Superpower in my dreams

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When I saw the prompt ‘superpower’, even before Posy’s prompt was official published on the site, I wondered what I could possibly write for it. I tend to mull subjects around in my head, until an idea is sparked in my mind.

While still thinking about ‘superpower’, I one night had a dream. I recently wrote an article on Medium about how strange dreams can be. In that I shared some of my scarier dreams, but also one that always makes me smile. The dream I had that one night, wasn’t included in the post.

Strange corridor, and stairs

I told Master T about the dream the next morning, since elements of it had been in previous dreams over the years. At the time I was very busy with the contents of my dreams, because I was brewing on that article I wrote for Medium.

In the dream I was in an office building, and needed to get to another room on the other side of the building to present a class. My daughter was with me, and we were joking with each other, while walking through a long corridor. We passed a narrow side corridor, and then suddenly we were in a department store, where we walked down two sets white steps, and there was no railing.

The next moment I found myself in the classroom where I should be, and from inside, I could see the narrow corridor, which would’ve led me right to the class. There was no need to go down the stairs, and I ended up having to explain why I was late.

The two elements from this dream that had been in several dreams over the years, are the narrow corridor, and the stairs. The setting of the dreams are always different, but the elements are very much the same.

Dreaming about superpower

It was in those nights right after I told Master T about the ‘stairs-dream’, and while I was still mulling ‘superpower’ around in my mind, that one night I had another dream.

In it, we were walking in the academic hospital where Master T is treated. That place is huge, and the hallway on the first floor — where the entrance is — is long. I have already lost count how many times we had to walk that long distance, but also in other places in hospital. In my dream, the hospital had a more hotel-like ambiance, with golden-ish colors instead of white.

As we walked in my dream, I put one foot in front of the other, and after a few steps just kept my right foot in front of me, and I floated just above the ground, and easily passed the rest of the people. I came to stairs, where I needed to go down, and I did the same, kept my right foot before me, my hand on the railing and in no time I floated to the bottom of the stairs, gracefully taken the corners as I went down.

The thought hit me in my dream: that’s my superpower!

Confused about superpower

That thought was on my lips when I woke up, somewhere in the middle of the night: That’s my superpower, see, I have a superpower I can write about!

And then the confusion set in.

Superpower? What superpower?

My dream was already fading some, and my mind seemed to be hooked on the word ‘superpower’. It took all the effort I could muster in my confused and sleepy state to remember that it had something to do with walking, and the way I did it in my dream. Thing is, at that moment, my sleepy mind tried to convince me that I really walked like that. You know, not only in my dream, but in a conscious state.

It took days to convince myself that I never had descended down stairs in the real world, the way I did in my dream world.

Only in dreams

I have to say, I am a bit disappointed that I don’t really have that float-walk as a superpower. It would’ve made things so much easier or me, especially since I have been in physical pain for more than a month now.

But, realizing I have no superpower has put me back with both feet on the ground again!

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5 thoughts on “Superpower in my dreams

  1. Hey Marie – I have a similar element in my dreams too – sometimes I am able to hover walk like this too – it gets me places effortlessly, and a little faster than walking! Other times I dream that I lie on something like a go kart and it moves me fast, but I had that dream more as a child, before I could drive a car. I’m no dream analyst but perhaps you are feeling as if you’d like to fast forward through some of the more repetitive or unpleasant elements of your real life.
    I wish you pain-free walking xx

    1. Maybe that’s it indeed, Posy, that I need things to move faster. Especially after today’s news. Maybe I will hover in my dreams again tonight 😉 xox

  2. Wow – so many times I have had that dream – floating down stairs and also that it is real – I wonder what it means?
    May xx

    1. Oh this is funny, May, that you have the same dream. Do you also dream that you’re walking on your hands? In the weekend I dreamed that, and thought… I should’ve added that to the post, as it goes in the same category as floating.

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