Sex toys and me, then and now

An image of the Liberator Tula and the Doxy to go with my post about sex toys.

Sex toys is not something I will ever discuss while standing at the coffee machine in the office — whenever I get to go to the office again — but I do discuss it with my best friend, and even my daughter. I actually sat here, wondering who else I discuss it with, you know, which ones I like, which ones I don’t or even how many I have, and I realized that besides Master T, my best friend and daughter are the only ones. And even then I discuss it in different degrees.

My point?

This is the place where I can openly talk about my preferences, my dislikes, and just which sex toys do what for me. And, I can share it with others too.

Too many sex toys

Over the years we have bought quite a number of toys. Not all of them are toys to bring you to orgasm, though. There are whips and paddles and cuffs and Wartenberger wheels too. But yes, also wands and vibrators and dildos.

Most of the BDSM toys we have, we had bought ourselves, or rather, Master T did. He decided what would be added, and other than the ‘standard’ items, he added special things such as the RVS cane, the kangaroo leather flogger or the handmade dragon tail.

As for the other toys such as wands, vibrators, dildos and sucking toys – most of those we acquired when they were sent to me for a product review. Very little of the items in this category were bought.

We do have a lot of sex toys. Under our bed we have four drawers, which are each 1 meter wide, and about 80cm deep, 25cm high. Three of those drawers are filled with toys — one with BDSM toys, and the other two with all those others. In a small drawer next to my bed I keep the toys I prefer to use, so once something disappear into the two drawers with pure sex toys, they never see the light of day again.

Some of them did, however, as my daughter made a remark that she wouldn’t mind to get some unused toys from me, so I brought her a bag full. And after telling me she and her husband had bought a beginner’s BDSM box, I recently gave her a box with ‘proper’ toys, to explore more fantasies.

My favorites

I have a couple of favorite toys, even though I use some of them more than others. My favorites are:

Of the above, I definitely use the Womanizer the most, although I also love the Lelo Sila, and it has great potential of replacing the Womanizer.

A fun fact about the Womanizer: roundabout the same time we bought a Womanizer, I was also sent one for a review. The review was for a magazine, so it never made it to my blog, but after the review was published, I gave the Womanizer to my best friend, and up to today, it’s still her favorite sex toy!

When do I use my sex toys?

I don’t use my sex toys nearly enough. It’s been ages since I last just settled on bed with several sex toys, and had a nice masturbation session. There was a time that I would use my toys much more frequently, but nowadays I only do so when I want to quickly get off, and then mostly I use either the Womanizer or the Sila.

Just recently, I started thinking about using my Doxy again. I have always wished I could acquire one of those pillows you can put your toys in, and then Liberator sent me one for a review. I have used it once after the review, and never again. Some weeks ago, I realized that I actually didn’t even know where the pillow was, but then I found it hiding in plain sight, and ever since I have been wondering about using it again.

Another time when I almost always used a sex toy, was when I had photo sessions in my studio. Unfortunately, since December, I have just not been in the mood to take any photos, so don’t get to use my sex toys there either.

Sex toys and our D/s

Several sex toys have played their parts in our D/s.

The first that comes to mind is the Njoy plug, which I had to wear whenever Master T decided, and there even was a time when I had to wear it every day, that he had set me the task to do so. I have also once been tasked to use a dildo to make me squirt, or to use a specific toy to bring me to orgasm over and over again, while Master T kept a watchful eye.

Of course the BDSM toys we had played a much bigger part in our D/s than the dildos and plugs. The floggers had frequently warmed my bottom, or canes had left their lines, or the vampire gloves had broken my skin. Collars and restraints — we have several sets — had been used, depending on the situation. We also have some ‘stricter’ toys, such as a nipple stretcher or an orgasm belt. These make for quite… interesting… play.

At this moment none of the BDSM toys are used, but I have good hope that somewhere down the line Master T will feel the urge again to use them. And if not… well then it just is what it is, and we have the good memories of the times we did use them.

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5 thoughts on “Sex toys and me, then and now

  1. I enjoyed this Marie, particularly I was impressed that you have a friend you can discuss sex toys – I wish, only fellow bloggers for me! As for talking to your daughter so openly – how wonderful. I had that sort of relationship with my Mum but my children are too private for that. I just hope if they are using anything, it’s made of bodysafe materials.

    All but the most basic of my toys lie idle at the moment, but (like you) I have hopes that there will be a revival.

    1. I am privileged to have a friend and my daughter talk to about sex toys and who come to me for advice 😊

  2. So wonderful that you have such an open, inclusive relationship with your daughter.
    And goodness, it does sound like you have a huge collection.
    I do know what you mean about just returning to one or two trusted favourites when the need arises … though I do also enjoy “road-testing” new ones from time to time!!!
    Xxx – K

    1. I agree on the “road-testing” and sometimes I come across a toy that joins my favorite collection, but mostly I return to those favorite ones 😉 xox

  3. I really enjoyed reading this and you mentioned some toys here that I wasn’t aware of so that was fun. I love getting recommendations from others and also ideas for how to use things. It sounds like you and Master T have quite the collection!

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