Christmas Wellness

An image showing a rolled-up towel, a pouring jar of oil and a candle, as well as Christmas decorations, to show wellness treatment at Christmas.

December. Christmas.

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is frantically getting ready for the end of the year, deciding on Christmas menu’s and wondering what gifts to buy this year.

Emilia and Gideon never join this rat race. The only plans they ever make for Christmas are how long they will sleep in every morning, and at which restaurants they will have dinner during their Christmas break. Both of them are off from work between Christmas and New Year’s, and their gift to each other is to indulge in relaxing, resting and recreation.

That’s what they call it. The end of the year is about the three R’s.

They have created their own tradition over the years. Part of that tradition is unpacking the gift boxes they get from their respective employers. Gift boxes filled with ‘useful’ products, mostly food. Each year there’s a theme to the boxes, like Italian food, a BBQ theme or a soup package. Except for the food, there’s always some kind of gift in the boxes too.

Now Emilia and Gideon are both of the opinion that one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but mostly the food products are not their taste. Every year they unpack the boxes, and most years they donate the entire contents to charity.

When Emilia pulls into her parking spot in the street behind their house, Gideon is just retrieving his gift box from the backseat of his car.

“Hi love,” she says as she gets out of the car. “I have mine with me too.”
He momentarily looks confused, watches her as she walks around the car, and only understands her words fully when she gets her gift box from the passenger seat.

After dinner, they clear everything from the dining room table. They first open Gideon’s gift box, finding the theme to be Asian food. The only thing they decide to keep from the box are the two sets of decorated luxury chopsticks. All the food stuff will go to charity.

Next, they open the box Emilia has received from her employer. A lovely, subtly sweet scent escaped from the box when the lid opens. They both look at each other. Looking inside, they see a soft white towel, a fleece dressing gown, soft woolen socks, and two different massage candles.

“Looks like your theme this year is wellness,” Gideon says.
“This is the first time I have received a package I can actually use.”

While talking, Emilia takes the items from the box so she can discard of the cardboard. Upon picking up the towel, a small container falls from between its folds.

“What’s this?” Emilia asks and picks it up.
She reads the label, then looks at Gideon with a question in her eyes.
“What?” he asks. “What is it?”
He takes it from her hand and reads the label out loud: “Honeypot.”

His expression changes to confusion.
“What does honey have to do with wellness?”
“Read on, baby,” Emilia urges.

His eyes return to the container in his hand. He reads, then looks at his wife again.

“It’s lube!”
“Not just any kind of lube,” she says. “It’s CBD lube!”
“Mmm, interesting,” Gideon says.
“Wanna try it?” Emilia says, smiling seductively, and already unbuttoning her blouse.

It takes only moments for her to get naked. She puts on the dressing gown, but leaves it open at the front. Then she lays the towel on the table. It isn’t uncommon for them to have sex anyplace in their home. Gideon feels a twitch between his legs, looking down at his wife’s naked form.

Her legs, only slightly spread, hang over the edge of the table. This is an invitation he can’t resist. He drips some of the lube on her slit and watches it slowly running between. Gideon gently follows the lube with his finger and spreads some to Emilia’s clitoris. She spreads her legs a bit wider, and he slowly circles her clitoris with his finger, and adds more lube to it.

Emilia moans. The sensations seem much more intense than when they use a different brand of lube. She wonders if its only her imagination, as she has heard before CBD lube is supposed to give you a more intense experience. When Gideon pushes two fingers inside her cunt, she lifts her feet onto the table, and spread her legs wider. Her eyes are closed, and she gently squeezes her breasts.

Gideon’s fingers move in and out of her hole, and the more they do, the more intense it feels.
“God, it feels good,” she sighs.
“Different from other times?”
Emilia nods.
“Yes, oh yes, it’s so intense.”

He returns to rubbing her clitoris, and is surprised when she climaxes almost instantly.
“Fuck!” she exclaims. “That was unexpected!”

Gideon smiles and pushes his fingers inside her. But only for a few thrusts, and then he rubs her clitoris again. Once more she climaxes almost instantly, this time squirting a bit onto the towel.

He quickly drops his pants and closes his lube-covered hand around his erection. Tugging at his penis, he drips more lube onto Emilia’s pussy with his other hand. Gideon pulls her closer to the edge of the table, rubs his cock up and down her slit, spreading the lube, and then pushes into her with one forceful thrust.

He stays deep inside her for a few moments, then pulls out and slowly starts fucking her. It doesn’t take long for him to feel the same intense sensations Emilia has described. On the table, Emilia rolls her head from side to side. She lets out a long moan and climaxes again. Only seconds later, another orgasm overwhelms her. She has always been one for multiple orgasms, but now it seems she was climaxing constantly.

“Yes, fuck me, oh please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”
Words fall from her mouth in a constant stream, and Gideon happily obliges with her wishes. His own orgasm starts to build, but he holds back, enjoying the sensations, and his wife’s unraveling.

Her cunt spams around his cock, as fluids run from her, and soak the towel below her even more. He grabs her legs and ups his tempo, driving his member as deep as he can get. Her hand flies to her clitoris, and he watches as she just pushes down hard on it, barely even moving her fingers. She arched her back, and once more, a powerful orgasm consumes her body.

The sight of her and the sensational feeling as he fucks her are too much for him. He drives his cock into her one last time, and grunts with the intensity of his own climax as he empties his balls inside Emilia.

When they both finally stop panting, and Emilia sits on the edge of the table, they look at the container of lube.

“Wellness, eh?” Gideon chuckles.
“Whoever thought my boss would include something like that in a gift box?”

“I guess he wants you all relaxed when you return in the new year! It’s going to be the best Christmas break.”

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  1. I agree with modesty! What a gift! And I think I’ll be gifting some honeypot very soon (maybe even to myself 😘)

  2. Now THAT is my kind of Christmas present … and my kind of Christmas !!!
    Very exciting story to begin my week Marie … and yes I did follow the link. LOL !!!
    Xxx – K

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