Ready view

“On your knees,” I say, and push her forward.

Pushing her round bottom backwards, arching her back, she spreads her legs. The fabric barely covers her arsehole, and her puffy pussy almost spills out. I smell her arousal: mine twitches in my groin. Glancing over her shoulder, she wants to be touched.

I stay still, enjoying the view. I’m thinking of what I want to do… slip my fingers inside… lube her dark hole… slowly push my cock inside. My thoughts stiffen my cock.

She wiggles her ass until a slap keeps her perfectly still.

And patient.

Now I’m ready.

Writing a story of exactly 100 words is quite a challenge. It’s a great exercise, as it forces you to look critically at what you have written, and dares you to keep to the essence of your story. Please feel free to join in, and if you do, you’re welcome to use the badge below, and link back to my page.

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18 thoughts on “Ready view

  1. Es cierto que es muy difícil condensar en 100 palabras un relato tan sexy a la vez que sensual y sobre todo contundente,
    para mostrar finalmente una bellísima imagen en esa posición tan sugerente de entrega y sumisión.

    Sencillamente perfecta!
    Me he quedado extasiado.

  2. I must confess to being transfixed by your original “blue” … but both showcase that beautiful bottom !!!
    And very sexy scenario to imagine from your words !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Oh Marie that position is so sexy and very fitting of the words that accompany it. I share May’s thoughts that you have an amazing bottom.

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