Fundamental masturbation tips for women

Everyone has, is, or will masturbate at some point in their lives. So, we are not going to get into the details of why you should masturbate. Rather in this article, we would be giving you some tips on how to intensify the experience. When people masturbate frequently, they tend to focus more on the result rather than the journey there. This leaves them having weak orgasms. So, if you are the type that enjoys the performance of live stream girls and guys, then the tips we will be giving in this article will help you intensify orgasm.

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Tips on how to intensify masturbation experience

Masturbation doesn’t need to be boring. You can always tap into that mind-blowing orgasm when you masturbate if you do it right. Here are some tips that will help you achieve it. 

Practice mindfulness

First, you need to know masturbation isn’t all about penetration or stimulating the clitoris. Having the best orgasm of your life starts from what you are thinking about. So, rather than speculating, or getting distracted by your surroundings, try to practice mindfulness. You can close your eyes, and virtualize something hot. Perhaps you had watched hot live stream girls and guys previously, it will help set the right mood when you virtualize it.

Use a sex toy 

Though it is alright to masturbate how you like. Perhaps you love to use your fingers, or hump on a pillow. Nevertheless, using sex toys is a great way to intensify the feeling. There are several sex toys you must have seen live stream girls use like vibrators, dildos, clitoris suction, butt toys, and so on. Pick one or a couple of toys and use them to masturbate to increase your chance of getting a shivering orgasm every time.

Don’t forget to use lubes

While you may have vagina lubrication to get started with, sometimes you may not. In such cases, lubes can come in very handy. It is not advisable to masturbate when your vagina is dry as there is a very high chance it will injure you because of friction. But when your vagina is well lubricated, it is much more comfortable and pleasurable. But don’t use too much lube as it can lessen the sensation.

Experiment masturbating at different temperatures

Playing around at different temperatures is a real kink known as temperature play. According to several professionals, masturbating at different temperatures can help you know the right temperature that keeps you relaxed and aroused. Some people prefer the cold sensation; hence they can rub the ice in some erogenous zones. Others prefer something spicy and warm, hence they can purchase heated sex toys.

Switch positions        

You don’t have to always masturbate with your back on the bed. There are several positions you can use to switch things up to intensify the feelings. If you don’t know any other position you can use, feel free to learn from live stream girls. You never can tell perhaps the new position you learn might be your next go-to position to get the best orgasm.

Try different types of simulations

As we have been emphasizing for a while now, masturbation doesn’t always have to be clitoris stimulation or penetration stimulation. Switch things up and try both clitoris stimulation and penetration stimulation. You can even try anal and breast stimulation as well. Women have more erogenous zones than men, hence tapping into them can intensify the orgasm.

Avoid jackhammering the clitoris

Rather than hitting on the clitoris so hard to achieve an orgasm, we recommend slow playful touches. You could try something like running your finger at the side of your clitoris and along the inner labia, all the way down to the entrance into the vagina. This is a very good way to get started as it stimulates blood flow down there, hence intensifying the experience. And when you get the feeling of what you enjoy, keep doing it and work your way from there.

Get some visual aids

Lastly, some visual aids can go a long way in keeping you in the mood. Connect with live stream girls or guys and get them to do whatever fuels that fire. Note, the best orgasm involves the ears and the brain.


To sum things up, always feel free to masturbate to ease sexual tension. And while you are at it, don’t stick to one way of masturbation. Always have an open mind to switch things up. You can also get someone to coach you through it. But at the end of the day, do whatever works best for you.

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