James Spader, an infatuation

A recent image of James Spader wearing glasses.
James Spader

My first recollection of James Spader is of when we watched Boston Legal on television back in 2008 or 2009. I loved his character there, the way he was with the secretaries, but I never understood the connection with other roles he had played. It was different with William Shatner, as I definitely understood the references too Star Trek.

It was only couple of years later that I saw The Secretary, and all those references and the way James Spader treated his secretaries in Boston Legal fell in place.

A definite favorite

I don’t know when my infatuation with James Spader really started. It might only have been when watching The Secretary, but I think that only confirmed my warm feelings for him.

I have never been one to have a crush on singers or movie stars, but somehow James Spader just holds that special place in my heart, and has done so for years. It’s not that I go out of my way to follow him or watch every movie he’s in, but when he’s in something, I always enjoy it.

Which is why we watch The Blacklist. Master T is the one who decides what we watch, and I don’t think he would mind if we stopped watching The Blacklist, but he knows about my affection for James Spader, so allows me to indulge.

Nothing tops The Secretary

Boston Legal or The Blacklist — no matter how much I enjoyed those, in my book nothing tops The Secretary. I know not everyone loves the movie as much as I did, especially not when in the BDSM scene, but if I distance myself from the questions I can place at some of the scenes too, this movie makes me wet every time. It ties in with my fantasy of office sex, or being dominated by a boss.

The scenes in The Secretary that gets me every time is her crawling, and the one where she’s bent over the desk and spanked by James Spader. I can watch those over and over, and veel the excitement every time!

Crash, a bizarre movie, starring James Spader

In 2013, I blogged about watching The Secretary, and someone suggested I should watch the move ‘Crash’.

I obtained the movie using torrents — are those even used still? — and still have it in my laptop. This is one of the most bizarre movies I have ever seen. For some it might be incredibly disturbing, as it portrays the fetish with severed limbs and scars.

Even though I found it bizarre and somehow disturbing, it didn’t lessen my affection for James Spader.
(If you want the movie, just let me know, and I will try to send it to you.)

A discovery!

If you browse this blog, you will see that many times I have referred to myself as the one who is always last to get something.

While writing the above, I wondered which other movies I have seen where James Spader was an actor. So, I visited IMDB to check and was surprised to find one of our favorite movies on the list.

Back when Master T and I met, we discovered we had three favorite movies in common:

  • The Last Starfighter
  • Streets of Fire
  • Mannequin

Upon browsing, I discovered James Spader had starred in Mannequin as Mr. Richards, the president of the department store. Of course, now I want to see the movie Mannequin again, which is never a punishment to watch!

Where I love the story in Mannequin, when watching it again, my eyes will be on James Spader!

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19 thoughts on “James Spader, an infatuation

  1. Great and underrated actor, being a geek I know him from Stargate. Also watched the first couple seasons of Blacklist, it was made by a guy from a town near where I live.

    1. mmm I might have seen him in Stargate too… he really is an underrated actor!

    1. I recognize the title, but am so bad with titles that I can’t say for sure if I have seen it 😉

  2. It didn’t leave me with quite the same infatuation, but Secretary certainly made a lasting impression on me. Perhaps I should check out some of his other movies.

  3. He usually played bad guys, often opposite Andrew McCarthy, in the 80s. He was in Wolf with Jack Nicholson and plays a lead role in the movie Stargate.

    I don’t watch television so I don’t know the show Boston Legal. It’s always strange to me to see one-time big stars on the small screen. I just can’t connect.

    1. I will have to check out some of his older movies. And I get what you say about seeing big stars on the small screen 😉

  4. He has such piercing eyes! I imagine him giving me “the look” and it sends shivers down my spine. I enjoyed the movie The Secretary. I wish they hadn’t portrayed her as mentally ill… I would love to see a mainstream D/s movie where the person who enjoys kink isn’t portrayed as someone emotionally unhealthy. Great post! XOXO

    1. You are right, Nora, that’s the only thing ‘wrong’ for me with the movie too, that she’s emotionally unhealthy. But other than that… just hot! xox

    1. It’s a disturbing movie, which portrays a kink that’s definitely not my kink. Definitely a BDSM movie. I have a download of it if you want to watch 🙂 xox

  5. I’ve never seen The Secretary, but I do love James Spader. I believe my first introduction to him was the movie Sixteen Candles. He is truly the only reason to watch.

      1. I will have to check whether I have seen Pretty in Pink. I think I have, but no harm in watching it again, right?! 😉

  6. Oh Marie … know just what you mean about The Secretary. It’s been so long since I watched it … but having read this, I shall have to re-visit.
    Xxx – K

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