I promised to spill…

An image of a coffee cup and beans spilled from it, to go with my post about something I need to spill.

Some years ago I shared an image where I literally — okay, almost literally — spilled the beans, but this time it’s not literal beans I will be spilling. In my post of last week I said I have something to share, but that I was looking for the words. I have found those, so it’s time to spill…

A small detour

As you know, nowadays I write not only on my blog, but also on Medium. About 75% of what I share on Medium, has also been on my blog. I am creating a readership there, and like to share my stories a second time.

This means that 25% of my Medium writings only appear there. Please follow me there too.

Following the tweet

In the evening of Tuesday 7 December 2021, I posted the following on Twitter:

It took a couple of days to even start to write about it, and even more days to complete it. Then I edited it, over and over and over again, until finally, I was ready to share.

Time to spill…

It’s finally time to spill, and in order to understand the full picture, there are two posts you need to read… in order. First one, then the other.


A image with a white background, and the words ‘A lie has no legs’ printed under each other to the left of the image.
Lies of Past Times
A lie always comes back to haunt you, or those you ‘harmed’


A close-up image of a green ball ornament in a white Christmas tree.
The Most Beautiful Christmas Story
An early Christmas gift, and the power of social media

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Image from Pixabay

Wicked Wednesday

16 thoughts on “I promised to spill…

  1. Oh Marie,
    That was IMHO, the best story I have read to date by you. I cried in the first story, I do a lot of that lately.
    It truly is a Merry season for all of your family, I hope.


  2. So wonderful Marie ☺️ a lot of catching up to do but well done for getting there and finding him. I hope your daughter continues to find happiness and comfort

    1. I just shared your stories with miss Bonnie and of course she’s glad for you and your daughter, but she also said that it looksa lot like a ‘Spoorloos’ story 🙂

      1. True, and my daughter had contacted ‘Spoorloos’ months ago, and on the day she posted the message on FB, she also sent them the full story. The day she found her dad, she told ‘Spoorloos’ she won’t need them anymore 🙂

  3. Oh Marie… I can’t stop crying! This is the BEST thing I have ever read. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. And bless him for being a stand up guy…what he said to your daughter is so beautiful. Just the kind of thing a girl who hasn’t known her dad hopes to hear. Love to your beautiful family this holiday season <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Nora. My daughter has been welcomed with open arms, by her dad, his wife and her siblings. They suddenly have an older sister, and they love it. I couldn’t be happier for my child! <3

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