Spirit animals… which is mine?

An image of an elephant in the wilderness to go with my post about spirit animals.

I recently read a tweet where ‘spirit animals’ were mentioned, and was intrigued enough to start searching for more information. I believe this concept — spirit animals — come directly from the spirituality of the Native Americans, but somehow has been taken over by others. Then again, spirit animals might come from the Celtic culture.

This post, however, is not about the origin of spirit animals, but about myself.

My personality

In the past years — especially the last two — I have written quite a number of posts where I mentioned how I am getting to understand more and more about my personality. Not only understanding, but also accepting.

In the past two months I have been seeing a coach, and she has also made me see different facets of who I am, of what ‘personality enablers’ have helped me to get to where I am today. Consulting the coach is to help me to get stronger, to be able to handle the stress, and return to work full-time.

We talk about me being a perfectionist, about feeling guilty even when I don’t have to, and where that comes from, about always pushing myself harder than anyone else can, about being sensitive; an empath. The sessions are meant to help me with these things, to get them in balance, and for me to get in touch with the ‘authentic me’, and push all the ‘personality enablers’ away, because they don’t always guide me in the right way. All of this has to do with past experiences; with things that happened in my younger years, especially those formative ones.

I will eventually write about it — I need to find the words — even though some thoughts have already slipped into posts on Medium.

Spirit animals: tests

When I searched for more information on spirit animals, I came across a couple of tests to determine which is your spirit animal. These are some of the results from those tests:

  • Deer: Deer is the symbol of gentleness and grace. If your spirit animal is deer, you can overcome the challenging situations and achieve ambitious goals with kindness and grace. You are gentle with yourself and others; in other words, you are living from the heart. You also can be strongly determined along with gentleness. People who have deer as a spirit animal, they have an evident bond with their inner child’s innocence. Also, they are vigilance, sensitive, and intuitive in many aspects of life.
  • Whale: Your spirit animal is the whale because you have a strong inner voice, and always follow your own truth. Because you are so in touch with reality, you are self-aware and don’t get involved in drama. You have strong bonds and emotional ties with those you love.
  • Wolf: A wolf spirit animal is mostly connected to freedom and intelligence. It shows the ability to cooperate in a pack and balance it with the longing for freedom. A wolf person is intuitive and possesses sharp intelligence. This is also a strong animal with great leadership potential.

I find some truth in each of those descriptions, and since I can be quite skeptical about horoscopes — sometimes it feels that no matter which one you read, it’s been written for you — I researched some more.

Spirit animals by birthday

I came across an article ‘What Is My Spirit Animal by Birthday?‘, and scrolled way down, since Pisces are always at the bottom of the pack.

This is what I found in the mentioned article:

According to traditional zodiacs, those born between February 19 to March 20 are known as Pisces. This water sign’s spirit animal is the seahorse, which is considered a seawater wonder.

Those whose spirit animal is the seahorse are typically:

  • Intuitive
  • Wise
  • Trustworthy
  • Compassionate
  • Helpful
  • Creative

The seahorse is unlike many sea creatures as it defies the norms of mother nature. For example, it is the male seahorse that gives birth to hundreds of little seahorses. If your spirit animal is the seahorse, you beat to the sound of your own drum, are creative but also very compassionate and understanding. One downfall of this spirit animal is that they come across as overly trusting, which can sometimes lead to them getting hurt.

I nodded my head at every word.

Elephants and seahorses

If you would have asked me what my spirit animal was, and I didn’t do the reading and tests I mentioned above, I would’ve said: elephant.

I love elephants. Love how they care for their families, how patient they are, how strong and loyal. They say if an elephant shows up as your spirit animal, you have those traits in you, and it also means you are sensitive, nurture compassion and value commitment. All of those things are true for me.

I love elephants so much, that I have several trinkets in the front windowsill, and a large elephant — about 30 centimeters high — carved from wood standing on the floor between my desk and the sideboard. Also, when a dear friend asked what animal toy she could make me, I instantly said: elephant.

That elephant still sits on my desk, watching me when I work or write.

Where I definitely identify with elephants, I love the idea of a seahorse being my spirit animal. They are fascinating creatures.

I guess this means I will just adopt both these as my spirit animals!

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8 thoughts on “Spirit animals… which is mine?

  1. Self-knowledge. This is what we have been doing our whole life. And there are many reasons and ways for this. So you discovered another one for yourself. There are also horoscopes and Chinese calendars. All of them give some generalized conclusions about certain groups of people falling under certain categories. But each person is individual and may differ from others in the same group. Therefore, the more ways to know a particular person, the better.

  2. Well, lately I am in love with birds. Their freedom, their readiness to fly away, their songs that reach my ears by themselves without my having to stop to listen to them, as if they were speaking to me …

  3. Elephants i mighty fine creatures – I used to collect them too. I found a spirit animal test and it says i am an eagle 😉
    May xx

    1. Thank you. I just googled ‘spirit animal’ and a lot of links with ‘tests’ came up. Can’t remember all the sites where I have done them, sorry.

  4. I enjoyed reading this, Marie! I love the elephant and what it represents. I am glad to hear that the coach you are seeing is helpful. Much love XOXO

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