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Roughly nine and half years ago, on the 4th of June in 2012, I published the first prompt for Wicked Wednesday. Over those years the meme has grown to what it is today, a place for bloggers to share their posts.

This week, we are all writing for the 500th prompt, and sharing our top 10 posts of all times.

But before I do so, I want to thank all my fellow bloggers for helping me to make a success of Wicked Wednesday, not only by linking your posts, but also for taking the top 3 roundups on you. Without you, the meme couldn’t have grown to what it is today!

My top ten posts of all time

Because I like to share, for this post I am sharing in three ‘categories’: Top 10 non-fiction posts, top 10 fiction posts, and top 10 image posts.


Top ten non-fiction
  1. Anal fisting
  2. Anal stretching
  3. Nipple orgasm
  4. Anal Hooks
  5. Nipple Banding
  6. Nipple Torture
  7. I tried figging…
  8. Punishment: No underwear
  9. The Feel of an Anal Hook
  10. Plug Punishment
Top ten fiction
  1. Katie and Steve (21 part series)
  2. Alice’s Wonderland
  3. Finally a prostitute (4 parts)
  4. Fucking Snow
  5. Superhero threesome
  6. Private performance
  7. Jailbird (17 part series)
  8. Panties and roses
  9. The dentist (3 parts)
  10. Riding adventure (3 parts)
Top ten images
  1. New jewelry
  2. Preceding an orgasm
  3. Two cocks
  4. Clothing pegs
  5. Three hands
  6. Not wasting a drop
  7. He fucked my mouth
  8. Naked ironing
  9. Pussy dangling…
  10. I love my nipples!

Since the above is the top 10 of all times, many of them are older post, which of course is the obvious thing to happen, since they have been there for so longs. When I checked the top ten posts for 2021, most of the above featured there too, so they really are my most popular posts.

Lessons I have learned

In my almost twelve years of blogging, I have learned a bunch. About blogging, about writing, about people, about myself.

In 2020, May suggested we start a website to share our accumulated knowledge, and I jumped at the opportunity. Three of us — May, Missy and I — started Blogable, where we share what we have learned. We have a lot of information still to share, so keep an eye on the site in 2022. Currently, the site is undergoing maintenance, but once that is done, we will hit the ground running. Probably the biggest change is that the site will be open to all.

I mentioned I have learned a lot about people. I’m an open person, sometimes naïve because I take things (and people) at face value, but I’m always kind and understanding. In the first lockdown I went through something terrible, learning that being kind and understanding to others, doesn’t mean they will pay you the same courtesy. It was a hard lesson, and had me suffering from panic attacks for close to a year. I don’t trust as easily as I had done before, and I am not instantly kind to new people anymore, and maybe not even to some I have known for longer. It makes me sad it has come to this, as it’s not my natural state, but it’s something I do out of self-protection.

Because of that terrible period, I have learned more about myself. I couldn’t understand how something like that could affect me so much, but introspection helped to understand. I’m an empath, and a sensitive person. I feel other’s emotions, feel undercurrents, read between words, and those all influence my own emotions, my own being. It took months to work this out, and once I did, so many other things fell into place too.

The future

I have always known I am a go-getter, that once I have set my mind to something, and put my heart in it, I work hard to make a success of it.

I have several ‘projects’ going on:

  • Rebel’s Notes: I am in no way ready yet to let my beautiful site go, so you are stuck with me for some time more. I am, however, posting less than before, and recycling older stories, which I enjoy polishing up with all I have learned about writing over all the years.
  • Wicked Wednesday: Just like my personal site, I am not definitely not stopping with Wicked Wednesday. I’ve made it to 500 prompts, and who knows, maybe I can also make it to a 1000. Are you on board with this?
  • The Menopause Diaries: In 2021 I moved this meme to its own domain, wanting to grow it the way I have done with Wicked Wednesday. However, I know it will never get as big, but to be honest, I wonder if prompts are the way to go for this meme. I have some ideas for 2022, but if you want to give your input on this, I would be grateful!
  • Medium: In February 2022 I started sharing posts on Medium, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Some people write about the ‘big bucks’ they have earned with the site, but my earnings haven’t been much — just enough to buy me a nice dinner once a month, and that’s fine. Earning money was never my goal with it, but finding new writers to read and readers for my stories was. Most of what I share on Medium, have already been on my site, but some posts make it only to Medium, such as those I have shared recently in my post ‘I promised to spill…
  • Bullet journaling: My most recent project is bullet journaling. I have already started designing my journal, designing pages, working with brush pens, drawing and coloring what I have drawn. I can tell you, sitting here, creating my journal to be what I want it to be is getting me lots of Zen moments, which I really need. Since I am always at my computer, the one thing I have decided to do in 2022 is to take every Sunday afternoon off, and just be busy in my journal — designing the upcoming week and relaxing. I’m not one to practice ‘traditional’ mindfulness, but those creative moments come very close to that!

And besides all of these, I want to continue my daily walks. Today is my 57th consecutive day of walking, and I want to see if I can manage to walk at least 90% of the days in 2022. I will keep you posted!

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Wicked Wednesday

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts of all Times

    1. I will hold you to that, as that means I can enjoy your blog for ten more 🙂

  1. The first thing to always thank you for all the kindness and sensitivity you have had for me. For sharing my writings and images, without censoring me. For the work that is always taken to translate them, to polish them, etc … For answering my questions … Anyway, Thank you!

    I also want to thank you for allowing me to exist in the wicked wednesday meme, thanks to which I can explore and share my needs and also my fantasies. So for another 1000!

    Finally, encourage him to continue with his diaries, and with those morning walks. I’ve been trying for a long time, but I’m not constant at all, the same thing happens with writing. Let’s see if I finally end the history of the airport, and start with something else.

    Thank you very much Marie A Rebelle.

    Oh and by the way, I see that I have left to read and see endless interesting stories from your blogs. 😍💖💋

    1. You are very welcome, Rafael, and I hope you keep on writing, finish the airport and write other stories too! And yes, there’s a lot to read on my blog, I believe about 3000 different posts 😉

  2. I feel you on the zen of bullet journaling. I am incorporating a similar plan into my weekend. And I am going to restart 99walks on the 1st. Walking and journaling can be so healing and regenerative.

    I am intrigued by the Menopause Diaries. I think I may have only posted for one prompt, but this is one I will be coming back to as I am deep into perimenopause now, and have been suffering symptoms for awhile.

    1. Oh I would LOVE if you can contribute to the Menopause Diaries, Brigit. As for bullet journaling, and taking time off, I really need that as I am always pushing myself to read one more thing, write one more thing… so Sundays will be my day off. What is 99walks?

      1. 99walks is an app. You set a walking goal, and there are dozens of “classes” and music to listen to while you walk. Then you track your walks toward your goal and you earn a bracelet at the end of the month if you meet your goal. It is easy to find online and in the app store.

  3. this meme is a wonderful achievement – just like everything you do – commitment, creativity and cleverness lol – True! Just well done – you are a STAR
    May xx

  4. A wonderful hall of fame Marie. You work so hard, putting so much of yourself into things, the success you have earned is well deserved. I love joining in with your memes, and do it whenever I’m feeling organised – your following bing greater exposure for my content and builds a real sense of community. I find Blogable a very useful resource and the Menopause Diaries will provide that too. Perhaps the way it is curated should change, I admire that you’re prepared to rethink it.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Posy and thank you for joining in when you can. Yes, the Menopause Diaries can be a good resource, but I need to think on how I will organize it, because the monthly prompts don’t seem to work.

  5. You have such an amazing blog and such successful projects. I think this is down to the energy, enthusiasm and commitment you put into them and to see what you have achieved this year despite what has gone on in your personal and blogging life is testament to the person you are. I am proud to call you my friend and to be able to work with you, and learn from you. Missy xx

    1. Aww thank you, Missy for your lovely comment, but most of all thank you for being my friend xox

  6. Huge congratulations on such a wonderful achievement Marie. And thank you for giving us all such inspiring and motivating reading over the years … and, of course, for giving me all those “tingling” moments from your photos and stories.
    And your list as being a wonderful idea, is giving me many more tingles all over again.
    Xxx – K

    1. Thank you so much for the congratulations, K, and for your continued support for Wicked Wednesday xox

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