My Breasts: From Then To Now

An image of one of my breasts, with a hard nipple.

Many things happen when bodies enter menopause, but what happens to the one doesn’t necessarily happen to the other. This thought crossed my mind when I read Feve’s post If by ‘swollen and tender’ you mean ‘shrunken and just NO’ then yep, that’s me.. What she wrote didn’t equal my experiences in menopause where my breasts are concerned.

My breasts in general

When I was about nine, I started developing breasts, and my mom felt it was too early, so took me to the doctor, and I got a treatment to slow down the growth.

I can’t remember when my breasts started growing after that, but they were never big. In fact, up to roundabout my thirtieth year, I never wore bigger than an A-cup, and for many years even a double A. Not even my two pregnancies changed that, although with the second my breast were rounder.

Weight gain happened after my thirtieth, and with that, obviously, my breasts grew too. I was lucky that when I lost weight, my breast barely did. I went over to a B-cup, and despite weight loss never went back to an A.

My mom had nice B-cup teardrop-shaped breasts, but mine are firm and round, not drooping at all, not even at the age of almost 55. I do, however, have what they call ‘side boobs’.

My breasts in menopause

When peri-menopause started roundabout my 42nd year, one of the first things I noticed was the pain in my nipples.

Now, I had a hysterectomy just before my 25th birthday (now 30 years ago!) Where my uterus was removed, but not my ovaries. I couldn’t monitor (peri-)menopause through my periods, uterus my nipples more or less told me where I was in the cycle.

My nipples would hurt for days every 4-5 weeks. The first time that happened, I did not know what it was, but by the third or fourth time, I realized it had something to do with hormone changes. I only understood that because I also had hot flushes. Otherwise, I might never have linked my painful nipples to menopause.

And when I say my nipples were painful, I really mean PAINFUL. Master T wasn’t even allowed to so much as look at them, let alone touch. It was an indescribable pain, not something that could be turned into pleasure. Even just the brush of fabric against it made me jump.


For years, I suffered from painful nipples. In those first years, it was every 4-5 weeks, but gradually the time in between got longer. My nipples were the only way I could ‘track’ my cycle and honestly, the time in-between the painful periods got longer, I knew I was approaching menopause — the stopping of my periods.

A year or two ago, 11 years after I had noticed my painful nipples and the hot flushes, was the last time my nipples were too painful to be touched. I still have hot flushes, but I think I am past the peri-menopause, and I to menopause. My sleep cycle being better also makes me think this.

My breasts

My breasts have never been tender, never been ‘untouchable’. Neither have they started sagging because of getting older, and honestly, when I look down at the two rounded heaps of flesh, I am proud. Even when I don’t wear a bra.

To be honest, I think they look damaged for a woman of my age!

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8 thoughts on “My Breasts: From Then To Now

  1. I have to agree with Rafael I may be a Male but I’ve seen more than my share of women during menopause I certainly don’t envy what women have to go through

  2. Their contributions from their experiences are wonderful, because we men also learn a lot from you women, our Goddesses.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a fascinating post and, I have to agree with you, you have gorgeous breasts and should be proud.

    I’m not at perimenopause yet, but I read with curiosity the experiences of others. Having only just begun to appreciate my breasts I do wonder what will happen to them. I get 9 days of pain and swelling before my irregular period (which is helpful) and I crave tit torture in these times but am as yet not brave enough to indulge myself. I wonder what my body will do with me when my hormones start to shift again. N xx

    1. I was quite the opposite when my nipples hurt that much… nothing and no one could touch them. No matter how much I like tit torture, I wouldn’t have wanted that.
      One of the reasons I feel The Menopause Diaries is so important, is to share this kind of information with everyone.
      Thanks for your comment, N xox

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