Only Ten Minutes

This story – Ten Minutes – was first published in April 2018. There is something about revisiting my old stories, and editing them. Sometimes I read the story again and see places where the story is too vague, and other times I cringe at grammatical errors. There are also times when I re-read a story and can’t believe I have actually written it. Then the story just grips me, and it makes me proud to know it’s my ‘fabrication’.

Editing my stories doesn’t only ‘polish’ them, but they show me how my writing has developed over the years. Back in those beginning days many of my stories were like porn clips – they quicker my characters got off, the better. That’s not the case anymore, as I want my characters to have more depth (pun intended), unless I choose to write a dirty vignette, like this one. Over the years, I have developed my own style, and I believe it was – and still is – influenced by the ups and downs in our life.

Okay, enough philosophy from me (although I would love to hear your thoughts about how real life can influence our creativity), and let’s get on with the story!

Ten Minutes

“Ten minutes.”
“Oh no, please,” Valery begged, “that’s far too long. Let’s do five. Five minutes. That’s long enough.”
“Valery. Ten. Minutes.”

With those words, Victor turned the kitchen timer to ten minutes and put it on the far corner of the dining room table. For a second or two, Valery considered backing out; to just stand up and walk away. A tiny voice in her head riveted her to the spot.

This was your idea, Valery. You asked for this.

The dining room table supported Valery’s upper body. With her arms stretched sideways, she held onto the table. Inwardly, she chuckled. She pictured herself, Victor and their two teenage daughters having dinner at this very table every evening. The image disappeared like snow in the sun when Victor pinned her spread legs against the table with own. The rough fabric of his jeans brought her back to the here and now. She was naked, except for the high heels on her feet, which had her cunt at the same height as Victor’s crotch. Fucking height, was what he always called it.

Valery spread her legs a bit more and pushed back against Victor.
“Are you trying to distract me? Don’t bother, darling, it won’t work.”

Valery shivered. Not because of Victor’s words. An intense cold bit into her back. First in one spot. Then a second. Third… fourth. One by one Victor placed ice cubes on her back, forming a line down her spine, to the crest of her buttocks. By the time he put down the last ice cube, a pool of water had already formed under the first one. Soon all of the cubes had started to melt. Rivulets of cold water ran down the sides of her body and between her buttocks. By the time the water reached her cunt, it wasn’t as cold anymore. Even if it was, her warm, aching, wet pussy warmed it instantly.

“Six minutes to go,” Victor said, and pushed a finger between her lips, slipping it inside.
“Victor, that’s not what we agreed,” Valery said.
She forced herself to stand still, not wanting the ice cubes to fall off her back. Her idea of defying the cold of ice cubes on her naked body now seemed so silly, but deep down she really wanted to show him she could.

“Just taking it to the next level,” Victor said and Valery shivered again – this time of pleasure. Something in his voice made her pussy twitch. Victor picked up one of the ice cubes from her back.
“Don’t move,” he said.
It cost all Valery’s willpower to stand still with the melting ice cube pressed against her labia. Victor ran the cube up and down, covering her lips with the cold, before it slipped between her lips.

“That’s enough, Victor.”
Victor lightly pressed the cube against her opening.
“No, Victor, no. You can’t push it inside. You were only going to put them on my back. This is not going to work.”
Valery wiggled her body in a feeble protest, and two of the ice cubes slid from her back onto the table.
“It’s perfectly safe, Valery, just cold.”

There was a chuckle in his voice. Valery got back into position, because she trusted Victor, but mostly because she was curious to know what it would feel like. She kept perfectly still while three ice cubes slowly disappeared inside her. Valery couldn’t deny the cold of the ice cubes made her hornier than she already was. Victor put more ice cubes on her back. With three minutes left on the timer, three more ice cubes joined the rest in her pussy.

Valery never noticed Victor opening his pants. She knew exactly what she wanted when she felt his hard member pressing against her opening: she wanted to be fucked. Never before had she felt anything like this. Victor slowly entered her and pushed cold water out. Deep inside, he touched the melting ice cubes. It was hot and cold all at the same time.

Some ice cubes still rested on her back. Trickles of water ran down her body on both sides, pooling beneath her. Her belly and breasts made sucking sounds on the wet table below her, but Valery was only aware of his cock fucking her, mixing the hot and cold sensations inside. This might not be what she had in mind, but it always was her ultimate goal and reward: to be taken and fucked by her husband, with passion.

A shrill, crackling sound suddenly interrupted the sighing and moaning of the fucking couple. They laughed when the buzzing of the kitchen timer stopped far too soon.
“I believe that thing’s not working anymore,” Victor said.
Valery pushed back against him, his cock still buried inside her.
“But you are! Fuck me!”

© Rebel’s Notes

19 thoughts on “Only Ten Minutes

  1. I do like ice – and burn and hot – so temp play I suppose. Great little tale and I think experience and circumstance can have an impact on the way we write at any given time
    May xx

    1. This story was indeed written as a memory of using ice, on several occasions. Such a great feeling 😉 xox

    1. You really should try it… it’s such a good feeling. Just make sure they have already started melting 😉

  2. Me encanta la descripción de sentirte poseída sobre la misma mesa sobre la que luego comeríais tu marido y tus hijos.
    Es verdaderamente excitante para la mente.

    Yo utilizo mucho con mi esposa en nuestros juegos perversos, los cubitos de hielo.
    Y son realmente muy excitantes, sobre todo el contraste frío/calor.

  3. Thanks for reposting!
    And the reminder about ice!
    A great summertime addition to play.
    I love the feel of the ice inside her like frigid ben-wa balls, once the edges round in melting.
    Pulling ice from a glass helps take off the edges from the tray or ice maker.
    Nicely written.

    1. Indeed, to make it really enjoyable, the ice should already be melting… brilliant feeling 😀

  4. Oh Rebel, I was only thinking and wondering about this sort of tease this morning, because I love the cold of my glass dildo so much. You described it so well, the waiting and commands made it so much hotter than foreplay alone. This is going onto my ‘to do list’! P.S. I love your little twists of humour x

  5. Oh…I’ve tried ice cubes before…and while it was “interesting,” I’m not sure it was all that erotic. But then…I have a way of making new experiences less than sexy just by freaking out. Reading about them is always so much hotter. Like this story. I like the blend of hot and cold. It makes me think that maybe I should try ice cubes again…

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