Addictions, Medium and Medieval

A drawing of a desk and a computer, to go with my post about Medium and other writing addictions.

What do addiction, Medium and medieval have in common? Absolutely nothing, and then maybe a tiny bit, when it concerns me. It will be clear how, when you read this post.

Addicted to writing

I have once read somewhere Pisces are prone to addiction. Of course, this made me Google it, and this is what I found:

Further, Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, and the energy of Pisces is associated with escapism. Now, the high-functioning Pisces escapes through music, the arts, etc., but a lower-functioning one tends to escape through drugs and alcohol.

~ Mel Magazine

Sometimes reading stuff like this, makes the penny drop. Reading “associated with escapism” had that effect on me. When things get difficult, like they currently are, I tend to want to escape. I find my escape in words, in writing. And that escape works so well that it starts looking like an addiction.

Words don’t only allow me to escape, they also help me to order my thoughts. By writing down my thoughts, it helps me to see things clearer or to understand and be in touch with my own emotions.

Addicted for more than 11 years

When I started Rebel’s Notes, it was just a place to share my erotic stories. Then I wanted to share sexual information too, but that wasn’t really my thing. When our sex life took the turn to include other people, I wanted to share my excitement with the world, so I started writing about that.

The first half of the eleven-plus years I have been blogging here can be seen as a development phase. I needed to find my place, and looking back I think I have. What started out as a sex blog evolved into a lifestyle blog, and a place I like to call home.

So where does Medium come in?

I’ve had a Medium account for years. Literally years. The account was only created because someone linked a post from Medium. I linked my Facebook account to it so I could leave a comment. I clapped for the post, but had absolutely no idea what it meant.

Then May More did a post about Medium on Blogable. By then she and Posy had already started the wonderful Tantalizing Tales. Reading May’s post, suddenly Medium made sense to me. I worked on my already existing account and published my first story.

But, I wanted to submit to Tantalizing Tales too. May explained how to do it, and soon after I submitted my first story to their magazine. Since then I have submitted several stories and will continue to do so.

What does it mean when you clap on Medium?

When you like a post on WordPress, you click the like button, and that’s it. There’s no like button on Medium, but there is a button with two hands, so you can clap for a story if you like it.

Your clapping for a story supports the writer in that they earn a tiny amount for each clap. I have posted my first story in February 2021, and from then till the end of June 2021 it earned me about 20 dollars. Like I said, a tiny amount, but the appreciation from my readers is what counts. It’s not about the money. Not for me.

If you want to clap for a story on Medium, you need a Medium account. Best thing is, you can sign up for it with your Facebook or Twitter account with the click of a button. Hint… hint!

Find me on Medium

Medium is a perfect place to share my stories which have already been posted on this site.

When I copy my stories there, I always edit them. I see mistakes I have made when I first wrote it, or places where the story doesn’t seem to make sense. Sometimes I read a sentence in a story, read it again and wonder: what the hell did I try to say? I believe editing makes them better.

There are times when I first repost the edited story on this site, and then roughly six weeks later I add it to my Medium. I would love if you support me there too, but if you don’t want to create an account there, you can always buy me a coffee (or wine)!

Vanilla Medium

In April, I felt the need to write about the circumstances surrounding my son and Master T. Since November 2020 my son has done about 50 (!!) suicide attempts, which has me on edge if I don’t hear from him in answer to a message or if I don’t see him online on Whatsapp for a couple of hours. Add to that Master T’s cancer, the upcoming operation and consequent treatment, and you have me running over with emotions. Where I share a lot on this site, it just didn’t feel right to bombard it with post after post about my dark thoughts.

Then I rediscovered an old WordPress site. A vanilla one. I started it the month after my mom died in July 2017, added one post and totally abandoned it. Now it has become a place where I can rant or cry, but it still didn’t feel like home. So I created a Medium account under my new name, and copied all posts there.

I’m not sure whether I will continue with the free WordPress site, or the vanilla Medium one. Neither of them are advertised; they are only meant as a place for me to share my thoughts. I guess no place will ever feel like home the way this site does, but over here I can’t share all those thoughts, simply because I protect my family members. Some of the thoughts and emotions I share on that vanilla space, will make it over here too.

That leaves ‘medieval’

Of course by now you are wondering what ‘medieval’ has to do with this post that’s mainly about my addiction and Medium. Let me enlighten you. Some years ago, I wrote a fun story about a knight, and this I edited and reposted for another meme. This was one story where I discovered some sentences that made no sense at all. The story got much better when edited, and I love what it has become. When I post it on Medium in a few weeks, it will be edited once more, and I hope you will then be there to clap for it!

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7 thoughts on “Addictions, Medium and Medieval

  1. Oh you’ve definitely found your place Marie … and I love visiting over and over again.
    I must confess I probs don’t have the time or your devotion and energy for blogging more … but, as I say, I do love visiting !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. And thank you for reading, K. Words don’t go far enough to tell you how much I appreciate it 🙂 xox

  2. Great post Marie. Being a Pisces I totally understand the addictive or obsessive nature of that star sign. I am a little addicted to Medium for sure. I am so happy my post helped – I have a few more in the pipe line now i am settled again 😉 xx

    1. I look forward to reading your posts, and definitely have to start sharing some of my knowledge again too. It’s been too long!

  3. I loved the way that you connected the three. Very clever. I also followed your links to the medium piece so thank you for that too. I have never thought of writing as an addiction but I do need it to process like you do. I am glad that you have found some new spaces to say what you need to say and hope that they soon start to feel like home. Missy x

    1. I’m still trying to “get used” to those new spaces, and think eventually I will. I hope 🙂 xox

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