How Sex Toys Can Help In Erectile Dysfunction?

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Sex toys for Erectile Dysfunction? This may come as a surprise to you. Before now, you probably thought sex toys were not your thing or you didn’t like the thought of using them. Just maybe this is a valid reason to make you rethink your stand about them. Find out how sex toys can save the day between the sheets.

What are sex toys? Also known as adult toys or marital aids, sex toys are objects that are used to enhance the pleasure of sex or masturbation. As you likely have figured, they may have medical uses too for those having issues with sexual performance like ED, premature ejaculation, low libido, and post-surgical problems. Of course, there is a limit to what sex toys can do as they do not treat any of the causes of ED (physical, psychological, or nutritional). 

A person with erectile dysfunction is usually unable to get or sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. This situation may result in a strain in the relationship and stress that may lead to low self-confidence. 

ED is a condition that can be treated and managed effectively, and certain types of sex toys can help.

How sex toys help ED 

1. The intrinsic benefit of sex toys is to bring pleasure during sexual intercourse. But even more helpful is how it achieves this when it is impossible to have penetrative sex because of a weak erection. For some of them, you only need to place them over the head of the penis and give a hand job.

2. They cause and maintain erections. Sex toys like Penile suction devices make the penis firm, while constriction rings are used to maintain erection and delay ejaculation. Similarly, vibrators work to stimulate sensation on the nerve endings.

3. With ED drugs, users may have to deal with some side effects from taking them. Sex toys are somewhat safe in this regard. With pills, you don’t get that guarantee. Some Ed pills shouldn’t be taken with certain drugs for heart treatment and blood pressure. Taking medications like PDE5 under such health conditions may pose an increased risk to your health. 

4. Sex toys help you maintain some privacy about your sexual behavior if you don’t want to talk about them yet. You do not need a prescription to use sex toys. You can buy them without talking to a doctor about your sexual health issues. Buying a sex toy for the first time may feel awkward. But it is way less embarrassing than sharing your sexual issues face-to-face with a doctor. 

5. Men with ED can gain their confidence back because they can perform better in bed with the help of sex toys.

Three toys that can help

Cock sleeve 

Penis sleeves and extenders can be used by wearing them around the penis when you have sex. It is a close-fitting cover that you wrap around the penis. This silicon adult toy does two things,

  • Make penetrative sex possible for men with ED because of the firmness of the penis sleeve that increases the width and length of the penis. As a result, the penis doesn’t need to be erect, before penetration into the body orifice can take place.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the penis when wrapped fully around the penis. The degree of thickness and fitness of the penis sleeve accounts for how sensitive or not the penis would be during intercourse. The right size for your penis must be accurately picked to get it to work for you and get the desired effect.

According to a 2017 study, cock sleeves can be an alternative to surgery and other pharmacological options to enable patients and their partners to regain a satisfying sex life.

Cock rings

Cock rings fit around the bottom of the penis to assist the cock keep an erection and prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. It is often used with a penis pump to make penetrative sex possible. And also help erection occur until intercourse is over. For one who can get an erection but find it difficult to sustain it, cock rings are a good option. 

Sometimes cock rings are used in combination with ED medications. Something to remember when using cock rings though. They shouldn’t be worn for longer than 30 minutes so that you don’t sustain an injury to your penis. Do Not also forget to remove them before falling asleep.

Male vibrators

These sex toys use strong vibrations to massage around the glans or penis tip to initiate an involuntary ejaculation. They help men with mild ED to stimulate nerve endings, feel pleasure and get an erection. One superb way to use them is on the frenulum to make ejaculation occur. The frenulum is the small V just beneath the head of the penis. It’s one of the most sensitive parts of the penis because it is packed with nerve endings and is referred to as the F-spot or male clitoris. Sometimes, male vibrators are used to help support the recovery of nerve function after a prostate cancer treatment.

There are sex toys in Singapore, and more people have gradually begun to see them in a positive light. Physical adult toy shops on the streets of Singapore have them in stock. Alternatively, you can also get them from online stores and get them shipped to you.

11 sex toys safety tips 

If you are going to be using a sex toy, here are things to remember.

  1. Clean them before and after use, even when using them for the first time. 
  2. Deep wash and dry them regularly as cleaning may not always be enough. Before doing this, consider the material of your sex toy. Not all sex toys are waterproof.
  1. Use lube to avoid pain and to heighten pleasure.
  2. Keep your toys in a safe and hygienic place, like in satin bags.
  3. Try not to share sex toys.
  4. If you ever have to share sex toys or are concerned about allergies, use a condom.
  5. Remove batteries or unplug your toys before cleaning.
  6. Always read instructions before use.
  7. Avoid toys made with phthalates. They are unsafe for the body.
  8. Buy from a credible brand and dealers.
  9. Look out for sex toys made with medical-grade silicone that has proven to be body-safe.

Sex toys may be misunderstood by many. But they present a viable option for sexual health management. With a little more research, you can find out which sex toy best suits your need. 

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