The Man In Black

An image of a man in a black suit, with a blue polka dot tie and handkerchief, standing against what looks like a wooden fence.

Daria sensed someone looking at her. Her heart missed a beat when she slowly looked up and noticed the pitch black fabric in front of her. Following the line of the jacket, breathing in the stark white of his shirt, her eyes finally rested on his green eyes.

An amused smile curled the corners of his mouth.

“Like what you see?” he asked boldly.

She swallowed hard.



It took her some seconds to regain her composure.

“Good morning, Sir,” she said in her professional voice, “is there something I can help you with?”
“Ah, I see…”

Daria saw the disappointment in his eyes. If only he knew how wet she was. There was just something about a man in a black suit that set her off.

Every. Time.

She shifted slightly in her seat, waiting for his answer. It turned out he was there to see a lawyer on the top floor. Daria called up to the secretary, confirmed the black suit had an appointment and then asked him to sign in before she directed him to the lifts.

While he signed his name in the visitors’ register, he fumbled around with a piece of paper. She tried not to look, but when he walked away, her eyes followed him. The way the pants hugged his bottom… the way the jacket accentuated his shoulders…

Daria quickly turned her head away when he stopped at the lifts and looked back in her direction.

That’s when she noticed the piece of paper on top of the visitors’ register.
“Sir…” she called while grabbing the paper, but he disappeared into the lift.

The note read: Fifth floor, disabled toilet. Noon.

Daria inhaled slowly.

How did he know the fifth floor was currently unoccupied? But more importantly, how dare he? Did he really think she would meet a total stranger like… like… that. She glanced at the clock. It was still almost two hours until noon.

In the next hour, her thoughts went from shock that he would even suggest something like this to intense curiosity and excitement.

Should she do it?

No, she can’t.

She wanted to.

No, she couldn’t risk it.

But who would know?

Maybe she should…

The moment the door closed behind her, he pulled her closer and kissed her. Daria didn’t hesitate. He knew she wanted what he wanted. His lips trailed down the side of her neck. He nibbled and kissed and by the time he unbuttoned her blouse, Daria was ready to tear her own clothes off her body, but she held onto the lapels of his jacket, savoring the feel and smell of his suit.

“Wait,” she said.
He stopped.
“Wait,” Daria said again, and this time she started pushing his zipper down.
“Are you that impatient, lovely lady?” he said, and wanted to unbutton his pants.

He stopped.

Daria pushed her hand in his pants and found his cock. Almost hard. Almost ready.

She crouched, spreading her legs, and as she pulled his member out, she opened her mouth. She kept her eyes fixed on the black fabric in front of her as she sucked him. She stopped for a moment to take the image in. His cock against the black fabric. It was perfect. A gush of wetness filled her knickers.

“Don’t get my pants dirty,” he warned.
“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Daria said and moved her mouth over his shaft again.

He never got to feel how wet she was. Daria sucked him until he came deep in her throat and then licked every drop off him, before she carefully tucked his penis away again and zipped him up. She stood on her tiptoes, gave him a kiss, and quickly exited the bathroom.

By the time he got downstairs, she was behind the counter again.

“Maybe next time,” he said while he signed himself out.
“Maybe next time,” she said as he walked away, her eyes following every movement of the black suit.

Note: This story was first shared in June 2018 for Wicked Wednesday and now edited to share again.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “The Man In Black

  1. The boldness of the two of them is incredibly hot.
    Her choice to take control from someone used to control also hot.
    His boldness in leaving the note mind boggling.

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