted locked.

Note: This story first appeared on this site in June 2014 and has now been edited. It was originally written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: The groupie.

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