Magic Flamingo RedDot Award App Controlled Vibrator

I have done a couple of product reviews for Bestvibe in the past, so when they approached me for another, I was eager to choose a product of my interest. I chose to review the Magic Flamingo RedDot Award App Controlled Vibrator, which Bestvibe sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

The flamingo toy came in a discreet package, and upon opening there was a bright pink box inside. I like it when the color of the packaging and the toy itself fits its name, as is the case here.

This ergonomically U-shaped vibrator is covered in non-porous, silky smooth liquid silicon, which feels wonderfully soft and like velvet. The insertable part of this waterproof toy is thicker than the part that lies on the outside, on the clitoris. It’s also on this part where you find the button to switch on the toy, and with which you connect it to a mobile phone.

How does it work?

The Flamingo is controlled by using your mobile phone. In order to control it, you need to download the app called ‘Magic Motion’. This app allows you to play music to control the toy, or has different ‘free’ controls called ‘painted’, ‘manual’, ‘voice’, ‘pattern’ or ‘video control’.

Inside the app there is also a training mode, as you can use the toy for kegel training too.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I absolutely love gadgets, and loved the idea of this toy being controlled using a mobile phone. Inside the instruction booklet there was a QR code one could scan to download the app. Actually, I think that was it, as the instruction booklet was only in Chinese. Thankfully ‘Magic Motion’ was mentioned on the back of the instruction booklet, and when I searched the store, I found the app.

Downloading the app was easy enough, but then came the next step, connecting the toy. After several tries, I finally managed to connect the toy to the app. I can’t help but think had the instruction booklet been in English, this part of using the toy would’ve been a lot easier.

After these initial problems, the rest was smooth sailing. With the toy in my hand I ran through the different free modes to control the toy. The vibrations were strong, and with the ‘painted’ version, the vibration modes endless, as you ‘paint’ the vibration mode on your screen. The toy reacts immediately. Lots of fun!

Then of course came the moment that I wanted to use the toy. I inserted the larger part of the toy. That went okay, up to a point. I was wet, but applied some lube too, and still I couldn’t get the toy to stay in. It kept on slipping out, because I couldn’t get it in deeper. The reason for this is that there just is no way you can apply pressure and push by holding only the thinner part of the toy. Especially not when you are wet, or you have used lube.

The toy kept on slipping out.

I cleaned the toy, cleaned myself, and try to push it inside without any lube, only my own wetness, but still to no avail. The toy kept on slipping out, as I couldn’t push it in deep enough.

Now this doesn’t mean it’s a bad toy, only that the toy doesn’t fit my anatomy.

I love the vibrations, love using the toy with an app and think this toy can bring exciting times to those who want others to control the vibrations!

Where to buy?

The Magic Flamingo RedDot Award App Controlled Vibrator can be bought directly from the Bestvibe site for the price of 69.95 USD.

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  1. Thank you for the honest review, Marie! I have a toy that looks just like this but by a different company… it slips out too. Sometimes I will use it and hold a pillow between my legs to hold it in place. I like the idea of the app control.

    1. I really was so excited to test this one, but it turned out to be disappointing…

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