More between heaven and earth

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In my post, Predicting the future, I mentioned a day we went to a paranormal fair, and how the lady looked at a picture of my grandmother, then told me my grandfather was standing behind me, saying he was waiting for his wife to join him. This was in 2005 or 2006, and my grandmother passed away in 1995.

To say it disappointed me will be an understatement. Instead of feeding my fascination with the paranormal, it only fed my skepticism.

Deduction from body language or a psychic thing?

If you ask Master T about the paranormal, his opinion is always the same: it’s nonsense. He’s a realist, believing only in things he can see, and which can be explained scientifically.

I don’t share his opinion (shocking right?!)

When I ask him how some things can be explained, he talks about body language, or the way we always unknowingly give away information about ourselves without realizing this. Psychics pick up on that, and feed the information back to us.

I agree with this to some degree, but still there are things we can’t explain. There’s more between heaven and earth than only the things we have cold, hard facts for.

Knowing who’s at the door

Years ago, at work, we had a camera at the door, and had to buzz people in when they rang the bell. As manager of the department, I had my own office and no sight on the screen showing who was at the door.

A colleague sat with me in my office when the bell rang.

“It’s the courier,” I said.

“It’s too early,” she answered.

Normally the courier would deliver packages roundabout 3pm, but it was only 1pm at that moment. Only moments later, we heard footsteps in the hallway, and the courier entered our office.

Believe me, it surprised me as much as my colleague!

These kinds of things have happened to me more, and I could never explain how I knew it. I don’t see myself and never will see myself as a psychic person.

So, were those lucky guesses?

Science, guesswork or a psychic thing?

Recently, a friend told us about a visit to a kinesiologist.

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. Kinesiology addresses Physiological, Anatomical, Biomechanical, and Neuropsychological Principles and Mechanisms of Movement. Applications of kinesiology to human health include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; motor control; skill acquisition and motor learning; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy; and sport and exercise physiology. Studies of human and animal motion include measures from motion tracking systems, electrophysiology of muscle and brain activity, various methods for monitoring physiological function, and other behavioral and cognitive research techniques.

~ From Wikipedia

The kinesiologist did the examination, which also included — as mentioned in the quote above — electrophysiology. During this part of the examination, while touching her arms, he asks her what dramatic life event took place when she was 47 years old. She answered that her mom passed away. Then he asked her what happened when she was 38. That was the year of her divorce.

How did he know that? She hadn’t shared any of that with him. How could he be so accurate about the ages when those life events happened? Kinesiology is a science, but was that part of his exam a psychic thing?

More between heaven and earth

As said above, I believe there’s more between heaven and earth. I believe in spirituality, but not necessarily in the God of the Bible, despite a religious upbringing.

I believe there are people who have opened up their hearts and minds, and are in touch with the universe, probably even able to predict the future, or see things that happened in the past, without knowing the facts.

Some things in life we just can’t explain. I believe psychic people exist, and so does the paranormal, as much as the normal.

But, what even is ‘normal’?

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12 thoughts on “More between heaven and earth

  1. Within my “House” there are a number of faiths represented. We’ve got a couple of Christians, one I might call a Christo-pagan, a couple Norse pagans, a druid, and a sort of pantheistic witch. We’re all firm believers in science, but certainly embrace the realm of spirituality and the unseen. The majority of us also identify as empaths, myself included. It’s not any physical means of perception that causes me to have nosebleeds when I go to a gathering with more than about 10 people. There are just too many different people’s energies in the room and I haven’t the first idea about shielding.

    1. I identify as empath too, and feel overwhelmed if I have been in company for too long. Thankfully no nosebleeds for me.

  2. I think it is important to remain open – and that those who don’t may actually be mission out on a whole “sense” – if u see what i mean
    My xx

  3. I think I’m with Master T on this one … I like to see and feel everything to really know I can believe, and enjoy !!!

    But, of course, I never judge the beliefs of others. I think we should always respect, and allow, everyone to believe in whatever they wish.

    Xxx – K

    1. I agree with you, K. We should always respect other for their own beliefs, as we want to be respected too :0 xox

  4. Marie, I think you’ve read some of my thoughts n how energy can neither be created or destroyed and that goes for the energy that runs through our bodies.
    We are incredible biomechanical electrically driven, hydraulically fueled beings.

    Thoughts are electrons flowing between neurons, informing and firing our muscles including our hearts.

    But thought creativity and soul may be extensions or applications of that electrical energy.

    Whose to say if psychic phenomenon isn’t just some other form of wireless transmission of energy? Bluetooth for the soul.

  5. Healthy skepticism while not falling prey to a rigid and closed mind, to me is the way to go. That said, I have often simply looked back on what people believed when certain things could not be explained and apply that to what people believe now for the things still unexplained. Might we be more intuitive than science has been able to study? Perhaps. Might there be a connection between people like that of trees connected by fungal networks, unseen below ground? Is there some as yet undiscovered, unmeasured medium by which we are connected? Perhaps. Will I say it is so without evidence? No. Worse, will I make something up to explain the gap in our knowledge? No, we have plenty of people who have already cornered that market. Some are psychics, some are clergy, all tend to make money off their claims.

    No, I’ll just continue to experience, and read, and listen. Then I’ll evaluate. I’ll lean towards thinking rather than believing, and when a belief does ingratiate itself into me, I’ll try to remain open to the idea that it could be wrong.

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