Autumn is letting go

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

~ Unknown
In a park close to home

Fifteen days ago, I started my daily walks.

I needed to. Partly for my own mental health, to just be out for 30-45 minutes and be alone with my thoughts. To process all that’s happening in our life. The second reason is linked to this.

In August, my right hip and leg hurt so much, I could barely turn over in bed at night. It took me 4 weeks to find a physiotherapist that could help me. It turned out all muscles in my back are so cramped due to stress, and the pain radiates from there, to my hip, my thigh, and right into my knee. By going on my daily walks, I hope it will help my back to either get stronger, or to relax it enough not to hurt.

We live just more than half a kilometer from a big river. It’s enormously wide, and when I walk along the river towards a small park, I come to a point where three rivers get together. That point is even wider. I walk the same route every day — from home directly to the river, then along the river towards a park, then through the park and then I turn back home. It’s about 2.6 kilometers, which is not far, but far enough for my current physical state.

And, it’s beautiful!

I love the different views over the river — I will share some of those images in a different post — but since autumn is my favorite season, it’s the color changes of nature that draw my attention. I notice the colors on the trees, some of them turning yellow quicker than others. Others are orange, or a beautiful red color. I notice the leaves on the ground, the different shapes, some still green, others yellow, and yet again others already totally dried out.

The trees let their leaves go, in a way we can’t always let life go.

I can’t let life go.

Not in these circumstances we are in.

But still, nature teaches us lessons over and over again, just like the quote above states.

One day, I will learn to let things go.

When I’m ready.

For now, more autumn images…

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11 thoughts on “Autumn is letting go

  1. Walking helps strengthen our joints and can relieve pain . Wonderful images – I came across some amazing fungi at my last job – some like the red one you have shared

  2. Exercise is SO important. Bilateral movement (think: swinging your arms while walking — we all do it, even if it’s minimal; it’s instinctual) is actually tied to mental acuity, and of course movement of the walking variety is good for limbering up tight muscles. So your walks are definitely a Good Thing. I hope they help in the pain department.

    And your path looks lovely.

    1. I am definitely starting to feel the benefit. The pain is still there, but not as fierce as it was in the beginning. The physiotherapist said if I walk at least 5000 steps every day (which I do) it will take 4-6 weeks for my muscles to feel the benefit of it. So, I will just continue this!

  3. It is DEFINITELY about fungi! On our recent camping trip Rosa and I must have shot over 75 mushroom and other fungi photos. I was going to do a post on it and you beat me to it! LOL Everywhere we stepped something else was fruiting.

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