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I am joining in with others – Mrs Jones and Marriage Sex and More – to answer Brigit Delaney’s 30 Dirty Questions. As Brigit said:

These questions will all be about sex in some way and will be the sorts of questions that get a the core of a person’s desires, fears, and experiences. The sorts of questions that could really help you get to know another person.

~ Brigit Delaney

I think these questions serves not only to let you get to know the other person, but also to get you to think about your own preferences, desires, and dislikes.

Question 4: What do you think about when you masturbate?

When I saw this question, I thought: there must be a post about this on my blog. I checked and discovered that I had written about masturbation many times before, but never about my specific thoughts when I masturbate. Or rather, I had probably written about my thoughts, but never dedicated a post to it.

Not masturbating much

I know this is something I have written about before – masturbation definitely is not one of my top priorities. In fact, my libido is so low, that I barely ever get the urge to touch myself. There’s just too much playing in our lives and that kills all horny feelings I might ‘normally’ would have. It’s not only the things playing in our lives, as menopause definitely has a huge influence too.

Still, I do masturbate. Maybe only once a month, and sometimes it’s because of a sudden horny feeling, other times it’s because of naughty thoughts, strangely enough mostly in the middle of the night, and then I don’t get up before I had an orgasm.

Thoughts before masturbation

As said, some thoughts come in the middle of the night.

When I have one of those sudden horny feelings, there are no thoughts except that I would really like an orgasm. If I am in the position to masturbate, I do. No thoughts, just acts.

However, sometimes in the middle of the night, sexy thoughts enter my mind. Mostly I ‘see’ images of myself in a revealing position, and then someone is watching me, and about to either finger/lick/fuck me. The position I am in, and the ‘feel’ of the scene is always one where I am about to be used for the pleasure of the other person. And who the other person is? Someone faceless, no one in particular. But always someone who has been approved by Master T. He’s always there, always part of the scene, and without his approval, there just will not be a scene.

Thoughts during masturbation

My thoughts while I masturbate are very much the same as before. Somehow I always get into how I am being used for their pleasure, in whatever way they want. Many times my quick masturbation sessions are aided by porn, and whatever I watch, I always imagine myself in the place of the woman on the screen.

I never dream up big scenes or full stories during masturbation. In my mind I see images of things I would like to feel, like to have done to me, and I get off on those images.

Thoughts after masturbation

I have very little thoughts after masturbation. Sometimes I go from horny to orgasm and back to the order of the day in under ten minutes. Mostly I just get back to my daily things after I’ve masturbated, mostly with the thought ‘that was nice’ or ‘I needed that’. I am not one to dwell on how it was or whether I could’ve done it differently or that I should’ve taken more time. Most of my masturbation sessions are functional, and happen in between doing other things. I can’t remember the last time I set aside time to indulge in self-play and slowly bring myself to a climax.

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8 thoughts on “Masturbation thoughts

  1. I thought I commented on this already… Maybe the internet ate it(?)

    I don’t really think about anything sensical when I masturbate. Sometimes my imagination goes strange places — and I’ve written about that — but on the whole, it’s more like I concentrate on a flash of color or count or something. And these days, I’m so not-into-it that it takes immense effort to NOT think about the grocery list or the chores that need to be done or what’s for dinner. *laugh*

    1. Haha, I have so much on my mind at this moment that I don’t even think of sex at all, let alone get the urge to touch myself.

      I checked for your comment, but nothing. So indeed, I think the internet ate it 😉

  2. Ok so this is one of my fav topics to have conversations
    Like many things in sex, masturbation is also a taboo
    It should not be
    People have made this religion, you won’t believe me, come to India
    It’s a whole scientific process and one of the needs of body, can be said, sometimes

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