More Hands — a rewritten fantasy

An image of a person on a bed in a dark room, to go with my personal fantasy about feeling more hands on my body.

Dressed in a short skirt, low cut top, stockings and high heels, Dante held onto her husband’s arm as they wandered between the stands at the sex fair they finally visited, after having wanted to attend for many years. On their way to the fair’s restricted area — the labyrinth — they sat down at the bar for a drink. Dante’s tummy knotted with excitement, but she forced herself to relax and enjoy her drink.

The labyrinth was a collection of faintly lit rooms and open lounge areas connected by corridors running in all directions. The rooms each had a theme, such as the voyeur room, the swingers room, the spanking room and more. Love seats decorated the open lounge areas, and these were for people to relax, or do more. In some of them, couples were already making out. Dante followed her husband until they found an unoccupied spot in a darker room filled with love seats. They both lay down next to each other.

By now their eyes were used to the low light inside the labyrinth, but because this room was darker, they could barely make out the outlines of people in the other love seats.

Dante’s husband pulled her closer and kissed her. Stroking her back down to her bottom, his other hand fondled her breasts. Her short skirt moved up as he ran his hand up her back again. Anyone who watched them could spot her bare bottom, exactly what her husband intended to happen. While still trapping her lips with his, he pushed her top down to expose her breasts. Rolling Dante onto her back, he sucked on her nipples, alternating from left to right.

With her eyes closed, Dante enjoyed the flicking of her husband’s tongue over her nipples. She was unaware of the two men standing next to the love seat, but her husband had already seen them. He nodded at them, rolled over onto his back and pulled Dante on top of him, so she straddled him while they kiss. Her bare pussy and bottom invited the men to action, as did the slight hand movement of Dante’s husband.

He noticed them moving closer to the love seat, and whispered in Dante’s ear: “Relax.”

At that some moment, he put his arms around her, and pinned her arms to the side of her body. Once more, he covered her mouth with his, just as one man put his hand on her bare bottom.

This startled Dante. She tried to pull away from her husband, but he held her tight.

Another hand touched her other cheek.

What’s happening? Dante wondered, trying once more to pull away from her husband.

“Relax!” he whispered once more between kisses. He only relaxed his grip around her arms when some of the tenseness left her body.

Then he whispered: “Enjoy, my love.”

In the meantime, hands stroke from her bottom, down the outside of her thighs, back up the inside and stopped just before they touched her crotch. Dante’s pussy went wetter than it already was.

Quickly, her husband rolled her over on her back, then removed his pants. He stood on his knees next to her face and pushed his cock against her lips. Dante gladly accepted, now aware that two men were in the love seat with them. One kissed up and down her legs; the other sucked her nipples. A third man appeared from nowhere, and now she had two men sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts.

Dante revelled in the sensations. She had never known it could feel this good!

Her husband moved away, allowing one of the other men to push his erection into Dante’s waiting mouth. The taste and smell were different from her husband’s, but Dante eagerly sucked. Her unease at this unfamiliar situation had turned into raw excitement.

She was horny, and the more hands she felt on her body, the more she wanted.

Dante surrendered to the hands, the tongues, the finger. Her first orgasm neared quickly when a man vigorously licked her clit. Just as the man next to her pulled his hard member from her mouth, she exploded in wetness.

After her first orgasm, she craved more. That was only the beginning. She opened her mouth over and over for the strange cocks around her. Her legs were spread, and more orgasms followed as the men fingered and licked her. When a cock entered her cunt, Dante almost scrambled away, until she realized her husband had started fucking her. He slow-fucked her while another man rubbed her clitoris. Two men were still at her breasts, and another had his cock in her mouth again. As if that wasn’t enough, someone grabbed her hand and put it on a hard cock close to her.

How many men are there? Dante wondered, but she didn’t really care, especially not when another orgasm took possession of her body.

Unexpectedly, her husband pulled out of her, and the men rolled Dante onto her front. They pushed a pillow under her hips to raise her bottom up in the air and spread her legs wide. Both her holes were easily accessible to the men. One man lay down on the seat with her and shoved his cock in her mouth. Unceremoniously, he fucked her mouth, holding his hand behind her head. Dante gagged on his cock, but fingers in her pussy and her buttocks being pulled apart distracted her from the discomfort of the harsh face fuck.

She gasped when a tongue touched her asshole. She loved that and instantly knew it was her husband from the way he licked her. Dante knew what he was doing — preparing her for anal sex. A hand moved under her and entered her pussy. Soon Dante had another orgasm. And not long after, another.

The more they gave her, the more Dante wanted. She wanted a grand finale, but she also wanted this to last forever. Someone — now she didn’t know whether it was her husband or a stranger — pushed a finger in her ass. Slowly it moved in and out, and soon a second joined the first finger. Stretching her was part of the preparation.

Her husband got onto the love seat next to her, and said: “Sit on my cock, face the men.”

Dante wanted to lower her cunt over his cock, but he pushed her forward slightly, and pressed his cock against her other hole. As he slowly slipped in, a feeling of extreme lewdness overwhelmed her. She wanted more. More hands, more cocks, more orgasms, more fucking. She wanted all her holes filled, and then some.

It was as if the men had heard her.

With her husband’s cock in her ass, another entered her pussy, and yet another returned to fucking her mouth.

Dante sighed loudly, overcome with satisfaction, as a double penetration was something she had dreamed of for so long. And to top all of that, she had a cock in her mouth too. Her excitement reached heights it had never before, but at the same time, she was afraid she might not manage all the sensations at once.

Her husband felt her body tense, and said from behind her: “Just relax, sweetie, and enjoy!”

Dante leaned into the feelings, and tried to experience all at once. She didn’t know what she enjoyed most. Her husband’s cock in her ass? The cock in her pussy or the one in her mouth? Or maybe the two she had in her hands?

Her thoughts disappeared when a man next to her grunted and spurted into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, and had just enough time to catch her breath when another cock stretched her jaw.

Would she be able to swallow more?

Oh yes, she would!

And she did.

The second time she swallowed, the two cocks in her hands twitched and unload their white stuff onto her body. With those four men satisfied, Dante now wanted nothing more than to be fucked.

She pushed away the man fucking her pussy, pulled away from her husband and helped him off the seat, grabbed the man she had just pushed away and almost threw him on the love seat. Then she straddled him. She didn’t have to tell her husband what she wanted.

She was in seventh heaven with the two cocks fucking her. Dante had just enough room to rub her own clitoris. Neither of the men fucking her was gentle. They hammered into her, and the little pain Dante felt excited her even more. The cock in her cunt twitched first, then her husband’s followed. The twitching sent Dante over the edge. A powerful orgasm erupted deep inside her, and she thought it would never stop.

Afterwards, resting wit her head in her husband’s lap, five men softly stroke her spent body.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

I initially wrote the above story as fiction in January 2011, in a time I still called myself Rebel and wrote in the third person about myself. Reading those words from 2011, I cringed. Darn, my writing was so bad back then! Still, the fantasy is as real today as it was when I wrote that piece.

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11 thoughts on “More Hands — a rewritten fantasy

  1. OMG … I am tingling … and NOW I have to go into work. Still, I know what I will be thinking during my bus ride !!!
    And I do love the sound of “The labyrinth” !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. A lovely tale (the stuff fantasies are made from) 🙂
    I always cringe at my past writing too. Although I will say it probably wasn’t bad, just unstructured compared to your work now. It was delicious reading 🙂

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