Gentle pushing


I’m only aware of my intense need. Every cell in my body craves it; my mind knowing what’s next, before my hands reach out.

It helps that he’s my cheerleader. Even more that he’s behind me, watching closely.

“Gently now,” he says.

The tip of the plug firmly touches my dark opening, begging to be let in. Lust makes my cunt twitch wildly, but that’s not the part slowly opening under pressure of the push.

“A glorious sight.”

Hard nipples reflect my craving.

Bit by bit my body swallows the cold steel, until with silent sigh, it rests inside.

Writing a story of exactly 100 words is quite a challenge. It’s a great exercise, as it forces you to look critically at what you have written, and dares you to keep to the essence of your story. Please feel free to join in, and if you do, you’re welcome to use the badge below, and link back to my page.

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  1. I’m once again delighted by how much you can show with so few words! And what a delicious glimpse it is!

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