From Movement to Stories

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Last week I ended my post with a challenge I have set myself. I am proud to say I did what I wanted, and it had a totally positive outcome. I am in the process of arranging help in the household, someone who will come and clean for me, and do the ironing. It’s not like I will completely stop doing anything — there are still the dishes, the laundry, and finally working through all those boxes in the attic.

Step by step I will get there, with a little help from whoever I decide to hire.

But first, the second week of January!

If you want to join in, find the prompts here.

Day 10 – 10 January: What’s your WORD for 2022?

In my post, Hindsight is 2021, I mentioned my theme for 2021: self-care. With all that has happened, that theme carries over to 2022, but the one word I have for this year is SHOUT. Because I need to remember that when I need something, I should shout for it, and not keep it all inside.

Day 11 – 11 January: “Never confuse action with movement.” – Ernest Hemingway

I sat looking at the quote for a long while, wondering what to write about it, and then slowly my mind drifted to my sessions at a life coach.

I have taken the action to go to her, to consult her when I thought I might be heading for a burnout halfway through 2021. Taking that step didn’t mean that anything has changed. There was no movement yet. However, because of the action I had taken, some change has already taken place. There is movement to get to a better place than I was, to get to know myself better, to be stronger and more capable of weathering whatever life storm I walk in. I have grown in the months I had sessions with her, and in that growth is the movement.

To get movement, you have to take action. To change, you have to work on it.

Day 12 – 12 January: Lost & Found

Last week I wrote about the many times in my life I have been lost — not physically, but mentally — and found my way back. It’s not something I say frequently (almost never), but my life has not been an easy one.

Day 13 – 13 January: List three things that appreciate about your lover, a past lover, or the lover you hope to have in the future.

Brigit goes with a ‘two truths and a lie’ concept on her blog this year, and that was the first that came to mind when I read the prompt for this day. I want to list two things I appreciate about Master T, and one I appreciate about my daughter’s father, who was the my first love.

Master T is the love of my life, and my daughter’s father — let’s call him G — had the potential of being the love of my life, had my parents not decided otherwise.

What I appreciate about Master T is his honesty, and being my rock. There is just no pretense about him. He’s honest in who he is, how he acts, what he says… everything! And he has always been and always will be my biggest support.

Then G.

Before 7 December 2021 happened, he wouldn’t have featured here on my site. He hasn’t ever before. The thing I admire and appreciate about him the most is the enormous amount of love he has to give. Love for my — no, our — daughter. Love for me… not as it was back then, but as a friend. Love for my mother. In the just more than 38 years between my daughter’s birth and when she first spoke to him, he went through is own bitterness and insecurities, but his gentle nature means he welcomed us all with open arms, and forgave my parents.

Day 14 – 14 January: “We create stories, and stories create us.” – Chinua Achebe

I can take the first part of this quote really literally. Yes, I create stories, because I write.

But if I apply this quote to life, I come back to something I always say: we are the creators of our own destiny. Everything we do is a choice. And sadly, in life, we don’t always choose the better option. With every choice we make, we write the story of our life.

I also believe that stories create us. As we write the story of our lives, patterns form, and those can be good or bad. Those stories stay with us, form us, guide us. For example: as a child I had learned to keep my father happy, to stay in his good books. That has formed me to a woman who reverts to a ‘child position’ when asking for something personal, something I need. This is something the coach made me see, and a habit I am learning to break. The story has been created in my childhood, and it continued to create me throughout my life.

Day 15 – 15 January: Reflect on the week. “Furious activity is no substitute for understanding.” – H.H. Williams

I had a damn busy week, to be honest. Work was busy this week. For some or other reason, January always is. On Monday and Tuesday, I went out on a walk directly after work, and on Monday, Master T and I got our boosters. On Wednesday, I slept in, had my tea, and then went off on my walk. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment — blegh!

Thursday saw me going to an appointment with the coach — a 45-minute drive there and then back again, and after that I went to visit my son for the afternoon. Back at home, I went for a walk. Friday, I cut work short with half an hour, and went off to my daughter’s for an afternoon of doodling in my bullet journal, and talking… and as it turned out… crying.

Saturday and Sunday saw me sleeping in, then off for my walk. And, as was my intention in the beginning of the year, on Sunday afternoon I was coloring everything I drew when I was with my daughter on Friday.

And in between all of this, I wrote, and I read… a lot!

A good week!

Day 16 – 16 January: Plan ahead for the coming week. “Change occurs at the edges, without permission.” – Pattie Digh

The coming week I have fewer appointments than last week, which is good. I need a couple of afternoons to catch up on reading, as I fell behind last week. Wednesday afternoon, I have an appointment at the beautician for a Brazilian. Except for the reading I want to do, I want to work ahead on getting posts ready for my Medium page (please follow me there).

As always, it will be a busy week, but always with my daily walks, of which I haven’t missed one single day since the beginning of November 2021!

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  1. I’m so glad you got the housekeeper! It makes a load of difference! Those daily tasks never go away, but the weight of doing those hard, time-co summing things causes stress and takes time away for you to focus on you!

    Again, another great post with so much variety. It’s fun because the way you have chosen to do this is sort of like a diary, and it gives little snapshots of your life. A fascinating project. Mine isn’t turning out to always be erotic, either… But it is forcing me to commit to a daily journaling practice.

    1. I love the prompts, and love to see where they take me, what thoughts they evoke. I wonder if I use the same prompts next year, what my post will look like!

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