Seven of the Past Month

I created a Medium account many years ago, to be able to read stories there which had been linked to Wicked Wednesday. In February 2021, I shared my first story there, something that had been on my blog before.

In the past year I continued to share stories there too, but about 10-15% of my writings on Medium have never been on my blog. I write things when inspiration strikes, sometimes for prompts on Medium, sometimes just because it fits Medium better than my blog. When I started doing this, I thought I would eventually share the Medium-only writings here too, but they just never seem to fit.

An idea struck me a week ago… every last Thursday of the month, I will share posts that have only been on Medium in the past month. I am using the friend links for all these posts, so I hope you can read them all!

So here goes!

The Things I Leave Behind in 2021

The cover of an agenda showing the dates 2021–2022. A black pen lies on the book.

I wrote this article in response to a prompt of a Medium magazine called Coffee Times. I summed up everything that happened in our year, and I can tell you, it’s a lot. Looking at the list, I had to swallow a few times. In the article I included what I wanted to leave behind in 2021, but also what I am taking with me to 2022, and some other goals for this year.

Read: The Things I Leave Behind in 2021

Depraved Orgasm

Image of a man and a woman lying in bed, looking and smiling at each other. She wears a black lace top.

I write a good deal of transgressive fiction (I never saw it like this until a dear friend pointed it out).

I wrote this piece of flash fiction in exactly 100 words with a conversation in mind Master T and I had many years ago.

Remember, it’s transgressive fiction!

Read: Depraved Orgasm

I Carry the Guilt of my Parents

A grey-tone image of a statue sitting and clutching is legs like its sad or feeling guilty.

Another article written in response to a Coffee Times prompt. I’m processing the things that happened around my daughter finding her biological father, something I am thrilled about, but which brought sadness because of the way my parents had handled it. I went through many emotions, which included guilt on behalf of my parents.

This piece was curated by Coffee Times.

Read: I Carry the Guilt of my Parents

Cold Come Cry

A black and white image of a woman crying and resting her hand on her left shoulder, her eyes closed.

This is another piece of transgressive flash fiction in exactly 100 words.

In this story, it deals with one of my limits, and something I still don’t know is whether this is a soft or a hard limit.

Once more: remember, this is transgressive fiction and might not be your cup of tea.

Read: Cold Come Cry

Improve Your Writing With ProWritingAid (or Grammarly)

The image shows a hand holding a brown leather book with a quote of Benjamin Franklin printed on it.

This is an article I have wanted to write for about two months, after discovering a really cool way to use ProWritingAid, of which I have a lifetime license. I haven’t been using the program for maybe two years, and now I am using it several times a day.

The publication to which I submitted this piece — Illumination — included it in their curated collection.

Read: Improve Your Writing With ProWritingAid (or Grammarly)

Life: Toppling The ‘Wrong’ Domino

White dominoes on a black background, all standing upright, ready to be tipped over.

Have you ever watched Domino Day? Then you know how terrible it can be when you accidentally push against the wrong domino, and it causes all those other dominoes to fall. Now think of life as a series of dominoes, and what effects the wrong decision — toppling over the wrong domino — can have. In this article, I use that analogy, and talk about the what ifs had my parents made a different decision 38 years ago.

Medium distributed this article, which is sort of the seal of approval.

Read: Life: Toppling The ‘Wrong’ Domino

When Daughters Are Taken

I go out for a walk every day, and while on those walks I listen to audio books. The way I choose those books is by looking at the title and image, and then I let the contents surprise me.

About five books ago, I decided to write reviews of the ones I have finished. In this post, I wrote about two books: The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea & The Retreat by Mark Edwards.

Read: When Daughters Are Taken

Note: If you can’t read all the posts I linked above, consider membership on Medium, as there’s a lot of brilliant content to read. Who knows, you might even want to post there yourself, and earn a bit of money too. Membership is only $5 a month, and you get two months free if you sign up for a full year!

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  1. I have been researching both pro writing and gramarly, but I can’t find a Spanish version, since I was also considering using them. Do you know if there is such a possibility?

    1. I don’t think there is a Spanish version for either of those, but maybe there is something different in Spanish? I have once looked for a Dutch version, but the one that existed was nowhere as good as ProWritingAid.

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