The cinema: let’s go to the movies!

An image of old-fashioned tickets for the movies, to go with my edited story, The cinema.

We used to go to the movies, but mostly with the kids, and I think this story, The cinema, must have been dreamed up during a boring movie! I posted it on this site for the first time in March 2011, and shared in two parts. It was in the time that I still referred to myself as Rebel, and Rebel was the main character in the story. Why? Because this was a fantasy of mine. During editing I changed the names, because it just seemed silly to keep the name as it was. I have also shortened it some, as there were quite a number of unneccessary details in the original story.

To be honest, this is just one horny piece of writing! Or maybe just written when I was in a horny mood!

Come to the movies with me!

The cinema

Finally they sat down in the small, cozy cinema after having bought drinks and snacks. They had tried for weeks to find time in their busy schedules to see this movie, and now, only days before it would stop running, they had made it. They sat in the middle of the back row of the cinema – the prime seats, according to them – and when the lights dimmed, Cheryl and her husband, Charles, were still the only people in the cinema.

It was exciting to have the cinema to themselves. Cheryl playfully put her hand on her husband’s crotch and winked at him. His dark eyes bore into hers, and when she withdrew her hand, he grabbed it and put it back where it was. He put his arm around her, and she leans into him. His hand rested on her breast, lazily caressing it, while they both watched the big screen showing movies soon to come. Just when the main movie was about to start, the door to their cozy little cinema opened. A man walked in, stopped, looked around and entered the same row as the couple. Cheryl wanted to pull away from her husband, but he held her back, still keeping his hand on her breast.

The newcomer sat down in the seat next to Cheryl, casually glanced at her and her husband before turning his attention to the screen. The couple did the same. Cheryl didn’t even notice her husband slipping his hand into her blouse, but she did notice the hand on her upper leg. She wanted to pull away, startled that the stranger would touch her like that.
“Let him,” Charles whispered in her ear.
Cheryl looked at the stranger, who in turn looked at her. She blushed in the dark, and turned her attention to the wide screen again. The man took this as consent, which in fact it was. He stroke Cheryl’s thigh, moving his hand higher and higher up her leg.
“Spread your legs,” Charles whispered in her ear again. Cheryl quickly turned her head to look at him, and opened her mouth.
“Spread. Your. Legs.”

She spread her legs.

With each upward stroke over her thigh, the man deliberately pushed her long skirt up. He eventually discovered her stockings, then the clips of the garter belt holding up the stockings, and next the bare skin above the stockings. Cheryl’s husband unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her firm, bra-less breasts. He pinched her nipples, while the stranger moved his hand up and came across another surprise: the lady wasn’t wearing knickers.

“Put your other hand on his crotch,” Charles whispered.
Cheryl didn’t wait for him to say it again. She pulled away from the corner of the chair where she sat, and moved to the middle of the chair. This forced her husband to remove his arm. She rested her hand on the stranger’s crotch. His dick was hard, as was her husband’s. Both the men leaned forward – first Cheryl’s husband, then the stranger – and hooked one of her legs over theirs. Cheryl sighed as the cool air in the cinema brushed the hotness of her widely spread pussy. The three of them still kept their eyes on the screen, sort of following the movie, despite the lust taking control of them.

Cheryl boldly unzipped their flies and took their cocks out. She stroked and softly squeezed their cocks, enjoying them softly running their hands up and down her thighs, and just not touching her crotch. Her husband moved his hand to her breasts, pinching her nipples. The stranger saw this as an invitation to touch her pussy. She sighed as his finger first found her wetness, then her clitoris. She was as surprised as the men when her first orgasm happened within moments. She moved her hands up and down their hard cocks, wondering just how far this game would go.

The stranger dipped his fingers deep inside her wetness, and paid extra attention to her clitoris, making Cheryl climax over and over again. She squirted several times, and a puddle formed on the floor. The men worked together, her husband circling her clitoris, while the stranger pushed two, three, four fingers inside her, and fingered her hard. The movie was all but forgotten. Once Cheryl climaxed, the men switched places. Her husband roughly fingered her, while the other man vigorously rubbed her clitoris. Just as her husband rubbed her rosebud with the juices from her pussy, Cheryl climaxed again.

She wanted more.

More orgasms.

More fingers.


Charles slowly pushed a finger inside Cheryl’s as. The stranger moved his fingers from her clitoris, to fingering her and back again to rubbing her clitoris. Cheryl moaned as more of her husband’s finger disappeared inside her. Always when he did this, she would rub her clitoris, knowing exactly the amount of pressure she needed to be pushed over the edge. Her nipples were hard, her need high, and she wanted that orgasm now. She let go of her husband’s cock.

“Put your hand back,” he whispered. She looked at him, her hand hovering halfway towards her own crotch.
“Put your hand back!”

The stranger still rubbed her clitoris, keeping her on the brink of an orgasm. A second of her husband’s fingers pushed into her ass, then a third. It felt so good. So. Good. This combination of stimulation should send her over the edge, but it didn’t. The stranger just didn’t hit the right spot. Cheryl moaned in frustration, yearning for that releasing orgasm.

“On your knees on the chair,” Charles said, “and suck me.”
Cheryl gladly did. With one knee on the chair, and resting one foot on the floor, she spread her legs and offered her holes to the stranger. He gladly accepted the invitation, licking her pussy and fingering her ass, while Cheryl sucked her husband.

She opened her mouth wide, trying to swallow all of his cock. Her lust was overpowering; her licking and sucking had an unknown urgency. Suddenly she let go of her husband’s cock and pulled away from the stranger. She sat back in her chair, and look from the one to the other.

“I want you both to fuck me.”

The stranger looked at her husband, who nodded. Cheryl straddled the stranger, and guided his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her tits, squeezed them and rolled the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. It hurt, but she didn’t mind. It excited her even more. Her husband stood behind her and gently pushed a finger in her ass. He added another, until four fingers slowly moved in and out, relaxing the muscles. When he rested the head of his cock against her hole, both she and the stranger stopped. Charles slowly pushed in, pulled back and pushed in again. Ever so slowly he inched deeper into her dark hole.

An overwhelming feeling took hold of Cheryl and the moment her husband’s cocked had fully disappeared inside her, she moaned: “Fuck me hard.”

The invitation was clear enough. Cheryl held still and allowed the two men to use her body. From below her, the stranger slammed into her pussy, while her husband fucked her ass harder then he had ever done before. Cheryl managed to slip a hand between her and the stranger, and rubbed her clitoris.

The orgasm ripped through her body. She had to bite down hard on her lip not to scream. Inside her, two cocks pulsated and released semen deep into her holes.

The final scene played on the screen when they withdrew from each other, and tidied their clothes. With the credits rolling over the screen, they exited the cinema. Cheryl had a smile on her face, feeling the men’s juices trickling down her legs.

The best visit to the movies, ever!

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “The cinema: let’s go to the movies!

  1. So…when are you going to a movie next? 😉 But really hot scene especially with the DP with the stranger, getting very familiar, the husband, too!

    1. I would love to go to the movies, especially for something sexy. And I don’t mean a sexy movie 😉

  2. Sadly I was just too ‘square’ to indulge in my youth.
    Later on a business trip, I did attend a porn theatre where the erotic dancer did the rounds giving all the patrons a little feel up before taking someone from the front row on stage and giving us a live-sex show.
    Then we all progressed to drive-in-theatres and ‘passion wagons’ with mattresses in the back – much more comfortable.

  3. Never had that much fun, but reminds me of our high school days. A nearby theater had dollar movie night on Tuesday nights. They were old movies so there were times we were the only ones there. Got a more than a few hand jobs in that theater… The staff knew (other teenagers) because we’d get a lot of “Enjoy the movie?” when we left with winks. Never stopped us or said anything though. Good times… Your story made me think of it. Had not in a long time. Thank you

  4. Wow that was such a hot scene! I am sure self editing after years helped the impact. Great tale. Left me a bit horny actually!
    May xx

    1. Good to hear, May. This was written in the days when my stories were all about big horny, and little about plot 😉 xox

  5. What a mighty hot scene you created Marie, I loved that Cheryl was reluctant at first but soon lust took the reins! I suspected her husband knew the man – but I was wrong. It sounds so very exciting, thanks for editing and sharing this.

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