Promoting my alter ego

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If there’s something I’m definitely not good at, it’s promoting my work, or myself. It’s not that I am bad at promoting, as long as it’s not promotion of my own work. For instance, every week for Wicked Wednesday, I tweet every post that has been linked, wanting those bloggers to get the hits they deserve. There was a time when I tweeted my own posts a couple of times a day, but I stopped with that because it felt pretentious. Now I mostly just retweet the tweets of others, whether it’s their own work or mine.

That said, I thought it was high time to give everyone — yes, including me — the opportunity to promote themselves.

So, here goes…

Who am I?

I am Marie A. Rebelle, even though this is not my given name. However, it’s as much part of me as the name my parents gave me. I am Marie, and Marie is me.

In my daily life I’m a wife to the love of my life, a mother to my three children, a grandmother to my two gorgeous grandsons and furry grandchild, a friend to a handful of friends, and a colleague. Besides this all, event though both my parents have passed, I am also a daughter.

I’m an emotional person, and learning more and more about being an empath, and about how HSP colors my reactions to specific situations. Perfectionism is part of my DNA, as is being helpful to others.

You can read more about me here:

Why do I write?

Because of stress, I am suffering from intense backache, which now has me seeing the fourth professional to help me. All of them ask the same question: what do you do to relax? My answer to that question always is: cycling and writing. Cycling to do something physical, and writing because it relaxes my mind.

I write because I have to.

It sounds dramatic, but without my writing, I’m not whole. Maybe I should rephrase that, as I haven’t always been writing. Art, the act of creating, grounds me. It’s a magic feeling, being able to create something from nothing.

Years ago, I had to choose between painting and writing. Writing brings me more satisfaction, as it has been with me long before I discovered the art of painting/drawing.

What do I write?

Erotica is the main genre where you can find me. I love to write stories which have something sexy in it. Sometimes it’s just a hint at sexiness, other times it’s pure sex from beginning to end.

But, I don’t only write erotica. This space has evolved from everything sex — fiction and fact — to writing about physical and mental health, about diets, habits… everything. This has become my space to convert inspiration into words.

Recently, this space has extended to Medium. There I have shared some of my writings that were already published here, but some writings have also only appeared on Medium.

When do I post?

For about two years, maybe three, I have posted every day.



I wanted to support everyone. Absolutely everyone. When there was a meme, I made sure I linked to it. That wavered a bit in April 2020, a month in which I developed panic attacks, but I still kept on writing almost every day, even though I supported less memes. 

One day, I had a revelation. 

Blogging… writing… that’s my hobby. Something that helps me to relax. I can’t remember when this was, but I started writing less. The only days I am sure to post, are Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Monday for either new or edited stories, Wednesday for the prompt and Sunday to share my series about a beautiful friend. Posting on any other days is optional.

I just don’t want to fall into the trap again of pressuring myself to post every day.

Where can you find me?

Since this post is about promoting myself, I guess it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty and tell you where you can find me, other than on this website:

All these links, as well as an email link can be found in the sidebar. 

 How to stay up-to-date?

If you want to stay up to date with all that I am writing, there are two ways:

  • Subscribe to all new posts on Rebel’s Notes 

  • Subscribe to all my new posts on Medium
  • Additionally you can become a member on Medium, and read not only all of my new posts, but also those of many other creators. Following the given link and signing up will allow me a small percentage of your subscription money.

Thank you!

Last, but certainly the most important of this post is to thank all of you — my readers — for your continued support. Without you, this site would never have grown to what it is today, and I wouldn’t take this leap in promoting myself. I’m forever grateful! 

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11 thoughts on “Promoting my alter ego

  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with promoting yourself or your work. Your writing deserves to be read, and you’re doing people a favour by helping them to discover it. Still, I can totally sympathise with that feeling!

  2. When I think of “promotion” I think of “moving up” (I just got a promotion at work… That kind of thing) and of “temporary sale price” (this ice cream is on promotion: buy one, get one free).

    Self-promotion — advertising one’s self — doesn’t even bleep on my radar.

    That’s neither a good thing nor a bad thing; it’s just an interpretation-of-language thing. I also wonder if it’s a European v American thing. (In terms of primary definitions and typical usage, in culture etc.)

    I realize that’s probably not the response you were expecting — !


    That’s just how my mind works.

    1. Haha I always love your responses, Mrs Fever, and yes, promotion over here is also promotion at work. I think ‘marketing’ might have worked here too? Although to me, that’s all about the money, while promotion is not. Unless you land a very good position, of course 😉

  3. I only have words of thanks to you.
    I think it does a fantastic job.
    And you deserve all the best.

  4. You deserve all the support you get Marie,,, I never knew you were on Pinterest – I made an account a while back but dont really understand what u are meant to do on there lol
    May xx

    1. To be honest, I don’t use Pinterest a lot, but have saved quite a number of images there that I like 🙂 xox

  5. I loved reading this, Marie! It’s funny, I was telling my husband the other day that while nora is not my given name, I am nora. She is me. You and I have much in common, I feel 🙂

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