Those early days

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I am joining in with others – Mrs Jones and Marriage Sex and More – to answer Brigit Delaney’s 30 Dirty Questions. As Brigit said:

These questions will all be about sex in some way and will be the sorts of questions that get a the core of a person’s desires, fears, and experiences. The sorts of questions that could really help you get to know another person.

~ Brigit Delaney

I think these questions serves not only to let you get to know the other person, but also to get you to think about your own preferences, desires, and dislikes.

Question 9: If you were to “recreate” the early days of your favorite sexy relationship, what would they look like? Would you change anything?

I’ve had quite a number of sexy relationships, the most significant of them being my three marriages, and the relationship I had with the father of my daughter. I think it’s obvious to everyone that my favorite sexy relationship is with Master T, simply because with him I could finally just be myself.

Before I concentrate on this relationship in answering the question above, I want to briefly look at those other relationships.

A brief history

I met my daughter’s father when I was fifteen, and we first had sex exactly nine months and two weeks before my daughter was born. I remember the passion between us, and that it was enjoyable, but I don’t remember any of the details. In hindsight, it might have been better to not have sex with him at all, or at least to have done it for different reasons.

I had sex with my first husband before we were married (I was 20), and the most favorite of the sex was when we spooned and he fucked me from behind. I loved the closeness of that, but at the same time that was also the most exciting part of our sex. Somehow I think had we stayed together for longer than the two years of our marriage, we might have explored some more as we got older.

I also had sex with my second husband before we tied the knot (I was 31), and we were married for the wrong reasons. I always think, had I waited six months, I might never have married him, even though I know the major consequences it would’ve had for me and my children. Sex with him was ‘just sex’ from the beginning of our relationship.

Those early days with Master T

Master T and I already knew each other for two years before we officially entered a relationship. However, in the time before that, we had our sexual encounters. Due to circumstances, we couldn’t meet at each other’s places, so we met in the city, and later in the rural area of the small city where we live now. Master T once fingered me to orgasm on a bench, and another time I sucked him to a climax and almost got caught. He never penetrated me, until one day we were in that rural place, sitting in his car. He was fingering me, and I already had a couple of orgasms, but I wanted more. I let go of his cock, swung my foot over and literally jumped him! Every time, even now almost 20 years later, I smile when I remember the look on his face.

Master T didn’t want to be the rebound guy, so he told me to just see others too, until I have lost my ‘wild hair’. This wasn’t all he said. He also said he wanted to know all I do, that I should tell him. So, that is what I did. There was this one night that a friend and I saw The Traveler in his hotel, and I left there not feeling very satisfied, so called Master T and went to him (it was roundabout midnight), so he could finish the job.

That became our habit – I would come to be with him late in the evening, and leave before the day broke. This was because his mom and daughter didn’t know about me at the time.

We also had kinky sex

On one of those occasions, we even had a kinky encounter in the sitting room, where he tied me to a chair and then fingered me to orgasm over and over again. Once we were openly in a relationship, I would stay here during the weekends. We had a bed up in the attic room, which was much more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. But, being in our own room also meant that we could explore more kink. And explore we did.

Long before we officially made a D/s commitment, it was clear what the roles in our relationship would be, and that we were a good match on more levels.

Would I change anything?

I guess I can say it would’ve been better if we had a different start to our relationship, where we could visit each other in a ‘normal’ way, but no, I don’t want to say that. I can also say that I wish we never had sex in the car, but I don’t want to say that either. In fact, looking back on how Master T and I met, how we fell in love so quickly, and made do with the difficult circumstances we were both in, I smile at our story.

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe our start has helped us develop the firm base our relationship and marriage is built on. No, I don’t want to change anything.

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  1. Unfortunately, everything in life is interconnected. Trying to change something that is not the best, you have to lose the good. On the one hand, you hardly planned pregnancy at 15. On the other hand, you don’t want now that you don’t have a daughter. So yeah, let’s keep it the way it is. Amen.

  2. I can’t imagine too many people wanting to change anything about any of their ‘early days’ in any relationship. LOL It’s never the ‘early days’ that are ever the problem.

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