Celebrating Twelve With Fourteen

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On 26 January 2022, my blog was 12 years old. On that day in 2010, I posted the first part of the story ‘The Woods‘, a story I edited and reposted not too long ago.

Almost every year on my blog’s birthday, I posted something to celebrate, but this year I had absolutely no inspiration. I mentioned that to my dear friend May, to which she said that she might have an idea. Less than 24 hours later, I received an email from her, and as I read on, tears filled my eyes.

Words can never explain what went through me when I read the congratulation texts below, how extremely grateful it made me feel. All I can say is thank you. Thank you all for who you are, and for making my twelve years of blogging so special!

I first came across Rebel’s Note in 2017. I was a new blogger and when I commented on Marie’s work it has to be said I felt a little star struck! When she replied on a story of mine asking me to join in with Wicked Wednesday, I was thrilled. That was the start of my own blog taking off. I admire many things about Marie. The way she can write about any topic—brilliantly. Her amazing photography. Strength of character. And the commitment Marie shows to everything she does. Including friendship. Her blog has been here for 12 years and still she finds new things to share. Marie is a wonderful woman so here’s to the next 12.
~ By May More

I love Rebel’s Notes. It is such a unique combination of heartfelt reflection and creative expression. For some reason, despite the volume and quality of the content, Marie manages to be just one of us, communicating and entertaining her readers as she shares her laughter and tears. Congratulations on 12 years. An amazing achievement, an amazing blog and an amazing woman.
~ By Missy

What Marie’s blog mean’s to me… I can’t really say if I discovered Rebel’s Notes before I found Wicked Wednesday or the other way round, but I know I was blow away by the variety on the blog – the content of reviews and fictional stories and personal writing, not to mention the high quality photographs tailored to every post. This lady really does it all, I thought to myself, no wonder she is a leading light in this community of bloggers providing adult content. Don’t squirm at being titled as a leader, Marie – because that’s most certainly what you are.
~ By Posy Churchgate

When I first started blogging, I was nervous to share my writing, but had heard about this great site called Wicked Wednesday. With trepidation, I entered my first story and awoke the next morning to a beautiful comment and a welcoming message from Marie Rebel. She gave me the courage to do it again. Two years later, I’m honored to call Marie my friend. Not only is she friendly and filled with encouragement, but she is a driving force behind so many projects and other’s success. She’s just so humble you’ll never know about them. Happy 12th Blogging Birthday, Marie! Cheers to many more!
~ By Mrs. K

Your blog is one of the first I found when I began exploring smut writing. I came for a competition and writing tips, but I was impressed by the openness and honesty I found there, with writing which doesn’t shy away from personal difficulties, which acknowledges change and imperfection, and which doesn’t feel the need to be relentlessly upbeat and performatively sexy. It’s an exemplar of effective sex blogging.
~ By Marsha Adams

Congratulations to you Marie on the twelfth anniversary of your blog. I became aware of you and your blog in late 2017 when I first started writing and taking photographs. I knew nothing of kink but when I read your blog I was amazed and enchanted by this other world in which you inhabited so freely. You bare your soul in so much of your writing and it has really touched my heart on so many occasions. You also bare your body and were a great inspiration to me in getting my own kit off! Finally, your love of writing and your ability to support those who have entered your superb writing competitions, with sound advice and a critical eye is brilliant. You are brilliant!
~ By Cousin Pons

I found Marie’s blog shortly after I started blogging in 2010, so I’ve been following for a very long time. Wicked Wednesday was the first meme I joined, and 12 years later, I’m still a part of it. I’ve met Marie in person, and she is as beautiful and genuine as one might guess from her blog. I consider her to be one of the blogging greats, and certainly one of my greatest blogging supports. I have found so much to enjoy on her blog, from stories to images to personal narrative, and I have always felt a connection to her style, honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity.
~ By Brigit Delaney

Your blog has helped give me the confidence to share my experiences and explore my own feelings. I personally have been so motivated by your statistical posts and have had lots of pleasure reading them. Congratulations on your blogging achievement, long may it continue.
~ By Purple Sole

Marie’s blog is personal and honest, which reflects the kind, warm person behind it. Marie has always stood at the forefront of this community and supports everyone, showing a genuine interest. It’s through her involvement in the community that I first found her blog and what made me realise I wasn’t alone, blogging on some hidden corner of the internet.
~ By Mila

Marie’s writings and photos were instrumental in inspiring and motivating me to first embark on my own blog-journey all those years ago. I am certain that without Rebels Notes and Wicked Wednesday there would be no Modesty Ablaze Diaries or modestyablaze dot com blog. And I am always in awe of Marie’s sincere and heartfelt postings.
~ By Modesty

I love Rebel’s Notes for its candour and honesty about your life and everything going on. The themes are always original. Your humour shines through and often makes me laugh. And the erotica is always hot!-x
~ By Liz Black

We came to Marie’s blog as a result of Wicked Wednesday. Her meme was the first writing one that we participated in and one that we still do. Her blog speaks to me with her honesty and kindness. She is one of the most supportive people I’ve met online and her blog is one I always look to as an example of who we want to be as bloggers. Happy anniversary, Marie!
~ By Snake & Charmer

What a truly spectacular year! 500 wicked Wednesday prompts. 12 years of contributing to weekly, multiple prompts and her own blogs too. Copied by many, simulated by too many and still a shining beacon of support, response to blogs, technical tips and so so much more and, never a penny charged exchanging all her help towards community collective. My own writing and blogging life has not been without its aggressors and spurious, uniformed attacks from many that would prefer I had stayed silent. Despite this, I’ve always been made welcome by Marie’s platforms and never once blocked off any of her prompts. I’m still finding my way. The path is less lonely knowing there are still a few genuine people found.Twitter and WordPress would be a tumbleweed arena without Marie. Congratulations on 12 years of blogging.
~ By Swirly

Marie’s blog has been an incredible source of inspiration for so many for the last twelve years. It never ceases to surprise me how much energy, creativity and sheer hard work she pours into it. So many have benefited from this including me personally, particularly as Marie has been an example of an older woman talking honestly about sexuality and life in an environment that wants to pigeon hole us as either cougars or crones. Here’s to the next twelve years!
~ By Eye

Image by HappyEnd from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Celebrating Twelve With Fourteen

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing all this support you’ve received, it really shows how great this community is and your place in it , Marie.

    1. And thank you for your contribution too, MrsK. I will never forget this blog birthday with all the wonderful words I received.

  2. Turned out rather well after all! and when you reach fourteen years you can repost 😀
    So happy you liked it… u deserve all the congrats
    May xx

  3. Para mi también ha sido un decubrimiento maravilloso y una continua fuente de inspiración y consejos. Muchas gracias Marie por todo.
    It has also been a wonderful discovery for me and a continual source of inspiration and advice. Thank you very much Maria for everything.

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