Remedies for dry skin

Back in 2016 I wrote about my dry hands and skin, in relation with menopause. My hands looked terrible, as you can see in the image above.

Since that post, several times I have heard how dry my skin is. Mostly from my beautician, when I went for a facial or a massage. She would rub creme onto my face, or use oil for the massage and comment on how dry my skin is, and how she noticed she had to use more creme or oil because my skin was soaking it up.

Things changed…

Body lotions and baby oil

I go into periods where I care for my body with body lotion. Then I would rub it into my arms and legs, my breasts and tummy, but never on my back. In this process, my hands got the necessary lotion too.

But, as I said, this is not something I do all the time. It lasts for two or three weeks and then I go back to not doing anything about skin care at all.

Because of this, I started with something else. When I am under the shower, and just before I get out from under the water, I rub a bit of baby oil all over my body. After this, I stand under the water for a minute or two more, then turn it off and dry my body. On drying my body, I rub most of the excess oil off, but I also rub some of it into my skin. When I do this, my skin feels softer, and is not so dry.

Only thing is, the same happens as it does with the lotion. I do it for a few weeks, then forget.

However, even when I carried on with these treatments for a bit longer than only two or three weeks, the skin still peeled off my hands.

Not only my skin

It’s not only my skin that’s dry, but also my nails. For about four years, I frequently went to the nail stylist and had my nails done. Acrylic nails with gel nail polish. I loved it!

Then, by the end of 2019, only a week after I had my nails done, one or two would pop off. Not only a tiny piece, but the entire nail. The nail stylist did everything to find a solution, but nothing worked. Gradually I realized my nails got so dry, that the ‘glue’ they used seemed to dry out so much, the acrylic nails didn’t hold anymore. So, I stopped having my nails done.

I also had to keep my nails short, because even with only a millimeter of growth, my nails would break.

I needed to find a solution for this, and I did!

Discovering a ‘cure’

I don’t know where I found this solution — it might have been when I searched the Internet and discovered that nails can dry out so much during menopause. One thing they said could help for nails, was to take cod liver oil. I started taking this somewhere in 2020, and it helped to make my nails less brittle.

Several times since then I have stopped with the cod liver oil, and within two weeks my nails would break again. I’ve been taking it non-stop now for about six months. My nails look good, and where I still have to keep it short-ish, it can now grow a bit longer than without the cod liver oil tablets.

But, it didn’t only help for my nails.

Where all through the year skin peeled from my hands, it’s now been months since the last time it had happened. It seems the cod liver oil — with omega 3, vitamin D and E — helps for my dry skin too!

Other remedies?

I still want to get back to using the baby oil when I shower, and I do use Oil of Olay on my face every morning, and rub the excess into my hands. Even though the cod liver oil helps from the inside, it won’t do any harm to treat the dryness from the outside too.

If you know of any other remedies, please let me know.

And in the meantime, I will just keep on taking my tablets!

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6 thoughts on “Remedies for dry skin

  1. Biotin and B-complex can help with both hair and nails, to strengthen them. The thing with lotions, I’ve found, is that avoiding fragrances lotions is key. Alcohol — a drying agent — is used as one of the fragrance ingredients, which basically makes the moisturizing effects null and void.

    Something I haven’t tried but that I have a friend who swears by it: coconut oil. Like the kind that comes in jars that you can hear and use for cooking. She uses it (unheated, straight from the jar) like lotion. And she has amazing soft skin!

    (I meant to write for this prompt but things got a bit bumpy at home recently with my husband’s health so I’m on a bit of a blogging hiatus. I may chime in late, once things have settled more.)

    1. Coconut oil is good for so many things! Thanks for the tip, I might just start using that 🙂

      When you are ready to write about this, Feve, just add it to the open link up – that will be perfectly fine. Hope things are manageable with your husband.

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