Charity and the chambers

Image of a man folding his hands in prayer, resting on a Bible, to go with my naughty story about Charity being in the chambers of the priest.

Content warning: this story mixes religious and erotic aspects. Please don’t read on if this can offend you.

She had no idea how she did it, but Charity didn’t care about the details. Not the details that brought her to this hiding spot, but definitely the details in the priest’s chambers.

The priest’s chambers!

Her heart missed several beats. Charity quietly held her hand on her chest, as if to tell her rapidly beating organ it will be okay. It didn’t seem to get the message, as it jumped to her throat and beat even faster. She breathed in deeply, and closed her eyes, retreating her steps of only moments before.

She had tiptoed past the priest office, seeing him behind his desk, his fingers intertwined, his head bowed in prayer. His casual clothes caught her eye, and briefly she had wondered if he always wore casual clothes under his black priestly robe. Charity had followed the badly lit hallway, and it was when she heard a sound coming from the priest’s office — like a chair sliding over the floor — that she glanced back, contemplating her chances of getting out of there without the priest noticing.

Then she heard footsteps!

In panic she fled deeper into the shadows, opened the first door she saw, and softly closed it behind her. She found herself in a bedroom, but had no time to look around, as those same footsteps then became louder on the other side of the door. She dashed towards the window, and was just in time to hide herself behind one of the floor-length, heavy curtains when the door opened.

The priest hummed a popular hymn, and it was when he briefly appeared in Charity’s line of sight that her heart had missed that beat. His naked upper body revealed a muscular body, and a tight abdomen with the delicious lines of his hipbones disappearing into his sweatpants. Sweatpants Charity were quite sure he wouldn’t wear under his robe.

She runs a finger down one of those lines, and her tongue follows suit. Her finger pulls on the fabric, exposing more flesh, until first her finger, then her tongue almost reaches his core. She stops, smiles at him her eyes twinkling with a mixture of mischief and lust, and then she starts on the other side, enjoying the sounds of his ragged breathing.

He disappeared from her line of sight, and after a brief silence, she heard water running. Charity dared to glance around the curtain with one eye, and had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stop the sound escaping. Only now she noticed the on-suite bathroom, and there he stood. Naked. His back turned to her.

She stands behind him, her naked body pressed to his. She kisses his shoulders, first left, then right. Then the middle. His spine. And down. Left, right, middle. Down even more, until she reaches his bottom. Her arms hugs his legs, as her butterfly kisses stir his flesh. He turns around, and her mouth opens…

She watched as he disappeared, and the splashing sound of water told her he was under the shower. For several moments, Charity was in doubt. She knew this was the perfect opportunity to leave, and never be discovered. At the same time she couldn’t bring her feet to move, and by the time she finally wanted to dash out of his room, the water in the shower stopped running. Once more her heart started beating fiercely, not so much of fear that he would find her there, but because she kept an eye on the bathroom, desperately wanting to see him naked.

… closing her lips around his member. He tastes of milk and honey, tinged with the flavor of his pre-cum. She cups his balls, lightly squeezing while her lips and tongue work his shaft. Opening her mouth even wider, she allows him to slip in deep. Deeper. Her nose to his abdomen, until seconds later she needed to breathe.

He stepped out of the shower, and Charity almost caught a glimpse of his full frontal nakedness, before a towel hid it from her. He dried his body, his back once more turned to her. It was only when he dropped the towel to the floor, and turned sideways that she really saw him. Her cunt was already wet, but now even wetter seeing him there, in all his glory. But, only for a split second. The sharp intake of breath was her mistake.

He froze, and turned his head towards her, while she retreated behind the curtain and held her breath. Charity wanted to run, but instead stood there, her eyes closed, her lips pressed tightly together, and her heartbeat deafening her ears. She was sure he would find her behind the curtain any moment now.

She had no idea how long she stood like that. The next sound she became aware of was the clicking of a door. She listened intently, but there were only silence on the other side of the curtain. It took her several minutes more before she dared to glance around the curtain again, absolutely sure that it was what he was waiting for.

The room was empty. Charity glanced at her watch, and almost started giggling when she realized it was four minutes past the hour. The church service had started. She knew exactly where he was… on the pulpit in the church.

With every step she took from the room, and down the hallway pass his office, images flashed in her head.

She gags on his cock, and saliva runs down her chin; tears from her eyes. He enjoys using her like this, the same way she enjoys being used. She enjoys him using her mouth, as much as moments later she enjoys him fucking her from behind, while bent over his desk.

“Stop it, Charity,” she whispered. She had reached the end of the hallway, and heard the priest’s voice as he spoke to the congregation. Suddenly all details came flushing back… how she ended up in the priest’s chambers. Many Sundays she had seen him come from a darker corner of the church, and walk to the pulpit. On this Sunday, Charity had entered the church much earlier than any of the other parishioners, found an unlit doorway, and entered the dimly lit hallway.

Finally, with the service ending, members of the congregation left the church. Charity thought this to be the perfect moment to leave the church too. She quickly emerged from the darkness and crossed the open space to join other people leaving the church. Charity dared to glance to the pulpit, and almost fainted when she found the priest’s eyes resting on her.

Only then she remembered. Ever since Hope’s visit to the confession booth, the priest stayed in the church until the last person had left the church. It wasn’t his eyes resting on her that worried her, but the expression on his face.

Charity feared he knew where she was, and remembered the sound in his bedroom. She hadn’t heard the last of this. Of that, she was sure.

Note: Inspiration for this story comes from the prompts for Wicked Wednesday and Erotic Fiction Deluxe, as they seem perfect to combine and write a story about the last of Faith’s friends.

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  1. I am liking this – charity will have to go to confession – those thoughts of hers are “sinful” lol
    May x

    1. I have a feeling those four girls all have something to confess… 😉 xox

  2. Even though it’s probably against his vows, you’d wish they could meet and bring her fantasies come true. But some fantasies are better kept hidden.

    1. You are right, some fantasies should just be that, fantasies. But still… the priest will just have to engage in some or other way!

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