I love gadgets!

A drawing showing several digital gadgets like a laptop, tablet, and a mobile phone.

My youth was without gadgets. Or, maybe I should rephrase that… my youth was without digital gadgets. The only gadget I had back then was in my teen years – a tape recorder. And god, I loved that thing. I used to hold it in my hand, listening to the music – no headphones – while I walked to see my friends or lying in bed at night.

Things only started changing un my twenties.

First computers

I was about 22 when I first came in contact with computers. I had to digitalized documents and was paid per word, and oh gosh, I loved it. Then I got a job where I learned the basics of computers. Back then we had DOS, and the knowledge I gained then still benefits me today. I come from the time of floppy disks!

That was back in Pretoria, but then I moved to Cape Town and was the first in the military hospital with a personal – not mainframe- computer.

It was only when I moved to the Netherlands that for the first time I went onto the Internet. Where I loved typing on a computer, I loved it even more to surf the Internet. The sound of a modem calling in… that will always melt me and bring back good memories.

First mobile phone

My first mobile phone was a treasured gadget. And so was every mobile phone after that. Those first phones were for phone calls and text images only, but gradually phones developed into what they are today. I never minded always being reachable. I still don’t. I love having my phone with me at all times, to not only be able to text messages to whoever, but also to be in Twitter, to write on WordPress or simply play a game.

Where I started out with a simple Alcatel phone, I graduated to a Nokia 3010, had a HTC with a keyboard, and went from a ‘junior’ Samsung to the one I have today and had for many years, a Samsung S7.

First digital camera

I love digital cameras. I had a couple of analog ones, but bought my first digital one in the Netherlands. It was a Sony, and photos were stored in the successor of the first flexible floppy disk. I had that one for about two years when Sony upgraded to using a mini CD Rom in their cameras, so I bought that. From there I had several cameras, settling on the one I have now.

My current gadgets

As said above, I’ve had my S7 for a couple of years now and since it works perfectly fine still, I continue to use it. I will only consider replacing it when it can’t handle the things I want to use it for.

My current camera, and another gadget I will use for as long as it fulfils the wishes I have for a camera, is a Nikon D5600. I love experimenting with it, both in going out on photo trips and applying what I had learned during a photo course, as using it for self photography ().

My newest gadget is a tablet – the Samsung Tab 7 2020. Master T bought it for me when I started watching series on a Dutch streaming service on my phone, and he thought I deserved bigger screen. Not a day went by since I got it that I hadn’t use it. With the most recent Tour de France I started taking it with me to our regular hangout so we could watch the live coverage. Nowadays I take it with me to write, while Master T talks to people we see there regularly.

Unused gadgets

I had quite a number of gadgets I ‘really needed’, then used them once or twice and then stopped. The Nintendo Wii balance board and hometrainer are examples of those. We sold them, which cleared me if the guilt for not using them.

The only unused gadget I still have is the Fitbit. I used it for months… and then I stopped. Months later, I started using it again, for about a month. I stopped again and it has now been in the same drawer for about four years. For the past weeks, I have been thinking about using it again, since the stress with my son and Master T – I’m an emotional eater – have made me gain so much weight. I just need to muster the courage to go out for a walk…

I love gadgets

I can’t help it, I love gadgets. Anything from computers to cameras to mobile phones or tablets or whatever has that kind of ‘magic’ in them… and you have a happy Marie!

Now just don’t get me started on my love for spreadsheets and stats!

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  1. The “Tour de France” … oh I do so LOVE those tight lycra shorts !!!
    And of course always up for a ride!
    But very impressed you can remember all those techy changes over the years. Always love your posts!!!
    Xxx – K

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