Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

After my first product review for Sohimi — Cyclone Fire: New Intelligent Sex Machine — they contacted me again, asking for another review. This time it was for a beautiful rose toy, the Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

The Rose Queen is packed in a black rectangular box, with on the lid the picture of a rose in silver. This gives the toy a luxurious feel, even before you have opened the box. Inside the box is the toy, the head shaped in the form of a rose, with a large circular opening in the middle. Next to the toy is the USB charging cable, and also inside the box, is a very short instruction manual.

The toy is 210 millimeters ling, and the head of the toy is 46mm in diameter. It’s made of non-toxic, harmless silicon and ABS, and has a beautiful dark pink color. The total weight of the toy is 140 grams.

How does it work?

Just below the rosebud on the rose toy, directly beneath the bronze-colored ring, there are two silver dots on the one side, and two buttons on the opposite. The two silver dots are to connect the magnetic USB charging cable. The toy takes two hours to fully charge, and then can use it for an hour.

The two buttons on the opposite side are to control the two functions on the rose sex toy — the vaginal dildo vibrator and the clitoral sucking rose. The top button — closest to the rosebud — is to control the sucking, of which there are five different modes. The other button is for the vibrations, of which there are ten high-frequency modes.

The rose vibrator is fully waterproof, which makes for lots of fun in the bathroom.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I have tested quite a number of sucking toys, and except for two of them, they are all noisy when in use. I was highly surprised when I tested this rose vibrator, because it was so quiet. No matter whether the sucking part was in use or not, it was quiet.

The different sucking modes are all pleasurable, and when turning on the toy, aren’t to strong to handle. In fact, I like when the sucking is gentle and lets you build towards your climax, which this toy definitely allows you to do.

I also tried the vaginal dildo vibrator, which feels nice and is rather flexible, but once inserted, I found it difficult to browse through the different vibration modes. What I did then was to first decide which vibration mode I want to use, and then I inserted it. When I flipped it over to use the sucking side, I switched off the vibrations, as I felt it distracted from the sucking.

I absolutely love the look of this toy. It’s beautifully designed, and elegant. Personally, I will use this toy more for the sucking function than the insertable side, simply because that is my preference. That doesn’t take away that this toy can bring you a lot of fun, whether you play alone or with a partner.

Where to buy?

The Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator can be bought directly from the website of Sohimi for USD 37.99 and if you use the code ‘RN10’ you will even get a 10% discount!

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    1. This is a really nice one, both in what it looks like and to use. Really quiet too, that surprised me!

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