What escorts say about their clients

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Increasingly, more people are becoming part of the escort industry these days. The main reason is definitely the money they can earn by offering sexual and company services. Yet, being an escort is not so simple as they think it is. There are some disadvantages as well, disadvantages that are linked to the clients these workers meet. Let’s find out what escorts say about their clients.

Not all clients are respectful

This is an important detail to know before you actually get into the escort industry and become an escort in Edinburgh. There are so many disrespectful clients who judge these workers and treat them really badly. So, it is important that you know how to select your clientele. Maybe it will be hard to do this at the beginning, but as time goes by and you gain the necessary experience and you offer high-quality services, you will be able to select the clients you want to date. Also, if you want to make sure you won’t have this type of problems, you can work for an agency.

But, remember, agencies will not give you all the money, they will only give you a certain commission. It depends on you what you actually choose. However, make sure you analyze the situation before making a choice. Respect is essential, so that a date can be exceptional. The more respect a client shows to the escort, the better services he will receive. These ladies are human beings as well, and they deserve to be treated like that. And since the requests are quite high, these girls have the possibility to choose what clients to meet.

Some clients have weird requests

Escorts are used to all sorts of requests. Plus, they can make most fantasies and fetishes come true. Yet, there are clients who come with really weird requests these ladies cannot accomplish. As a client, you must talk with the girl about your desires before dating her. Tell her everything you want to try and she will tell you if she can do that or not. An open conversation will make things very clear. You should never do something surprising while you are in bed with the escort. She might get upset or she might even leave.

This is not what you want. You want an exciting and fulfilling experience, which is why you must show respect at all times, before, during, and after the date. Only by doing so, you will receive the most unforgettable services. It is as simple as that. Do you want great sex? Respect the escorts and her boundaries. As long as a certain fetish and fantasy don’t involve pain, it can become reality. Moreover, a client should never put the girl in an uncomfortable situation during the date.

Men need affection as well

Many professional escorts have revealed over time that men are just like women. They also need affection and intimacy, and when they don’t have these two needs met in real life, they date call girls. Lots of serious gentlemen with great jobs are visiting escorts these days, simply because they need someone to talk to about everything without being judged. They want to be listened and understood, and they need affection and attention. Some of them are even married, but they do not have a good connection with their wives. Even if it’s hard to believe, this is the reality.

That’s why lots of escorts offer companionship services as well. They know how to make a man feel important and desired. They know how to listen and how to communicate with him. They know how to offer the best advice ever. In a situation like this, clients frequently feel a connection, and might continue to visit the lady as his confidence improves.

So, call girls are also excellent at making a man feel super confident and strong. On the other hand, women also visit male escorts for the same reasons. That’s why we said earlier women and men are similar. Visiting a professional escort definitely has many advantages, but working in this industry involves some risks as well. If you decide to go for this job, then you must make sure your private life remains private. Never talk to your clients about your family, friends, and other personal things. Moreover, make sure you never tell them where you live or the places you go in your free time. You never fully know your clients, despite the respect they show you.

Men also need affection and love

Some people believe men don’t need love and affection like women do, which is not true at all. Gentlemen also need to be cared about and understood. Unfortunately, those who don’t have these needs met in their relationships date escorts. They actually date these ladies because they want affection and someone to talk to about their problems without being judged. And, the truth is that professional escorts can do this.

They care about their clients, they listen to them and they even offer advice when it is needed. A professional call girl will always be there to make you happy and keep you satisfied, to offer you confidence, and to boost your self-esteem. Many people think that escorts can only be hired for sex, which is false. These girls can do so much more and a date with them can make you feel amazing in so many ways. So, if you are looking for great companionship and someone to talk to, then you should not hesitate and hire a call girl.

You will feel so good that you will most probably want to repeat the experience. Some men actually hire these ladies to go on vacation with them. They are beautiful, smart, charming, and super funny at the same time. There is no way you will ever get bored with such wonderful companionship. But remember to be one of the best clients, so that you can receive the best treatment ever from an escort.

3 thoughts on “What escorts say about their clients

  1. That is a really good post full of excellent advice and common sense – the escorts I know are independent women and I am sure they are not coerced into working as escorts but they tell me very disturbing stories about what lies behind at least some of the agencies operating in London. A first time client should be very careful but as you rightly say they must respect the escort. They are hard working professional in a high risk job who would be recognsied as such in a more honest and open world.

  2. Great post, Marie! Can’t help but wonder what some of those stranger requests are…. just how kinky does it get? LOL. A story that I sometimes share occurred when I was walking through the red light district in Amsterdam. A good deal of the ladies in the windows were on the phone, though you obviously could not hear the conversation. While it is fun to imagine them being on sexy calls with clients, I am guessing that on occasion a gal is on the phone with say…her grandmother. I can imagine her saying something like, “No, Grandma…this is a great time to talk. I’m at work today and it’s rather dull, not much happening” while she dances lewdly in the window, winking at passerby’s…..

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